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Thursday, November 8, 2012

German recession and US fiscal cliff fears; Greeks riot (video)

Greeks clash with riot police as politicans pass austerity measures - Telegraph: "Greek parliament on Wednesday narrowly approved a new austerity package demanded by EU-IMF creditors to keep the country's economy afloat."

Angst returns on German recession fears and US fiscal cliff - Telegraph: "Stock markets skidded across the world and investors retreated to safe-haven assets on fears that Europe’s festering crisis has spread to Germany and a bitterly-divided Washington may struggle to avert a fiscal crisis."

Debt crisis: UK will miss debt target if its new measures are not introduced ...
"By returning a divided government to Washington, the electorate has given neither party a clear mandate to address the lackluster recovery, the fiscal cliff, and the looming debt crisis," said Brian Kessler at Moody's Analytics. 15.00 Looking at the ...


EU slashes eurozone growth forecasts - Telegraph: "The European Commission slashed its eurozone economic growth forecast for next year to just 0.1 pc, six months after tipping a much stronger recovery of 1.0pc."

Euro zone debt crisis comes to boil | Oman Observer
BRUSSELS — The euro zone debt crisis comes to the boil as Greece votes on new austerity measures in return for a bailout just as the EU is expected to ...

Euro drops; Draghi says debt crisis hits Germany - MarketWatch
FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- The euro dropped versus the dollar and other major ... Bank President Mario Draghi said the euro-zone debt crisis is beginning to ...

Euro zone growth 'to pick up in 2014' - The Irish Times - Wed, Nov ...
The euro zone economy will barely grow next year but pick up in 2014, the ... " The aggravation of the sovereign debt crisis in the first half of the year, with rising ...

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