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Monday, August 6, 2012

Monti warns euro crisis threatens EU as a whole

Monti warns euro crisis threatens EU as a whole
BERLIN (AP) — Italy's prime minister has warned that the eurozone's sprawling debt crisis has created resentment amid the bloc's nations, which could ultimately trigger a breakup of the wider European Union. Mario Monti told German news magazine Der ...

The Euro Crisis: When Will It End?
... Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank (ECB), let markets down last week when he failed to outline just how the ECB would stop the bloodletting in the peripheral bond markets, and come up with a long term solution to the sovereigndebt crisis.


Monti Warns Germany That Euro Crisis Threatens Europe's Future
“The tensions that have accompanied the euro zone in the past years are already showing signs of a psychological dissolution of Europe,” he told Germany's Spiegel magazine in an interview published today. “I can only welcome the ECB's statement that ...

Mario Monti fears financial crisis could rip Europe apart
Herald Sun
Asked about resentment in Italy towards Germany and complaints of German arrogance in its handling of the debt crisis, Mr Monti told German news magazine Der Spiegel that he was "concerned". He said he had talked with Chancellor Angela Merkel about ...

US raises pressure for euro zone action
The Citizen Daily
The United States raised pressure on euro zone leaders to take decisive action to solve the region's debt crisis, notably by lowering troubled members' borrowing costs, on the eve of a crucial European Central Bank meeting this week. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the euro zone must take steps including ... Mr Geithner said past financial crisis showed that the longer it took to address the issues, the more they cost. “I believe they understand that. That's why they've signalled they are prepared to move ...

Student Debt Crisis: It's Time for a Jubilee
Organizations that usually demand cancellation of the crippling debts owed by impoverished countries in the global South are now calling for debt forgiveness for a different group of borrowers: U.S. students. With soaring tuition, poor job prospects, and loans ...

Worldwide Financial Crisis: Libor Scandal goes Global
Center for Research on Globalization
The UK Conservative/Liberal Democrat government this week announced the terms of a review into the deepening London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) crisis. The review was commissioned by Chancellor George Osborne, and will be led by Martin ...

Center for Research on Globalization

Roll up for the financial crisis tour
The Guardian
Debt and The City: A Political Tour is a sort of safari of the financial crisis. Over six hours, I and my fellow six tour-goers will travel from the cold stone steps of the Royal Exchange down ancient alleyways, over bridges and up to glass-walled conference rooms ...

The Guardian

Italy bank chief: No need now for rescue aid
Huffington Post
Ignazio Visco says whether Italy needs to do so in the future depends on whether markets are convinced the country has turned the tide in its financial crisis, stays disciplined on public spending and removes obstacles to growth. Visco, in an interview in ...

ECB ready to break ground in eurozone debt crisis fight: Analysts
Economic Times
You are here: ET Home » News » International Business. 5 Aug, 2012, 10.25AM IST, The writer has posted comments on this article AFP. ECB ready to break ground in eurozone debt crisisfight: Analysts. Story; Comments. Post a comment. Email this article ...

Monti warns euro crisis threatens EU as a whole - St Louis ...
Monti warns euro crisis threatens EU as a whole. From: St Louis News latest RSS headlines - St Louis News.Net - 8:20am - August 5, 2012. Italy's prime minister says the eurozone's sprawlingdebt crisis is creating tensions that could ...

The Euro Crisis for Dummies: Why We Should Care - College Candy
By Tiffany-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
By Tiffany. Once in awhile, I like to take my head out of the books, off of Facebook and I turn on the news. It seems that every time I do watch the news for more than 10 minutes, I see a new development in the Euro Crisis. Just as we have been ...
CollegeCandy - Life, Love & Style...

IMF demands eurozone intervenes to contain debt crisis | Business ...
... global concern to policymakers, and more action is required to prevent contagion. ... in the eurozone to arrest the spread of the debt crisis it says is engulfing the entire .... Buy TheFinancial Crisis: How Did We Get Here Guardian ebook ...

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