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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

European Stalemate on the Euro Zone Debt Crisis

European leaders are struggling to overcome a crisis-fighting stalemate as they face discord over a banking union, Greece’s ongoing debate on how to meet bailout commitments and foot-dragging by Spain and Italy on financial aid requests.

ECB official defends legality of buying crisis bonds
The ECB has taken on a stronger role in fighting the euro zone's debt crisis recently and bought governments time by agreeing to buy bonds of struggling euro zone member states once they sign up to strict reform programs from the European rescue fund ...

SNB's Jordan: too early to say if euro crisis easing
PFAEFFIKON, Switzerland (Reuters) - The chairman of the Swiss National Bank said on Tuesday it is too early to say that the euro zone's debt crisis has started to subside despite signs of market stress easing. The SNB was forced to set a cap on the ...

Spanish austerity protest turns violent: in pictures - Telegraph: "Spanish riot police have beaten protesters with batons and hauled some into vans as thousands rallied near parliament in Madrid to decry biting austerity cuts." 

S&P warns of new eurozone recession - Telegraph: "The eurozone economy will not grow for two years, according to a gloomy assessment of the outlook for the single currency bloc from Standard & Poor’s."

Lingering euro zone fears peg back European stocks
LONDON, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Lingering worries over the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis pegged back European equities on Tuesday following a recent sharp rally and pushed investors towards relatively defensive equity sectors such as food and energy ...

Debt crisis: as it happened, September 25, 2012 - Telegraph: "The eurozone will not start to grow until at least 2014, according to forecasts by Standard & Poor's, as the rating agency said it now expected Spain's economy to contract by 1.4pc next year."

EURO GOVT-ECB bond scheme doubts lift Bunds, Spanish yields
Worries the euro zone's strongest economy was no longer immune to the debt crisis, after Monday's fall in the German Ifo business sentiment index to its lowest since early 2010, also supported Bunds. The main focus remained on Spain, which is due to ...

Gordon Brown: Europe is in a 'tranquility period' - Telegraph: "Europe is enjoying a moment of calm due to the European Central Bank's plan to buy debt of eurozone countries, but the region will struggle to solve more fundamental problems, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned."

Euro Zone Starts Talks Over Centralized Budget
Wall Street Journal
Until now, much of the fiscal-union debate has focused on the prospects for issuing joint euro-zone debt—so-called euro bonds—but that idea has been blocked by fierce opposition from Berlin and the fact that it would contravene a central element of ...

European debt crisis: All eyes on Spain
Alaska Dispatch
... euro zone is safe. With many countries in the second part of a double-dip recession, Spain, Greece and Portugal all face tests in the coming days and weeks that could prove decisive for Europe's efforts to pull out of the debt crisis that has ...

Euro Crisis Melts Baltic Fortitude for 2014 Currency Switch
They are losing their appetite for the euro, once considered a tool to spur growth and increase confidence across eastern Europe, as the 17-nation currency union grapples for a third year with a deepening debt crisis. “It's clear that the ...

Stocks down on unresolved debt crisis
Irish Times
STOCK MARKETS and the euro fell yesterday as investors looked past recently announced stimulus plans, focusing instead on weak economic data and the euro zone's unresolved debt crisis. Stocks dropped across Europe and the Dublin market was no ...

Euro zone still big uncertainty, but situation improving
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Europe's debt crisis remains a big uncertainty and is the biggest drag on the global economy, but the region is in a much better situation today than it was, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday. The euro zone ...

Global Financial Crisis Looms, QE3 Slows the Inevitable
International Business Times
The euro zone debt crisis, the tightening US budget and slower growth in emerging economies are the “most serious risks to the world economy,” Mexican central bank deputy governor Manuel Ramos Francia said. Ramos said the European Central ... In the ...

The European Stalemate on the Euro Zone Debt Crisis: Video ...
European leaders are struggling to overcome a crisis-fighting stalemate as they face discord ...

China's Wen to meet EU amid debt crisis, trade row | ArabNews
BEIJING: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao meets Europe's leaders today as the world's second-biggest economy falters in the euro zone debt crisis downdraft and ...

euro zone debt crisis Quotes & News Quotes
Prime Minister Monti has been very pragmatic in what he set out here, clearly he has raised the question of the extent of austerity which can be applied in Italy.

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