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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Euro Crisis - Every Player Has His Own Agenda

In Euro Crisis, Every Player Has His Own Agenda
New York Times
The euro zone is inching toward a new plan to tackle its debt crisis in a three-dimensional game of chicken among all the main players. The European Central Bank's heavily qualified offer last week to step in and buy bonds to bring down the borrowing ...

Germany and Italy near blows over euro - Telegraph: "German politicians from across the spectrum have reacted furiously to warnings by Italy’s Mario Monti that Bundestag control over EU debt policies threatens to bring about the “disintegration” of the European project."

Don't let euro zone debate turn nasty: German foreign min
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Monday warned politicians to rein in the language they use about the euro zone debt crisis after a weekend of ugly exchanges in the German press over Italy and Greece. Italian Prime ...

US Stocks Climb As Concerns Over Euro Zone Ease
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK--U.S. stocks traded higher, recently led by sectors seen as tied to global growth, as concerns about the euro zone's debt crisis eased. The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 84 points, or 0.6%, to 13180 in recent trading. The gain put the ...

TREASURIES-Prices edge higher with eyes on Europe debt crisis
Investors continue to watch European debt crisis * U.S. to sell $72 billion of new debt this week * Benchmark yields just below a four-week peak By Chris Reese NEW YORK, Aug 6 (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury debt prices edged higher on Monday, taking back a ...

Gasoline Falls on Europe Debt Crisis, Lessening Storm Threat
Gasoline fell as Tropical Storm Ernesto appeared to be less of a threat to U.S. Gulf Coast oil refining and on concern that Europe's debt crisis is deepening. Futures retreated as Ernesto was on a path that will probably take it toward landfall on ...

Global shares rises on euro zone hopes though euro retreats
The ECB has barely used the Securities Markets Program (SMP) this year and has not bought any bonds for 21 weeks despite a severe intensification of the euro zone debt crisis. (Additional reporting by Richard Hubbard and Marc Jones in London, Rodrigo ...

Europe may get August respite from debt crisis
CBS News
But while that is likely to temporarily quiet the region's debt crisis, it will leave little time to come up a longer term remedy by year's end. That could ... Although Greece is no longer the focal point of Europe's financial crisis, it is still a ...

CBS News

Debt crisis: Troika finds Cyprus 'in worse state than expected'
Debt crisis: Troika finds Cyprus 'in worse state than expected'. International lenders ... Debt crisis threatens euro break up. 05 Aug 2012 ... Business Latest News ». In Financial Crisis. A eurozone flag flag that appears cracked with a stormy...


AIG Doubles UK Exposure as Euro-Zone Risk Declines
AIG has retreated from risk in nations that share the euro as a debt crisis in Greece and rising borrowing costs from Spain to Italy threaten the common currency. The U.K. is the largest European economy with its own currency. “They're trying to reduce ...

Euro zone gymnastics | MacroScope
By Mike Peacock
The fundamentals of the crisis remain the same – a full Spanish bailout would all but wipe out the euro zone rescue funds while one for Italy looks completely unaffordable. All roads point to September, once the German constitutional court has ...

Three Reasons the Euro Zone Deal Won't Work » TripleCrisis
By Mark Blyth
The latest Euro crisis summit was different from the 19 others that preceded it in one very important respect: The PR department of the EU played this one very well. Rather than hopes being raised only to be dashed, this time they were dashed ...

NewsDaily: Don't let euro zone debate turn nasty: German foreign ...
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Monday warned politicians to rein in the language they use about the euro zone debt crisis after a weekend of ugly exchanges in the German press over Italy and Greece.
NewsDaily: Business Headlines

Emerging Focus: Eurozone Debt Crisis – An Imminent Concern for ...
Market research company Euromonitor International discusses the threat of contagion from the eurozone debt crisis in 2012 among emerging market economies.
Analyst Insight from Euromonitor...

Monti warns euro crisis threatens EU as a whole - Home » Other ...
Italy's prime minister has warned that the eurozone's sprawling debt crisis has created resentment amid the bloc's nations, which could ultimately trigger a breakup of the wider European Union.
philstar.com - Breaking News

Euro crisis: holding out for Super Mario | Comment is ... - The Guardian
Despite LTRO, the ECB has done little to solve Europe's ongoing debt crisis. ... Almost every country in the euro zone needs to devalue their currency, which is prevented .... He couldn't solve a financial crisis, he can't even put his own bib on.

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