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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Discontent Over Euro-Zone Debt Crisis Response Mounts

Discontent Over Euro-Zone Debt Crisis Response Mounts
Wall Street Journal
Some countries called on the euro zone to put together a bailout for Spain that would prevent the government from being shut out of financial markets and engulfed by a full-fledged debt crisis. The European Central Bank stands ready to buy unlimited ...

EC boss risks Berlin row over eurobonds - Telegraph: "Hernab Van Rompuy, president of the European Commission, has advocated eurobonds as a means of sharing the burden of the region’s debt in a call that is likely to raise tensions with Berlin."

Debt crisis: as it happened - October 12, 2012 - Telegraph: "Herman van Rompuy, president of the European Council, urged the eurozone to consider setting up its own budget in a report on promoting greater fiscal integration in Europe."

Euro Joint Bills, Budget Urged as Path Out of Debt Crisis
European leaders were urged to consider the pooling of national bill sales and setting up aeuro-zone budget with its own borrowing powers as steps toward overcoming the debt crisis. Bill sales “on a limited and conditional basis” could create a ...

Canada's Flaherty Softens his Euro-Zone Comments
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Friday toned down his frequent criticism of the euro zone's handling of its debt crisis, tentatively endorsing an idea to give Greece more time to meet fiscal targets tied to its bailout package. “We are all ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

EURO GOVT-Bunds rise on earnings concerns, Spanish yields fall
In a rare occurrence since the euro zone debt crisis started three years ago, all the 17-nation bloc's government bond yields fell on Friday, but traders warned poor volumes were distorting prices especially for the weaker states. Despite relatively ...

Europe crisis to slow, not derail, Africa growth: IMF
Chicago Tribune
The IMF warned this week of risks to emerging Asia if the euro zone crisis escalates and the United States does not avoid its "fiscal cliff." Beijing has repeatedly assured investors that China's economy is on track to meet the official growth target ...

ECB's Asmussen sees promising signs from Greece
"This is the best way out of its crisis: for Greece to reform within the euro area," he added. The ECB, the European Commission, and the IMF form the so-called troika of international lenders who are working on a review of their 130 billion euro ...

Euro-zone Debt Crisis, What Happens When The Core Starts To Rot
The Market Oracle
With prices now plumbing levels last seen in 2004, the downturn is weighing heavily on household consumption and has raised concern about the country's huge mortgagedebt pile, among the largest in Europe. House prices fell 8% from a year earlier, ...

The Market Oracle

Irish Bank Debt Deal Could Help Credit Rating – Moody's
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Moody's Investors Services would consider removing the threat of a downgrade to Ireland's credit rating if the euro zone agreed to ease the debt burden the government incurred while rescuing its stricken banks, one of its senior analysts said Thursday ...

Analysis: Nobel prize may restore EU's lost sense of purpose
Its image among many of the 500 million EU citizens has been tarnished by the euro zone'sunfinished debt crisis, which has fuelled Eurosceptical populist parties of the far-right and hard left in many member countries. Italian Prime Minister Mario ...

Euro-Zone Factory Output Rises Again
Wall Street Journal
The rise in industrial output is an indication that the currency bloc has avoided, at least for now, the sharp slowdown some economists feared might exacerbate the debt crisis. Many economists expect output to decline in the euro zone overall in the ...

FSN: Euro-zone Debt Crisis, What Happens When The Core Starts ...
FSN: Euro-zone Debt Crisis, What Happens When The Core Starts To Rot. Friday , October 12, 2012 7:20. % of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents ...

Euro-zone Debt Crisis, What Happens When ... - The Victory Report
from marketoracle.co.uk: While we're all watching Spain and Greece, their alleged saviors in the rich core of the eurozone are starting to show serious signs of ...

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