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Saturday, January 5, 2013

EU summit and the euro crisis

EU summit and the euro crisis Step by step, with a ripped map
The Economist (blog)
IN JUNE this year, when Spain seemed to be close to succumbing to the crisis,European leaders appeared to make an important conceptual leap. The euro's agony could not be ended simply through ever-tougher enforcement of the fiscal rules, deficit ...

Only Crisis Can Show True Colors of French President Hollande
Spiegel Online
... but many voters are asking themselves who it is they elected. He's a staunch opponent of Angela Merkel's austerity measures and has made combatting them a priority. His true political agenda may only become apparent as the euro crisis continues ...

Spiegel Online

Germany and the euro crisis
The Economist
TWO duelling German metaphors capture the strategy of Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, in the euro crisis. The pejorative version is that she is using “salami tactics”, cutting off the thinnest possible slice of any rescue sausage being negotiated ...

The Economist

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