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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Political discord rekindles euro zone fears

European shares fall, political discord rekindles euro zone fears
Hollande's focus on growth over fiscal consolidation was expected to put him at odds with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reducing cohesion at the core of the crisis-struck euro zoneand potentially leading to political uncertainty, ...

Debt crisis: as it happened - May 8, 2012 - Telegraph: "Debt crisis: as it happened - May 8, 2012 Leader of left-wing Syriza party says Greeks voted against the "barbaric bailout" and austerity pledges are "null and void", while British 10-year borrowing costs drop to historic lows."

Euro-Zone Fears Help Treasurys Gain
Wall Street Journal
Despite offering slim yields, Tuesday's auction received decent demand, a sign many investors still prefer safe and highly liquid assets at a time when political uncertainty in Greece has boosted fears about the euro zone's debt crisis.

Krugman: Euro zone needs new economic strategy
Houston Chronicle
As a counterpoint to Ireland's sad story, consider the case of Iceland, which was ground zero for the financial crisis but was able to respond by devaluing its currency, the krona (and also had the courage to let its banks fail and default on their ...

Renegotiating the Eurozone Deal with the New Socialist French Government
With a new socialist President in place, the New York Times tells us that France is preparing to renegotiate the austerity agreement Europe recently reached “to allow for more budgetary breathing room for countries that can still borrow money to ...


New Eurozone Crisis Amid Austerity Fight
A new eurozone crisis loomed Tuesday with Greece teetering on political chaos, France colliding with Germany on austerity and Spain readying new bank bailouts. Leaders of two left wing Greek parties were to try to arrange a new "national salvation ...


Wonkbook: Five ways to fix the euro zone
Washington Post (blog)
So is Germany ready to renegotiate the terms of the euro zone? Nope. "We in Germany, and me personally, are of the opinion that the fiscal pact is nonnegotiable," German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters. "I consider the fiscal pact to be right ...

US STOCKS-Wall St tumbles on euro zone uncertainty
* Greek official denounces bailout deal * McDonald's falls after April sales report * Fashion company Fossil falls 37 percent on Europe outlook * Indexes off: Dow 1.1 pct, S&P 1 pct, Nasdaq 1 pct By Angela Moon NEW YORK, May 8 (Reuters) - US stocks ...

Eurozone crisis: Greek left leader renounces bailout deal
The Guardian
The fate of Greece is, on Tuesday night, in the hands of the leader of a far-left party who launched the quest to form a government by declaring the country could no longer commit itself to the terms of an international loan agreement keeping its ...

The Guardian

What Would Really Happen If Greece Left Euro Zone?
But after a year of investors shedding bonds issued by highly indebted euro zone countries and big injections of central bank cash, they said the damage could be contained. Spanish and Italian government bonds initially sold off, the euro fell and ...

Eurozone Elections Spook Markets
In particular, they worry about Hollande's plan to tear up the eurozone "fiscal compact" on budget discipline in a spending spree aimed at winning over the French electorate. Also on Monday, the euro dropped to a three-month low, and the price of oil ...

Daybreak - Financial crisis in Europe
TriValley Central
The question remains whether Germany — which is Europe's economic powerhouse driving the austerity agenda — will allow at least some countries in the eurozone to spend more freely in the face of a recession that is spreading across the continent.

CANADA STOCKS-TSX tumbles as miners hit by euro zone fears
... Toronto's main stock index fell more than 200 points on Tuesday with mining and energy shares selling off as political volatility in France and Greece threatened to escalate the euro zone debt crisis, denting demand for riskier commodities.

Euro-Zone Bonds Under Pressure On Greek Political Stalemate
Wall Street Journal
LONDON (Dow Jones)--Lower-rated euro-zone government bonds slipped in early trading Tuesday with a political stalemate following Greek elections keeping investors cautious and fueling demand for safe-haven German bunds. Greek politicians are struggling ...

Greek Chaos Prompts 'Remarkably Benign' Response
Wall Street Journal (blog)
John Higgins at Capital Economics say the market's reaction to the Greek elections over the weekend have been “remarkably benign,” especially considering the increased risk of Greece leaving the eurozone. The Dow is down 97 points after earlier falling ...

Eurozone concerns boost dollar and yen
Financial Times
By Alice Ross The euro fell 0.3 per cent against the US currency to $1.3022, though it remained above a 15-week low reached the previous day, rising above its dips below the $1.30 level. The pound fell 0.2 per cent to $1.6157 while the Australian ...

Crude Oil Ends At 3-Month Low On Strong Dollar, Eurozone
RTT News
Oil prices ended lower for a fifth straight day with continued concerns over demand growth across Europe in light of the eurozone financial crisis and the changed political scenario. Greece is going through a political turmoil with uncertainties ...

Stock Futures Decline on Eurozone Fears
Reports that Spain will bailout the country's third-largest bank by assets, Bankia, was also adding to ongoing uncertainty in the eurozone. Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average were giving up 33 points, or 26.5 points below fair value, ...


Eurozone at risk from anti-austerity revolt
European Union leaders are to hold an emergency summit as a popular anti-austerity backlash threatens to break the eurozone apart and cause a deep rift between France and Germany. Mrs Merkel has warned Mr Hollande that popular French rejection of ...

Holidaymakers benefit from eurozone uncertainty
The Independent
Holidaymakers travelling to eurozone countries are getting the best value for money in three-and-a-half years amid the continuing eurozone crisis. The pound has risen against the euro to levels not seen since autumn 2008 in the wake of elections in ...

Eurozone will affect US
The Olympian
AP • Published May 08, 2012 WHAT HAPPENED? In three separate elections, voters rejected the belt-tightening that governments imposed in response to Europe's debt crisis. Greek voters punished the political parties that accepted a bailout in return for ...

Hollande tests eurozone austerity
The Spokesman Review
“If Germany and France appear divided, the credibility of promises to rebuild the eurozone is harmed.” The markets, alert for the first signal to beat a retreat, are unlikely to give Hollande and Merkel much time to sort out their differences.

Eurozone crisis: EU moves to loosen grip of austerity
The Guardian
In Brussels, Herman Van Rompuy, the European council's president, called a special summit to be held in a fortnight at which the French president-elect, François Hollande, will be able to unveil his proposals for tackling the euro crisis.

Eurozone crisis live: Markets slide as Greek political crisis deepens - as it ...
The Guardian
He's been meeting with members of Syriza, and it appears that the group is using the risk of Greece leaving the eurozone as a weapon with which to force better terms out of its international partners. I asked top Syriza official if Greek euro exit was ...

The Guardian

Greece: Voting Itself Out Of The Eurozone?
When polled, most Greeks favor remaining in the Eurozone. Yet the election results amounted to a clear rejection of austerity and the means necessary for remaining part of monetary union. Furthermore, the convoluted result and ensuing ambiguity on the ...

Wall Street hits 2-month low on euro zone uncertainty
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street tumbled to its lowest level in two months on Tuesday as new questions emerged over Europe's ability to fend off a deeper crisis in the debt-stricken region. The S&P 500 crashed through April lows, which traders had seen ...

Merkel tells François Hollande: eurozone agreement is not up for negotiation
The Independent
The French President-elect, François Hollande, received a double warning from markets and Berlin yesterday after promising to end the "all-austerity" approach to the European financial crisis. Mr Hollande scarcely had a chance to savour his victory in ...

Germany out of "hibernation", industry soars back
"While almost all other euro zone countries are currently caught in the downward spiral of austerity measures, deleveraging and economic reforms, the German economy is still enjoying the results of earlier structural reforms," he said.

Oil prices fall on eurozone and growth worries
LONDON — Oil prices fell on Tuesday owing to fresh worries about the eurozonedebt crisis after leadership changes in France and particularly Greece spotlighted uncertainty about austerity and growth. Expectations of an increase in US crude stockpiles ...


Eurozone worries drag TSX down
Toronto Star
Malcolm Morrison The Canadian Press The Toronto stock market closed slightly lower Monday after elections in France and Greece left questions about how new political leadership will affect the eurozone's plans to deal with the crushingly-high debt ...

Toronto Star

FTSE 'Cautious' As Eurozone Crisis Returns
Sky News
Sterling has hit a near three-and-a-half year high against the euro in the wake of new political uncertainties in the eurozone, paving the way for cheaper holidays for UK tourists. The pound has risen against the single currency to levels not seen ...

Sky News

Merkel to Hollande: 'The eurozone looks to us' - The Local
German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote to French president-elect Francois Hollande on Tuesday saying that the eurozone was looking to them to take the "necessary decisions" to resolve the debt crisis.
The Local - Germany's news in English

American Power: Spain Bank Bailout is Latest Eurozone Financial ...
By Donald Douglas
And Telegraph UK, "New eurozone crisis looms as Spain prepares bail-out": A new eurozonecrisis is looming as Spain signalled on Monday it was ready to bail out ailing banks after markets shrugged off the election results in France and ...
American Power

Eurozone Crisis Solved! - Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah ...
By Cheezburger Network
political pictures - Eurozone Crisis Solved! ... Eurozone Crisis Solved! x. Share. political pictures - Eurozone Crisis Solved! UNFORTUNATELY… …when the books were audited, it turned out that Greece's #1 industry was manufacturing Greek ...
Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and...

Art Cashen making the case for contagion from the man in the street ...
By Jamie Coleman
UBS' Art Cashen, a CNBC regular, clearly lays out the risks of contagion if Greece were to leave the euro zone. Greek citizen (those who have not already.

Did the financial crisis alter how we save? | Visual.ly
By ezonomics
Did the financial crisis change how we feel about and how we use money? The ING International Survey on Savings polled more than 18000 people in 19 c.

Eurozone and Greek Elections Updates.... | MyFDL
By cmaukonen
Although several polls show that a majority of Greeks wish to stay in the Eurozone, the surge in votes for parties decidedly against the reform programme suggests that a sizeable portion of the Greek electorate is not prepared to do what needs ...
cmaukonen's FDL blog

Greece: New Elections Likely, Odds increase for Eurozone Exit
By CalculatedRisk
Greece: New Elections Likely, Odds increase for Eurozone Exit. by CalculatedRisk on 5/08/2012 03:47:00 PM. It appears no party will be able to form a coalition government, so there will be another election in June. A record large number of ...
Calculated Risk

US STOCKS-Wall St tumbles on euro zone uncertainty – Reuters ...
By Newswires
Moneycontrol.comUS STOCKS-Wall St tumbles on euro zone uncertaintyReuters* Greek official denounces bailout deal * McDonald's falls after April sales ...
The Wall Street Examiner

Euro crisis: “Hollande is man of the moment, but Europe's gaze is ...
By Pete Baker
All of this puts Hollande's push to renegotiate the treaty in the shade. German chancellor Angela Merkel was quick to rebut her new French partner yesterday, but that can be read as the opening gambit. Her staunch ally Nicolas Sarkozy has ...
Slugger O'Toole

Eurozone has few options | FP Comment | Financial Post
Based on the results of elections in France and Greece, the odds of a euro currency implosion have gone up.
FP Top Stories List

A two-third Greek majority votes to exit the eurozone « Charles ...
By charlesrowley
A two-third Greek majority votes to exit the eurozone. For decades, Greeks have lived well beyond their means, at other people's expense. Since their entry into the eurozone, they have behaved like scavengers, boosting their personal ...
Charles Rowley's Blog

The euro crisis: Yes, there is austerity | The Economist
Some argue that countries within the euro zone, and on the periphery especially, have no choice but to embrace savage budget cuts. Others point out that the crisis is about more than just budget deficits, that some countries have room to cut ...
Free exchange

U.S. shares mixed on euro zone, consumer credit spike;Dow off 0.23 ...
By Forexpros
Forexpros - U.S. shares closed mixed Monday, as investors considered the implication of theeuro zone elections and bargain hunters started buying in the wake of last week's sell off as consumer credit spiked to decade highs. Near the open ...
Forex Pros RSS News Feed | Forex News

Oil prices fall on eurozone, growth worries - InterAksyon.com
By Agence France-Presse
Oil prices fell on Tuesday owing to fresh worries about the eurozone debt crisis after leadership changes in France and particularly Greece spotlighted uncertainty about austerity and growth.

The Meaning of “Austerity Measures” in the Eurozone
The eurozone is slipping into a recession that could have been avoided. Had policymakers provided fiscal support for stricken countries in the South and ...

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