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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eurozone Braces for Greek Election

Eurozone Braces for Greek Election
Voice of America
Greek voters will be choosing between parties that call for two different ways of dealing with the country's creditors.

Voice of America

What to Watch for, and When, in Sunday's Greek Election
Wall Street Journal
Greek voters will head to the polls on Sunday in an election that could determine not only the country's future in the euro zone but also the future of the euro zone ... 

Contagion risks run high in Greek vote
The cloud of uncertainty hanging over Greece is unlikely to lift following this weekend's election, which means the international financial system will remain at ...

Britain Is Outside Euro Zone but Not Euro Crisis
New York Times
A move by the Bank of England to offer billions in cheap loans to banks to kick-start lending underlines how standing aloof from the single currency has only ...

Spain Grazing Junk Status Fuels Contagion Risk: Euro Credit
Spain's slide down the credit-rating ladder has brought the nation within a hair of junk status and risks triggering contagion in Italy and beyond should investors ...

Britain's euro crisis shield no miracle cure
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's wall of cash built with new offers of cheap funding to banks will limit the threats from the raging euro zone crisis, economists said ...

Draghi: up to politicians to fight eurozone crisis
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — European Central Bank head Mario Draghi warned EU leaders that they should not wait for more emergency help from the ...

In Euro Crisis, Obama Tries to Build on a Rapport With Merkel
New York Times
A collapse of the euro could derail America's fragile recovery and doom Mr. Obama's re-election hopes. He may be running out of time to sway the German ...

New York Times

Greek election: Candidate Alexis Tsipris hopes an earthquake will ...
Washington Post
View Photo Gallery — Euro-zone leaders aim to get control of debt crisis: Amid ... Greece remains in the euro zone – or one of Europe's central projects begins to ...

Banks Prepare for Possible Greek Exit from Euro Zone
Wall Street Journal
U.S. banks and other financial-services companies operating overseas are racing to retool systems and reallocate assets to fit a radically altered euro-zone ...

Newsmaker: Greek conservative unlikely defender of bailout
Family history weighs heavily on the 61-year-old as he battles to keep Greece part of the euro zone project, the pinnacle of the continent's drive to unite after ...

As Greece votes, Europe holds its breath
Christian Science Monitor
What would happen if Greece exited the eurozone? ... A Greek departure from theeurozone is widely seen as reshaping the map of Europe, and the prospect ...

Christian Science Monitor

Newsmaker: Greek leftist is "enfant terrible" of euro crisis
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek leftist Alexis Tsipras, enfant terrible of Europe's debt crisis, cut his political teeth as a student protest leader in the 1990s and is now ...

NEWSMAKER-Greek leftist is "enfant terrible" of euro crisis
Alexis Tsipras vows to tear up terms of bailout* Youthful leftist in high-stakes game of chicken withEurope* Face of change or untested ideologue?ATHENS ...

Key dates in Greece's debt crisis
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Greece faces crucial national elections on Sunday, that could ultimately determine whether the debt-saddled, recession bound country remains in the eurozone.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Euro Crisis: Which Countries Will Need Help Next?
Huffington Post (blog)
I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. The analysis I did to evaluate the countries across the region showed the year-on-year debt of each country and the ...

Greek Elections: What's at Stake
Fox Business
A default and expulsion from the eurozone would have a catastrophic domino effect on other fragile southern European economies such as Italy, Spain and ...

ECB's Draghi: Eurozone Faces Serious Risks
Fox Business
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Friday the eurozone economy faces 'serious downside risks,' and that politicians must act fast to stem ...

Greeks Return to Ballot Box as Crisis Approaches Decisive Moment
San Francisco Chronicle
Click on TOP CRIS for more on the euro crisis.) June 15 (Bloomberg) -- Greeks head to the ballot box in two days for a contest that may determine the fate of the ...

Greeks Return to Ballot Box as Crisis Nears Decisive Moment
San Francisco Chronicle
Updates with central banks in eighth paragraph, analyst comment in 10th. Click on TOP CRIS for more on the euro crisis.) June 15 (Bloomberg) -- Greeks head ...

Greek election is euro versus drachma, Samaras says
BBC News
Germany, which has the eurozone's most powerful economy, insists Greece, like other member-states which have received international bailouts, must abide by ...

BBC News

Euro Zone Faces Serious Risks: ECB's Draghi
The euro zone economy faces serious risks and politicians must act fast, although the European Central Bank stands ready to provide further liquidity to solvent ...


Deutsche Bank Doesn't Rule Out Possibility of Greek Euro-Zone Exit
Wall Street Journal
Germany's Deutsche Bank AG (DBK.XE) said Friday it doesn't rule out the possibility of Greece leaving the euro zone and expects that such a move would lead ...

Greece elections pose a crucial dilemma _ Q&A
But the election will help determine whether the financial crisis that has ... That could lead it to default and force it out of the eurozone — a move that could ...

Greece must stay in eurozone, says CFR's Mallaby
Washington Post (blog)
Everything should be done to avoid a Greek eurozone exit following Sunday's elections, says one think tanker.

EU Faces Pressure from Peers to Boost Crisis Measures at G20
Wall Street Journal
BRUSSELS (Dow Jones)--Europe will tell leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies at a summit in Mexico next week that euro-zone governments are aware ...

Wall Street braces for a second global financial crisis if Greece stops ...
New York Daily News
Bankers, governments and investors are starting to prepare for Greece to stop using the euro as its currency, a move that could spread turmoil throughout the ...

New York Daily News

Draghi Hints ECB Is Ready to Act
Wall Street Journal
Sunday's Greek vote is being viewed as a de facto referendum on the country's future with the euro zone. Read more about the main contenders.

Wall Street Journal

Euro zone move to fiscal union to boost confidence, needs time: Rehn
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The euro zone's plans to move towards a banking and fiscal union should help market confidence, but investors must give Europe time ...

Satyajit Das: The Euro-Zone Debt Crisis – It's Now ABOUT Germany ...
By Yves Smith
Yves here. Das' post has a lot of useful information, but like a lot of finance people, he is hostage to a conventional markets-driven reading of the issues. Governments are not households or businesses. When the private sector delevers, ...
naked capitalism

Britain unveils stimulus to parry eurozone threat | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
Britain has stepped up its action against the eurozone crisis by agreeing to offer billions of pounds in cheap loans to British banks, in co-ordinated action that took markets by surprise. The government and Bank of England (BoE) announced ...
The Raw Story

Greek Elections Sunday, Threats to Eurozone Downplayed | FDL ...
By David Dayen
We're just two days away from a consequential vote in Greece.

Open Europe blog: A eurozone banking union will fundamentally ...
By Open Europe blog team
Many, including the British government, see the idea as a way to provide some sort of backstop for the eurozone, where shaky banks remain a huge threat not only to the single currency, but also to the British economy. Banking union, as a ...
Open Europe blog

Wrong lessons from Latvia for the Eurozone « Real-World ...
By Mark Weisbrot
from Mark Wkeisbrot Latvia, a Baltic country of 2.2 million that most people could not find on a map, has suddenly gotten more attention from economists involved in the debate over the future of Europe and the global economy. I responded in a ...
Real-World Economics Review Blog

How Europe's financial crisis may spread – The Situation Room with ...
By Eric Weisbrod CNN
The European debt crisis could potential cause further destabilization of the U.S. economy. Tom Foreman reports....
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

The Internationalist » The G20 and the Eurozone Crisis
By Stewart M. Patrick
Patrick assesses the future of world order, state sovereignty, and multilateral cooperation.
The Internationalist

ECB's Praet: Euro zone countries will inevitably have to surrender ...
By Gerry Davies
Very difficult for economic readjustment to happen quickly in countries hit by debt crisis Asset bubble fears in stronger parts of euro zone not warranted.

The UK and the Eurozone crisis - Robin Barnett
By Robin Barnett
But the tournament will end on 1 July while the Eurozone crisis with its continuing impact on both the UK and Poland will not. Both our countries are outside the Eurozone but have the Eurozone as our main trading partner. So we have every ...
Robin Barnett

Eurozone Debt Crisis: The Greek Elections are a Make or Break ...
By Martin Hutchinson
The Greek elections this Sunday are a watershed moment for the Eurozone debt crisis. What happens will likely determine the fate of the Eurozone. Money Morning - Only The News You Can Profit From.
Money Morning

BBC News – No plan yet for the eurozone | The Wall Street Examiner
By Newswires
The panicked mood over Greece has increased the pressure on eurozone leaders, and inspired feverish talk of grand plans that might or might not be unveiled...
The Wall Street Examiner

With Euro Zone Problems, Bitcoin Experiencing Boost In Legitimacy ...
derekmead writes "Despite being used for drugs and beef jerky, Bitcoin is finding legitimate purposes. Bitcoin's decentralized convenience means international ...

Spain's hurting banks at heart of eurozone chaos - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Spain is under rising pressure to find a lifeline for its deeply troubled banks.

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