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Friday, April 20, 2012

No Easy Answers For Eurozone's Vicious Cycle

No easy answers for euro zone's vicious cycle
Washington Post
The euro zone crisis is back. Policymakers in those nations worry that they have entered a vicious cycle. Efforts at reform to demonstrate fiscal rectitude are leading to a weaker economy. The austerity medicine appears to be killing the patient.

IMF Chief: Euro-Zone Resources Can Help Spain Banks
Wall Street Journal
By Jonathan House Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--Spain is working to resolve problems with its ailing banks and there are euro-zone resources available to help if needed, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde ...

Brent up as euro zone worries ease on Spain auction
Strong demand for Spanish bonds ease euro zone worries * Brent-WTI spread widens as US crude near flat * Investors weighing downbeat US economic data By Gene Ramos NEW YORK, April 19 (Reuters) - Brent crude oil rose on T hursday, after dropping to ...

IMF Chief Says Euro Zone Can Help Spain's Banks
Fox Business
Spain is working to resolve problems with its ailing banks and there are euro-zone resources available to help if needed, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Thursday. "Spanish authorities are taking the matter very ...

Analysis: Early days for Spain's tug of war with markets
As that will take time, conditions are ripe for a continuing tug of war, portending recurring volatility that will keep rattling global markets and sparking friction among euro zone policymakers. On the one side are optimists who reckon Spain can pull ...

Outside help no solution to euro zone troubles
The debt levels and fiscal deficits in the euro zone are not significantly higher than in the United Kingdom or the United States. The market, however, worries more about its problems because it doesn't have confidence in its future.

IMF Deputy Chief: Euro-Zone Fiscal Adjustment May Undermine Growth
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--A drive to tighten euro zone budgets could undermine growth and policy makers should take care in calibrating their policies, the no. 2 official at the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday. "The imperative to adjust fiscal ...

Eurozone crisis live: Christine Lagarde sees 'light recovery, with dark clouds ...
The Guardian
She went on to warn that the eurozone is the 'epicentre' of the crisis, and said the world needs a 'Washingon moment', similar to the decisions taken in London in April 2009. Lagarde's message to the EU is to "keep up the better and more Europe", ...

The Guardian

Stocks waver amid euro zone uncertainty
By msnbc.com news services Stocks were wavering Thursday as investors grappled with euro zone uncertainty, a raft of corporate earnings and softer-than-expected data on the domestic labor market. Futures initially pointed to a higher open after Spain ...

The return of the euro crisis
The Economist
In short, the euro crisis is back; and this time it is not because governments in Europe's peripheral economies have flagged in their fiscal tightening and reform efforts. Spain has embarked on huge budget cuts. Italy, despite some compromises, ...

Euro zone concerns sink markets
By Jeanine Prezioso | NEW YORK (Reuters) - Commodity markets ended broadly lower on Wednesday, reversing the previous session's gains under pressure from new concerns overeuro zone debt that also sank US stocks. Investors shunned risk, showing heavy ...

Eurozone Firewall: IMF Receives Pledges Worth $320 Billion
International Business Times
By Bhaskar Prasad: Subscribe to Bhaskar's RSS feed The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday it has received pledges worth $320 billion to boost a global firewall against Europe's debt crisis. While Eurozone nations agreed to contribute 150 ...

International Business Times

COMMODITIES-Euro zone concerns sink markets
Worries about the euro zone focused on Spain, whose banks are carrying their largest burden of bad loans since 1994. US stock markets were sluggish with International Business Machines Corp and Intel Corp pulling the Dow Jones industrial average lower.

French election stirs fears of euro-zone turmoil
Yet economists and strategists say France's fiscal woes and the ongoing euro-zone debt crisis will leave the victor little room for maneuver. No doubt, the campaign has provided plenty of fodder for worry about relations between Germany, ...

The eurozone's sickly southerners
European Voice
The problems of Spain and Italy are threatening to re-ignite the eurozone crisis. Financial markets, jittery about Spain's ambitious austerity measures and fragile banking sector, are sending shockwaves to Italy, which has its own difficulties with ...

Euro zone needs IMF programme...with a difference: Re-Define
April 19 - The IMF needs to get out of aid programmes to individual euro zone countries, and expand its war chest to cover the whole bloc, including Germany. So says Re-Define managing director Sony Kapoor. "Good Morning America" bests "Today Show" in ...

Dow lower on eurozone, US economic data, Morgan Stanley in focus
Proactive Investors USA & Canada
US equity markets were lower Thursday afternoon as unease over Europe and mixed economic data offset positive corporate earnings. As at 2.25pm EDT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 73.80 points, or 0.6%, to 12958.95, the S&P 500 lost 0.6% to ...

Proactive Investors USA & Canada

IMF: eurozone at centre of coming storm
By Valentina Pop BRUSSELS - International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on Thursday (19 April) warned of "dark clouds" hanging over the global recovery, with the eurozone at the heart of the problem. "We are seeing light recovery, ...

Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence Weakened In April
LONDON -- Consumers in the 17-country euro zone became less confident about their prospects in April, as fears that the region has re-entered recession in the first quarter of the year grow. The European Commission said Thursday in a preliminary ...

Eurotech: Is The Euro Zone Slowdown Finally Bashing Technology Leaders?
International Business Times
Last year, IBM executives like Loughridge said they believed that even in thefinancial crisis, customers would still order new technology products to speed efficiencies. Intel, in Santa Clara, Calif., makes chips in Ireland, among other venues and ...

International Business Times

Eurozone 'epicentre' of potential risk, says Lagarde
BBC News
Speaking at a press conference at the start of the IMF/World Bank spring meetings Mrs Lagarde had a particular message for Europe. She told eurozone countries to "keep up" and "implement the reforms that have taken place nationally". Christine Lagarde.

BBC News

Indices Insider US and Europe: Stocks look vulnerable as Eurozone risks ...
International Business Times
The biggest downside risks to the US 30 index next week is a less accommodative stance from the Fed, which may be stock negative in the medium-term, and heightened sovereign risks in theEurozone. From a technical perspective, indecision seems to have ...

IMF wants more funds to buffer euro zone debt
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said today she expects to win a big boost in funding to help the lender contain damage from the euro-zone debt crisis now that Europe has taken significant steps on its own. Calling the euro zone the ...

IMF has US$320b for euro zone battle crisis
Hong Kong Standard
The International Monetary Fund said yesterday it had raised US$320 billion (HK$2.48 trillion) so far in a bid to boost its firepower to deal with the euro zone debt crisis, with Poland and Switzerland joining the effort.

The Importance Of The French Elections To The Future Of The Eurozone
Seeking Alpha
As we have argued, the challenges of the eurozone are not limited to the old periphery of Greece, Ireland and Portugal. Clearly, Spain and Italy are problematic, albeit to varying degrees. Yet the contagion is reaching deeper into the core and this is ...

IMF says secures $320 billion in drive for new funds
Orlando Sentinel
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday it had raised $320 billion so far in a bid to boost its firepower to deal with the euro zone debt crisis, with Poland and Switzerland joining the effort.

Why Wall Street Can't Escape the Eurozone Debt Crisis
The Market Oracle
Keith Fitz-Gerald writes: Despite all of its best hopes, Wall Street will never escape what's happening in the Eurozone. The 1 trillion euro ($1.3 trillion) slush fund created to keep the chaos at bay is not big enough. And it never was.

DATA SNAP: Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence Weakened In April
By Ilona Billington, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Consumers in the 17-country euro zone became less confident about their prospects in April, as fears that the region has re-entered recession in the first quarter of the year grow.

London Session: Spanish debt auction only one of multiple Eurozone risks
International Business Times
A good result, for instance, can't disguise the fact that the economic situation is deteriorating sharply in the Eurozone's fourth largest economy. The bad loan ratio for Spain's banks rose to its highest ever level in February, while the Bank of Spain ...

Market Linkages in the Eurozone | The Big Picture
By Barry Ritholtz
click for giant graphic > Confused about the EU bailouts? Don't be. The chart above, from the IMF via FT Alphaville, will clarify all. See?
The Big Picture

Euro Crisis Means Shock Effect for the United States
Hal Cooper, contributing author to NAWAPA XXI, presents a brief update on developments in Russia around the building of the Bering Strait Tunnel and Eurasian Landbridge, to the audience of the April 14th Congressional Town Hall of ...

Why Wall Street Can't Escape the Eurozone - Money Morning
By Keith Fitz-Gerald
Wall Street can't escape the Eurozone even if it tries. Here's why and how Wall Street will reflect the Eurozone debt crisis. Money Morning - Only The News You Can Profit From.
Money Morning

TARGETing Problems in Eurozone | What Am I Missing Here?
By WhatAmIMissingHere
It seems that every time you turn over a stone on the rocky shore that is the financial condition of the Eurozone you find yet another nasty creature underneath. With the Bundesbank finding itself on the hook for over €450bn. These are extra ...
What Am I Missing Here?

ECB Asmussen: See Only Very Mild Eurozone Recession In 2012 ...
By Market News International
Canada's Flaherty: Situation In Europe Remains Dangerous WASHINGTON (MNI) - TheEurozone will probably have to contend with nothing more severe than.

mainly macro: The EuroZone as One Country
By Mainly Macro
The Eurozone is undertaking more austerity than either the US or the UK (see here), yet its overall budgetary position is much more favourable than either of these two countries. Can this be right, at a time when the Eurozone is in recession?
mainly macro

ekathimerini.com | Threadneedle sees Greek eurozone exit in a year
Greece will probably leave the eurozone within the next year and more countries may follow as austerity measures dictated by Germany prove too tough to implement, according to Threadneedle Investments. “Our endgame scenario is that ...
Latest News

Brent Oil Up As Euro Zone Worries Ease - US Business News - CNBC
Brent crude oil rose on Thursday, after dropping to two-month lows in the previous session, aseuro zone worries eased on strong investor demand for Spanish bonds and as the recent price slump encouraged fresh buying.
CNBC.com Energy Business News

Is Debt Forgiveness a Way out of the Eurozone Crisis? — Social ...
By Robert Skidelsky
Nearly four years after the start of the global financial crisis, many are wondering why economic recovery is taking so long. Indeed, its sluggishness has confounded even the experts. According to the International Monetary Fund, the world ...
Social Europe Journal

Sober Look: The bank-sovereign linkage in the Eurozone
By Walter Kurtz
This process effectively ties banks and the government into a cycle of maintaining each other's solvency, creating a fairly nasty feedback loop. The challenge for the Eurozone periphery in the long run will be trying to unravel this linkage.
Sober Look

Northerntruthseeker: The World Financial Crisis: Max Keiser On ...
By Northerntruthseeker
I do listen to his shows periodically, but I am not fully sold on Max Keiser, because he does not name the real criminals by name, the Jews, who are fully responsible for the world financial crisis that is about to destroy the entire world financial ...

Presidential Campaigns in France – Missing the Point? | Euro Crisis
By Alexander TIetz
By Daniela Schwarzer. In April and May 2012, all eyes in the EU are on France. The presidential elections come at a key moment. The crisis in the euro area is re-gaining pace, with bond market pressure once again increasing on Spain – and ...
Euro Crisis

Eurozone crisis live: German borrowing costs hit record low after ...
PM Pedro Passos Coelho says there are 'no guarantees' that Portugal will return to the financial markets as planned, but vows to prove doubters wrong.

Spain, Italy slide further into euro zone crisis - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: ROME/MADRID (Reuters) - Spain and Italy faced growing market pressure on Monday, stoking fears of a new phase in the euro zone debt ...

Restructuring Eurozone banks to address Eurosystem imbalances ...
Since the start of the crisis the Eurosystem balance sheet has grown from €1200 billion in June 2007 to around €2900 billion in March 2012. But this is spread ...

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