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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Debt crisis - Spain on the brink

Debt crisis: Spain on brink of a global bail-out - Telegraph: "Spain was on the brink of requiring a full-scale international bail-out on Monday night as David Cameron warned that the eurozone crisis could continue for years." 

EU Barroso: Euro-Zone Bonds Won't Be a License To Spend ...
Wall Street Journal
LOS CABOS, Mexico (Dow Jones)--Some pooling of debt for the 17 countries in the euro may make sense, but what form this should take is still very much up for ...

Euro Crisis Shifts to Spain as Merkel Faces G-20 Pressure
Europe's financial crisis deepened and enveloped Spain, raising pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting of world leaders to shift her stance ...

Euro Crisis: Rising Spanish Borrowing Costs Overshadow Greek ...
The euro sank 0.07% against the dollar to $1.2628.

GLOBAL MARKETS- Euro zone problems overshadow Greek vote ...
Euro zone debt worries haunt risk asset markets* Spanish bond yields rise above 7.1 percent* Euro gives up gains made after Greek election* European shares ...

G20 summit: Barroso blames eurozone crisis on US banks
The Guardian
EC president says European leaders have not come to Mexico to receive lessons on how to handle the economy.

The Guardian

Euro crisis far from over, stock analysts warn
A slim victory for the main conservative party in an election in Greece should relax fears that a country will stop using the euro for the first time and possibly ...


Euro zone stocks sag as post-Greek vote rally dims
PARIS, June 18 (Reuters) - Euro zone stocks fell on Mondayas renewed fears over the borrowing costs of Spain and Italyeclipsed initial relief over Greek ...

Spain, Italy play in shadow of euro crisis
WARSAW (Reuters) - Three countries at the heart of the euro zone's economic crisis do battle for places in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals on Monday hoping to ...

EMERGING MARKETS-Latam stocks flat as euro zone concern ...
Greek election calms fears of euro zone exit* Merkel rejects flexibility for Greek bailout terms* Spanish and Italian sovereign bond yields rise* Brazil Bovespa, ...

Greece vote tempers threat of eurozone departure (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Greece's New Democracy party, which favors meeting European Union bailout demands, won the largest percentage of votes and is preparing to form a ...

Christian Science Monitor

Why the Euro Zone Should Be Terrified of the Greek Election
The Atlantic
The anti-bailout party Syriza didn't win the most votes, but they did win the future in Greece.

Cameron at G-20 Urges Stronger ECB Action to Quell Euro Crisis
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron urged the European Central Bank and the euro area's strongest economies to do more to stamp out the region's financial ...

Greek Election Fails to Cheer Euro-Zone Bond Markets
Wall Street Journal
"Although a one-minute-to-midnight moment looks to have been avoided by the results of the Greek poll, pressures relating to the euro zone's systemic ...

Brent falls back on euro zone woes after Greek vote
NEW YORK, June 18 (Reuters) - Brent crude oil futures fellback on Monday, hobbled by the euro zone debt crisis amidpersistent worries about Spain's debt and ...

US-STOCKS-Wall St falls on euro zone contagion fears
Greeks elect parties that support the country's bailout* Spanish bond yields hit a euro-era record high* DSW shares plunge after outlook* Dow off 0.2 pct, S&P ...

Oil falls back as concerns over euro zone remain
Brent swings from one-week high to 16-month low intraday* Greek pro-bailout vote fails to easeeuro zone fears* EU: Iran nuclear program talks difficult, tense* ...

Euro Crisis Shifts to Spain as Merkel Faces G-20 Pressure
San Francisco Chronicle
See GMEET for more on the Los Cabos summit, TOP CRIS for stories on Europe's debt crisis.) June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Europe's financial crisis deepened and ...

US-STOCKS-Wall St slips on euro zone contagion fears
Greek elections support pro-bailout parties* Spanish, Italian bond yields rise* Petsmart ups dividend, sets new buyback* Indexes off: Dow 0.4 pct, S&P 0.4 pct, ...

Euro zone problems overshadow Greek vote relief
LONDON — Relief over the Greek election result gave way rapidly to concerns about problems in.

Britain urges world's central banks to act
Cameron, due to speak to world business leaders at the G20 summit of developed and emerging economies in Mexico, will warn the euro zone that it faces ...

Eurozone crisis: Spanish debt fears cut short markets' Greek relief
The Guardian
Interest rates on Spain's debt rise sharply on expectations it will become fourth EU country to require full-scale bailout.

The Guardian

No end to euro zone troubles
Globe and Mail (blog)
Forget Greece, Spain's 10-year bond rate is the thing to watch.

Globe and Mail (blog)

No Relief Rally on Greek Vote
New York Times
But the reaction was short-lived as borrowing costs in Spain and Italy reminded investors that the troubles facing the euro zone were far from resolved.

New York Times

Eurozone crisis live: Spanish borrowing costs hit new high as market ...
The Guardian
Greece avoids 'Drachmageddon' as voters hand the conservative, pro-bailout parties a narrow victory.

The Guardian

OIL FUTURES: Crude Slides 0.9% on Euro-Zone Jitters
Wall Street Journal
By Angel Gonzalez and Dan Strumpf. HOUSTON--Crude-oil futures posted a slight loss as news of the euro-zone credit crisis and its potential to squelch oil ...

Greek gains overshadowed by euro zone fears
Relief over the Greek election result gave way rapidly to concerns about problems in Spain and the wider.

Euro zone can reach banking union deal quickly: Van Rompuy
LOS CABOS, Mexico (Reuters) - The euro zone will prioritize a quick deal on a banking union, an element of deeper economic integration which would entail ...

Eurozone crisis to cast shadow over G-20 summit
LOS CABOS, Mexico — President Barack Obama arrived at the G-20 summit that starts Monday in Mexico with a packed schedule. While the eurozone's ...

Eurozone crisis: live blog | The World
Welcome to our rolling coverage of the eurozone, following a narrow victory for parties supporting the bailout in Greece's election. By Tom Burgis and John Aglionby in London and Shannon Bond in New York, with contributions from FT ...
The World

Deconstructing the Eurozone | The Big Picture
By David Kotok
Deconstructing the Eurozone June 18, 2012 David R. Kotok and Bill Witherell This weekend, leaders of 20 of the world's largest.
The Big Picture

Pro-Eurozone conservatives take first place in Greece - latimes.com
By Paul Feldman
The conservative New Democracy party won a narrow first-place finish in Greece's parliamentary election over Syriza, the radical-left group that had vowed to dismantle multibillion-dollar economic rescue accords and harsh austerity ...
World Now

Greece elections: Pro-Eurozone forces win - World News - IBNLive
Fears of an imminent Greek exit from Europe's joint currency receded on Sunday after the conservative New Democracy party came first in a critical election and pro-bailout parties won enough seats to form a joint government.
IBN Top Headlines

G7: Greece Eurozone Presence Is In 'All Our Interests'
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON, June 17 (Reuters) - The Group of Seven industrialized economies said it was in "all our interests" for Greece to remain in the euro zone while respecting its international bailout commitments. "We welcome the commitment of ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

And it all falls apart: EuroCrisis 2012 « The Enterprise Blog
By James Pethokoukis
The Greek election was for schnooks. That's not where the real story is happening. Sure, a win by the loony leftist Syriza party would have put Greece on the fast-track to the euro exits. But Hellas, even with a New Democracy-Pasok coalition ...
The Enterprise Blog

Germany play Greece in euro crisis showdown - The Local
Of all the quarter-final clashes at Euro 2012, Germany versus Greece will be the most closely watched, with the tie being seen through the prism of the sovereign debt crisis threatening theeurozone.
The Local - Germany's news in English

The Eurozone Torture Chamber | Corrente
By letsgetitdone
Publicly, at least, they all still think the problem in the euro zone is that the public debts/deficits are too high. And to reduce debt the member nations need to cut spending and/or hike taxes, either immediately or down the road. A good economy ...
Corrente blogs

Protecting the Euro Zone From Speculators - NYTimes.com
How will the new French government protect the euro zone from speculation?

Calafia Beach Pundit: The U.S. continues to avoid Eurozone contagion
By Scott Grannis
The Greeks yesterday voted to keep trying to fix their problem, but there remains much to be done and markets were understandably unimpressed. Still, I note some encouraging signs. As the charts above show, there has been virtually no ...
Calafia Beach Pundit

Euro crisis far from over, stock analysts warn - BlackListedNews.com
Euro crisis far from over, stock analysts warn. June 18, 2012. Print Version. Source: Ap. A slim victory for the main conservative party in an election in Greece should relax fears that a country will stop using the euro for the first time and possibly ...

Perspective on the Eurozone Crisis, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library ...
The euro was explicitly set up as a currency union without a fiscal union. (And it turned in to one without a bank regulatory union.) That can work, a fact which ...

Time to start throwing money at euro crisis - MarketWatch
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Watching European officials muddle through the euro crisis, we don't know, as longtime CBS anchor Dan Rather used to say, ...

Austria's Faymann wants euro zone bank union: paper - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: VIENNA (Reuters) - The euro zone needs an effective banking union to help master its debt crisis, and the first steps could be taken this year ...

Eurozone crisis: PM to press Europe for resolute action - Times Of ...
NEW DELHI: Ahead of his eight-day overseas tour to attend the G-20 and the Rio +20 summits in Mexico and Brazil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on ...

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