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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Global crisis moving East as China suffers rapid downturn

Global crisis moves East as China suffers rapid downturn - Telegraph: "China’s industrial output is contracting at the fastest pace since the depths of the global financial crisis, with knock-on effects spreading across the Far East."

Debt crisis: Germany readies markets for ECB disappointment - Telegraph: "German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble indicates that investors could be left disappointed as they this week look for the European Central Bank to take action to tackle the eurozone debt crisis."

Andalusia becomes fourth Spanish region to ask for bailout - Telegraph: "Spain's indebted Andalusia region is to seek central government aid with a €1bn (£791m) "advance" to provide liquidity."

Debt Crisis: No banking supervisor until after new year – Wolfgang Schaeuble
Irish Independent
Debt Crisis: No banking supervisor until after new year – Wolfgang Schaeuble. Print · Email. Wolfgang Schaeuble. Photo: PA. Also in European. Commission to propose agency for winding down of problem lenders · ECB tipped to buy Irish bonds but ...

Debt crisis: ECB should launch 'unlimited' bond buying, says OECD
Debt crisis: ECB should launch 'unlimited' bond buying, says OECD. The European Central Bank should launch an "unlimited" bond buying programme as part of vital efforts to stem the debt crisis, the secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic ...


Merkel Attacks Markets in Call for Voter Support to Cut Debt
San Francisco Chronicle
Merkel made her comments at an event in the Bavarian town of Abensberg today after her finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, warned against heaping “false expectations” on the European Central Bank to end the debt crisis now almost three years old.

German court holds euro zone fate in its hands
The ESM was meant to succeed the existing temporary European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) from July and erect a 700 billion-euro firewall to prevent the euro zone's sovereign debtcrisis from spreading further. But Karlsruhe threw a spanner in ...

Bulgaria Shelves Euro Plans
Wall Street Journal
On the periphery of the euro zone, but overwhelmingly dependent on the bloc's larger economies for growth, Bulgaria has thus far managed to weather the euro crisis. The economy last year grew by a modest 1.7% and the European Bank for Reconstruction ...

Wall Street Journal

Euro woes tarnish model Swedish economy
STOCKHOLM, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Activity in Sweden's factories plumbed a three-year low in August and unemployment rose, suggesting the economy is losing its near immunity to fallout from the euro zone crisis and making an interest rate cut more likely.

Bona Fide Eurozone Crisis
Bay Area Indymedia
Economist Jack Rasmus appears regularly on the Progressive Radio News Hour. He calls Eurozone conditions today "a bona fide crisis." It's threefold, he says. What first affected sovereign debt became a banking crisis. Both reflect two sides of the same ...

Obama's Democratic Convention Speech: Explain the Financial Crisis
Daily Beast
It's easy to understand why Romney ignores the financial crisis. Given that it arose, at least in part, from Washington's failure to adequately regulate Wall Street, thefinancial crisis doesn't easily fit Romney's argument that America's economic woes ...

Daily Beast

Jackson Hole discussion points to deepening economic crisis
World Socialist Web Site
St Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard asked whether the US economy “went through some sort of structural shift associated with this very large financial crisis.” It appeared that the economy was on one trend before the crisis and a different ...

Spain sees $125 billion as enough for banks
Huffington Post
MADRID — Spain's ailing banks won't likely need to tap all the (EURO)100 billion ($125.7 billion) that's been made available by the country's euro partners, Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said Monday. In a further indication that Spain's economic ...

The Shove the US Economy Needs
Daily Reckoning - Australian Edition
The US economy is out on a ledge... dangerously teetering over the 'fiscal cliff'... If the politicians don't get their act together before the end of the year, it will fall off... Federal spending will plummet. Taxes will go up. The economy will go ... 

US Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece
Huffington Post
Juniper Networks, a provider of networking technology based in California, created a “Euro Zone Crisis Assessment and Contingency Plan,” which company officials liken to the kind of business continuity plans they maintain in the event of an earthquake.

Amid stalled economy, Cameron to shake up UK gov't
The Associated Press
LONDON (AP) — With a stalled economy and a series of humbling policy reversals buffeting his two-year old coalition government, British Prime Minister David Cameron was preparing Monday to make the first radical overhaul to his ministerial team since ...

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