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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro

Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro - Telegraph: "Lord Rothschild has taken a near-£130m bet against the euro as fears continue to grow that the single currency will break up." 

ECB weighing shift to euro-zone bond buys: report
Glencore and Heineken report earnings, and investors will watch a meeting of euro-zone leaders for the next steps in the debt crisis. Photo: Getty. Such a move would mark an aggressive and controversial turn by the central bank in an effort to bring ...

Debt crisis: Greece must remain in eurozone, minister warns
Debt crisis: Greece must remain in eurozone, minister warns. Greece must remain in the euro to ... Merkel: time 'is of essence' on euro crisis. 16 Aug 2012. Debt crisis: Germany stands firm on Greek bail-out demands. 15 Aug 2012. Citing an interim ...


ECB could assume supervision in bank union: Demetriades
Chicago Tribune
It is part of a wider EU effort to stop the banking and euro zone debt crisis feeding each other. Handelsblatt said the Commission envisaged national authorities supervising day-to-day business and the ECB only intervening where it saw "dangerous risks".

Quarterly review: European debt crisis dampens flows
Financial Times
European fund flows, which got off to a reasonable start in the first few months of the year, lost momentum in the second quarter as the region's debt crisis showed no sign of easing and investors became more cautious and cut their exposure to equities.

Financial Times

Greece rules out leaving euro zone as key talks loom
Gulf Daily News
VIENNA: Greece will not leave the euro zone, Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker was quoted as saying yesterday ahead of his talks in Athens, which reportedly may seek more time to implement austerity cuts. Speaking ahead of a week that will also see ...

Eurozone ignoring parallels with Latin American debit crisis of the 1980s
The Guardian
The second lesson is that leaving the financial system untouched, unreformed and unpunished almost guarantees another severe debt crisis. This might look unlikely at.... Buy The Financial Crisis: How Did We Get Here Guardian ebook. The Financial...

The Guardian

There is no clear-cut exit policy for FDI
Hindu Business Line
In an interview to Business Line, he discusses issues that currently influence investor behaviour ranging from Euro Zone to inflation. What could be the impact of the Euro Zone's debt crisis on India? If you leave out Germany and France from the Euro ...

Hindu Business Line

The unrepentant and unreformed bankers
San Francisco Chronicle
Evidence gathered by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission clearly demonstrated that the financial crisis was avoidable and due, in no small part, to recklessness and ethical breaches on Wall Street. Yet, it's clear that the unrepentant and the ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Italy's PM Monti to Meet French President in September - Report
Wall Street Journal
Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti will meet France's President Francois Hollande in Rome at the beginning of September to prepare upcoming meetings on the euro-zone debt crisis, Italian daily La Repubblica reports Sunday. The Italian government wasn't ...

Grexit debate stirs in Germany ahead of Greek PM visit
Greek extension not urgently necessary for now-Juncker. * Germany cannot materially alter Greece's agreed reforms-Westerwelle. * No place for Greece in euro zone if doesn't stick to terms-industry head. * Can't create another new programme for Greece - ...

Euro Debt Crisis: Unending Promises Without Results
Seeking Alpha
If traders realized how reliable previous official statements concerning the Eurozone debt crisis have been, markets would have experienced a major selloff. When the debt crisis first appeared in Greece, Merkel said there would be no bailout and the ...

Is That It for Financial Crisis Cases?
Business Insider
When the story of the financial crisis is finally written, this may turn out to be the denouement of the government's investigations of Wall Street for potential wrongdoing that contributed to thefinancial crisis in 2008. … Investment banks like ...

Small states squabble over euro zone's future
Minister says Finland preparing for euro zone breakup. * Austrian minister says weak states should be kicked out. * Both slapped down by senior coalition partners. * Squabbling undercuts Merkel's support for Draghi. By Georgina Prodhan and Ritsuko Ando ...

Juncker says Greece will not leave euro zone
Straits Times
Flags of the EU member states fly in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on July 19, 2012. Greece will not leave the euro zone, Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker was quoted as saying on Saturday ahead of his talks in Athens on the country...

Straits Times

Debt crisis: Finnish coalition divided over euro
Debt crisis: Finnish coalition divided over euro. Finland is totally committed to the euro, its European affairs ... Finland prepares for a full-blown currency crisis. 16 Aug 2012. Merkel: time 'is of essence' on euro crisis ... Angela Monaghan ». In ...


Euro zone trade surplus surges to $18.4b in June despite crisis
Oman Tribune
BRUSSELS New EU data out on Friday showed the euro zone logging a record trade surplus and bumper cash earnings in what some analysts said was evidence that austerity and structural economic reforms pay off. However, the devil in the detail for others ...

A complex conflict constellation : distributional conflict in the euro crisis
Open Democracy
But political actors at that time expected economic pressure to spur on less productive members of the euro zone, hence equalizing competitiveness and standards of living. And indeed, for ten years it looked like euro zone economic development ... The ...

Dollar gains ground, pares week's loss
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- The dollar recovered from slight earlier losses on Friday, with the euro paring the week's gain as comments from European leaders boosted confidence in the euro zone. The ICE dollar index (US:dxy) , a measure of the U.S. ...

Is That It for Financial Crisis Cases? | Angry Bear - Financial and ...
By Dan Crawford (Rdan)
Last week turned out to be a good one for Goldman Sachs. The Justice Department closed a criminal investigation of the firm and its chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, and the firm disclosed that the Securities and Exchange Commission had ...
Angry Bear

Greece to Exit Euro Zone Next Month? — European Business News ...
Another day, another prediction of a Greek exit from the euro zone. But unlike the vast majority who give a medium term timeline for a "Grexit", one strategist told ...

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