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Monday, April 23, 2012

Eurozone crisis to get worse before it gets better

Eurozone crisis set to get worse before it gets better
The Guardian (blog)
Greece has had a second bailout and the decisive action by the ECB prevented a whole raft of eurozone banks from going belly up at the end of last year. As in the spring of 2011, the Europeans arrived in Washington for the half-yearly meeting of the...
Euro-Zone Crisis Funds Face Test With Investors
Wall Street Journal
By SUDEEP REDDY And BRIAN BLACKSTONE WASHINGTON—After months of wrangling, government leaders have assembled a pair of war chests to guard against deepening euro-zone turmoil. Now their plan faces the big test: Will markets buy it?

Netherlands political crisis casts cloud on euro zone
By Sara Webb and Thomas Escritt | AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Netherlands, a core euro zonemember, was drawn into Europe's debt crisis at the weekend when the government failed to agree on budget cuts, making elections almost unavoidable and casting ...

ECB deaf to call for more action to help euro zone
By Mark Felsenthal | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - European Central Bank officials showed no sign of bending to renewed international pressure to do more to boost the euro zone's struggling economy. Top ECB policymakers, attending the International Monetary ...

Dutch crisis puts eurozone debt rescue plans at risk
Photo: Reuters By Louise Armitstead Mark Rutte, who is a key ally of Germany and the eurozone's “hardliners” on financial discipline, has called an emergency cabinet meeting after budget talks collapsed at the weekend. He is expected to resign today ...


Protect 'innocent bystanders' from global financial crisis: India
New York Daily News
Washington, April 22 — As the International Monetary Fund (IMF) doubled its lending power with over $430 billion pledged to a reinforced safety net to bail out countries during global financial crises, India stressed that contributions should be ...

IMF urges eurozone to make bold reforms
BBC News
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told the eurozone it must make bold reforms to reassure financial markets. A statement from its governing council, says the 17-strong eurozone needs to make major structural reforms to boost confidence and...

BBC News

The French Election and the Eurocrisis
Real News Network
JAY: Now, the deepening economic crisis in the euro zone—and a lot of people have placed a lot of the blame, at least, not just on the big banks, but particularly on German banks and the German elite. And is there any sense that France might resist ...

The sadly unpalatable solution for the eurozone
Financial Times
By Wolfgang Münchau Aconsensus has gradually emerged among experts about the first necessary step to solve the eurozone crisis: a eurozone-wide system of banking resolution, prudential supervision and deposit insurance. The idea is essentially to take ...

Global financial crisis is not over
Khaleej Times
The global financial crisis is not over and technical innovation and investment will be key to sustaining what remains a “tortuous” recovery, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said during a visit to Germany. Wen also said China, the world's biggest exporter ...

Eurozone urged to reassure markets
The Independent
The International Monetary Fund, armed with a replenished arsenal containing billions of dollars to battle Europe's lingering debt crisis, now must press governments in the eurozone to carry out bold changes to reassure nervous financial markets and ...

Eurozone nations told to continue debt management
Cherokee Tribune
by Harry Dunphy and Martin Crutsinger AP Writer International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks during a news conference at the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings at IMF headquarters in Washington on Saturday.

A Message for Europe in 2 Tones
New York Times
We are going to be really tough on the euro zone. If they want more bailouts from the International Monetary Fund, they are going to have to submit to strict conditionality. That was the message delivered by the rest of the world when it agreed during ...

IMF allows eurozone to stay in its fantasy world
Under Christine Lagarde's stewardship the IMF is continuing to indulge the eurozone'sbanks while the fund's donor countries seethe . IMF should not become theeurozone's de facto central bank, but that could be the reality under Christine Lagarde.


“Drachma Clauses”: Planning For Greece's Exit From The Eurozone
Business Insider
It is in last place within the Eurozone. Barroso's report dryly summarizes the predicament: "Greece suffers from a lack of capacity to implement policy, manage public finances, collect taxes, open markets to competition, make public procurement work ...

Lagarde and IMF rap eurozone
Ahead of the market opening on Monday and anticipated renewed pressure on theeurozone, the Fund's governing panel said more was needed to get debt under control, ensure a stable banking system, and enact “bold structural reforms”.


IMF calls for 'bold' reform in eurozone
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Saturday called for determined structural reform in Europe to improve the growth aspects in the eurozone, reeling under a public debt crisis. The IMF's steering committee welcomed the authorities' decisions in ...

Jefferson County lawmakers to meet, try again for solution county financial crisis
al.com (blog)
(The Birmingham News file) BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A group of local legislators will meet Monday to try to forge the framework oi a compromise bill to address Jefferson County's deepening financial crisis, the chairman of the county delegation said.

al.com (blog)

DAN ATKINSON: Eurozone crisis is good for Britain
This is Money
By Dan Atkinson Let no one tell you that the £268billion extra money sought by the International Monetary Fund is being lined up to support the eurozone. Such suspicions were dispelled in an instant by IMF managing director Christine Lagarde speaking ...

This is Money

Eurozone crisis on brink of final phase
Irish Independent
AS Spain's plight worsens and Germany's exposure to the rest of the eurozone soars, is the long-running crisis entering its final phase? With polls showing four-tenths of voters have yet to make up their minds on next month's referendum, ...

Murdoch criticises Osborne's £10 billion to IMF
Critics, including many Tory backbenchers, oppose giving more money to prop up struggling eurozone economies, describing the move as "throwing good money after bad". But Mr Osborne has stressed that a well-funded IMF is vital to ensure global economic ...


OECD Gurria: There Is Now A 'Formidable Package' To Deal With Euro Crisis
Wall Street Journal
He said Saturday, however, that the ECB's long-term refinancing operations, or LTROs--in which it injected more than EUR1 trillion into the euro zone's banking sector in the form of three-year loans--were a "game changer." "The three things together ...

Global Finance Chiefs Press Europe on Debt Crisis
The IMF panel said all advanced economies needed plans to rein in deficits, but it singled out theeuro zone as crucial to revitalizing strong growth. The euro area, the world's second-largest economic bloc, already has slipped into a mild recession, ...

Euro crisis still biggest threat
Times of Malta
Germany's leading economic institutes revised their 2012 growth forecasts upwards slightly last Thursday, but warned that the debt crisis still haunting the eurozone remained the biggest threat to growth in Europe's largest economy.

IMF allows eurozone to stay in its fantasy world
ForexLive (blog)
By Gerry Davies || April 22, 2012 at 08:21 GMT The eurozone is lucky its got Christine at the helm of the IMF is all I'm sayin. Hi Gerry, delete it if you have to, but there is something interesting that came through my GFT newsfeed and Google doesn't ...

IMF pushes eurozone for more reforms
Press TV
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged the eurozone to make “bold structural reforms” and to get its debt under control to reassure financial markets. "In the euro area continued progress on ensuring debt sustainability, securing financial ...

Press TV

Murdoch slams Osborne's IMF pledge
The Press Association
The 81-year-old media mogul wrote on the social networking site that the Government "must be mad" for agreeing to contribute additional funds, which critics say will used for more bailouts of the struggling eurozone. His comments were followed by a ...

'I want France out of eurozone!' - Presidential candidate
Therefore he wants France to quit the eurozone. “I'm not against the free market, I'm against the system that doesn't let France to defend itself,” Dupont-Aignan says. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, born in 1961 in Paris. Branded a Gaullist, sovereigntist, ...

IMF "Solutions" Cannot Solve Eurozone Crisis
Center for Research on Globalization
Fears have been growing that failing to safeguard the eurozone countries could lead other countries like Spain into a Greece-like situation. Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Centre for Research on ...

Wayne Swan has characterised Australia's $6.8 billion contribution to the ...
The Australian
AUSTRALIA'S $A6.8 billion contribution to the eurozone bailout will help stabilise any further deterioration in the region, says Treasurer Wayne Swan. The IMF said on Friday it had raised more than $US430 billion in an effort to assure finance markets ...

Eurozone woes hinder emerging Europe, Asia recovery: World Bank
Business Recorder (blog)
Continued crisis in the eurozone hurts the modest recovery under way in emerging European and Central Asian nations, the World Bank said on Friday, warning of the risk of a credit crunch in the region due to exposure to Western banks.

Global crisis not over, China reforms to go on: Wen
Baltimore Sun
HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - The global financial crisis is not over and technical innovation and investment will be key to sustaining what remains a "tortuous" recovery, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday during a visit to Germany.

IMF is set to get its bigger bazooka
Financial Times
This will substantially increase the IMF's capacity to help if the eurozone crisis takes a turn for the worse. Should the world welcome this success? Yes, alas, with equal emphasis on both words. It is appalling that the eurozone should need such a ...

Sharp drop in profit warnings made
The Press Association
The number of profit warnings by listed companies has dropped sharply after an easing in eurozonetensions boosted confidence in the UK economy. The 16 warnings in March was a nine-year low for the month and followed 57 profit alerts in January and ...

Chancellor: We have completely won the argument on austerity - Today's World News
San Francisco Luxury News
I asked him if he shared the view expressed by many at this IMF conference that austerity was going too far in the Eurozone. “When it comes to Britain, I think that argument is now completely won, in other words the argument that we had to deal with ...

Collapsed Dutch Budget Cut Talks Could Create Power Vacuum As Downgrade Looms
Wall Street Journal
The Dutch government's failure to agree to the deficit-slashing measures comes as market tensions have mounted in recent weeks over Spain's ability to control its own runaway deficits as the economy weakens, in a sign that the euro zone's sovereign ...

The eurozone loses its power to shock | Gavyn Davies | Insight into ...
By Gavyn Davies
Gavyn Davies blogs for the Financial Times on macroeconomics, economic policymaking and the financial markets. Gavyn Davies is a macroeconomist who was the head of the global economics department at Goldman Sachs from ...
Gavyn Davies

“Drachma Clauses”: Planning for Greece's Exit from the Eurozone ...
By testosteronepit
The largest banks in Greece—National, Alpha, Eurobank, and Piraeus—reported €28.2 billion in losses for the year 2011. Almost 13% of GDP! It included the bond swap that had saddled private-sector bondholders with a 74% loss. But no ...

Pento – Markets to Plunge This Summer & Eurozone Effect ...
Pento – Markets to Plunge This Summer & Eurozone Effect. from KingWorldNews: With investors concerned about the action in equity markets, as well as gold and silver, today Michael Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies, writes for King World ...
SGTreport - The Corporate Propaganda...

The Village Square » Today's Tallahassee Democrat: Florida ...
By Liz
Today's Tallahassee Democrat: Florida leaders slated to discuss financial crisis · Tweet. Most of us would agree that America's fiscal crisis has been difficult, anxiety provoking and way too long. It's also been confusing. Economics has become ...
The Village Square

OECD's Gurria Says There's Now A 'Formidable Package' To Deal ...
OECD's Gurria Says There's Now A 'Formidable Package' To Deal With Euro Zone. ...Home>OECD's Gurria Says There's Now A 'Formidable Package' To Deal With Euro Zone. Related Content. Videos; Articles. Investors Seek Shelter in ...
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Eurozone urged to reassure markets « This Is Jersey
The International Monetary Fund, armed with a replenished arsenal containing billions of dollars to battle Europe's lingering debt crisis, now must press governments in the eurozone to carry out bold changes to reassure nervous financial ...
This Is Jersey » This Is Jersey

Real News Video : The French Election and the Eurocrisis
By Tony
Sunday, April 22, 2012. Real News Video : The French Election and the Eurocrisis. Gérard Duménil: Most voters want to save social programs and reject austerity. More at The Real News. Posted by Tony at 4:11 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!
Palestinian Pundit

Staggering student debt the next financial crisis? | The Raw Story
The cost of a US university degree has left people wide-eyed for decades but student debt has now mushroomed into a nightmare for Americans with potential to ...

World Bank: Euro zone woes hinder emerging Europe, Asia ...
From Yahoo! News: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Continued crisis in the euro zone hurts the modest recovery under way in emerging European and Central Asian ...

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