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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Greek Bailout Not Helping the Euro

Greek Bailout Not Helping the Euro
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The Greek bailout has failed to boost investor confidence and fears of contagion to other peripheral euro-zone countries remain. Sure, the European Central Bank's recent provision of more cheap loans to European banks has helped to ensure that the bond ... 

Euro Zone Exports Rise for Third Straight Month
Wall Street Journal
By ALEX BRITTAIN LONDON—A third straight rise in euro-zone exports in January bolstered hopes that manufacturers will help the region avoid a severe downturn, while a rebound in imports offered a tentative sign domestic demand is on the mend.

Euro zone may raise bailout fund capacity to near 700 bln euros -officials
Euro zone may allow ESM fund to run at full capacity alongside existing EFSF commitments * Reaching 750 billion euro joint EFSF/ESM lending capacity in July is unlikely By Jan Strupczewski and Ilona Wissenbach BRUSSELS, March 16 (Reuters) - The euro ...

Euro zone exports show renewed vigour, Germany leads
Exports jump 11 percent in Jan vs year-ago * Euro zone halves its deficit from Jan 2011 * Energy gap soars in 2011 vs 2010 * Trade deficit with China narrows in 2011 BRUSSELS, March 16 (Reuters) - A surge in German exports of cars and machinery helped ...

Euro zone may up bailout fund capacity to near 700 billion euros: officials
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The euro zone may raise the combined lending power of its bailout funds to close to 700 billion euros from 500 billion in a trade-off between German opposition to committing more money and calming markets, euro zone officials said.

In positive week for eurozone, warnings rise that crisis isn't over
Christian Science Monitor
The Greek bailout and cheap loans may have pulled Europe back from the edge, but economists warn that without real change, the eurozone will continue to teeter. By Michael Steininger, Correspondent / March 16, 2012 A homeless person begs in Syntagma ...

Christian Science Monitor

Central Bank Sees 'Slow' Euro-Zone Upturn, With Risks
Wall Street Journal
By MARGIT FEHER FRANKFURT—Adverse factors will weigh on economic activity in the euro zone in the first half of this year, but real gross-domestic-product growth is expected to pick up modestly in the second half, the European Central Bank said ...

Eurozone January Trade Balance Swings To Deficit
RTT News
(RTTNews) - Eurozone merchandise trade balance slipped into a deficit in January despite an acceleration in exports, data released by the statistical office Eurostat showed Friday. The trade balance showed a deficit of EUR 7.6 billion in January, ...

RTT News

Berlin to set eurozone example with budget
Financial Times
By Gerrit Wiesmann in Berlin The German government has pledged to bring its budget near to balance in 2014, two years earlier than planned, in an attempt to show its eurozone partners that Berlin practises what it preaches on fiscal discipline.

Eurozone firewall increased to €700bn
The Guardian
Eurozone leaders will inject more than €250bn (£207bn) into the single currency's protection fund in a desperate effort to prevent contagion from Greece, it emerged on Friday. Finance ministers will agree the package in a fortnight, although it will ...

The Guardian

Poland, Czech Republic Diverge On Euro-Zone Entry
Wall Street Journal
The Polish governor said it remains to be seen in what shape the euro-zone emerges from its current debt crisis, although it will probably require further political integration, which may prove difficult for Poland to accept.

Euro Zone Bailout Fund May Grow to €700B As Spanish Debt Rises
International Business Times
The euro zone may increase its bailout funds to almost €700 billion as the sovereign debt of Spain soars to a 17-year high and exposes the continent's finances to a potential catastrophe. The temporary European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and ...

Euro zone may raise bailout fund capacity to near 700 bln euros - officials
Reuters India
By Jan Strupczewski and Ilona Wissenbach | BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The euro zone may raise the combined lending power of its bailout funds to close to 700 billion euros from 500 billion, in a trade-off between German opposition to committing more money ...

Financial Crisis, the Musical
New York Times
The musical, called “Toxic Bankers,” offers a comedic version of the recent banking industry backlash, prompted by the financial crisis and large pay packages. “Toxic Bankers” is a “new musical comedy exploring the sordid world of London's Square Mile, ...

New York Times

An eerie euro zone calm
Reuters Blogs (blog)
There are a number possible potholes for the euro zone's new fiscal pact not just in France — an Irish referendum (they've lost those before), signs of the Dutch governing coalition splintering over the issue as well as Francois Hollande's vow to ...

'Maxed Out' predicted the financial crisis, but it might have been only the ...
Washington Post
In 2008, Charles Ferguson's documentary “Inside Job,” a dissection of the financial crisis, took home the Oscar — a full two years after Scurlock made his movie, which had a modest theatrical release. “What I'm proud of with 'Maxed Out' is that it was ...

European Economics Preview: Eurozone Trade Data Due
(RTTNews.com) - Foreign trade data from Eurozone is the major news due on Friday, a light day for the European economic news. At 4 am ET, the Turkish Statistical Institute is expected to publish the February results of the consumer confidence survey.

Merkel firm against big euro fund increase
Huffington Post
GEIR MOULSON | March 16, 2012 09:32 AM EST | AP BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled some flexibility Friday on strengthening the 17-country eurozone's financial firewall, but insisted that there would be no increase in the headline value ...

Eurozone crisis live: Eurozone halves trade gap
The Guardian
The third successive rise in eurozone exports in January boosts hopes that improving foreign demand will help the eurozone return to growth sooner rather than later, and eurozone exporters will be helped by the euro's current softer tone although this ...

The Guardian

Diets downsized by financial crisis
Gant Daily
The financial crisis has also hit social services with grants to the elderly which had helped women like Thwala support their families suspended, and the government no longer paying school fees for many orphaned and vulnerable children, including two ...

Is Germany Regaining Its Mojo?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The post, which involves chairing meetings on euro-zone matters, carries little real power but considerable influence. The euro group has met more frequently during the debt crisis and its decisions carry more weight. Mr. Schäuble declined to confirm ...

Despite recent upsides in Eurozone, critics warn that crisis isn't over
Alaska Dispatch
On March 12, the eurozone finance ministers agreed on the full release of the second bailout package for Greece, worth €130 billion ($170 billion). By March 14, the decision had been backed by all eurozone governments and parliaments.

New Jobs in Euro Zone to Remain Scarce: Economist
New jobs are likely to remain hard to find in the euro zone with the exception of Germany at least during the first half of the year as employers continue to tread carefully, Francois Cabau, an analyst at Barclays Capital, wrote in a research note.


Do eurozone voters really want a 'United States of Europe'?
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
By Mats Persson Economics Last updated: March 16th, 2012 If judged solely on the British public debate on the future of the EU, one could be forgiven for thinking that – driven by eurozone crisis – everyone else in "Europe" is now happily storming ...

Telegraph.co.uk (blog)

Ex-AIG CEO: Goldman Got 'Backdoor Bailout' During Financial Crisis
Huffington Post
Feels like everyone is pining for those good old days when Goldman Sachs cared about its clients. Hank Greenberg, the former CEO of AIG, echoed recent sentiments that Goldman's culture has changed for the worse in recent years, citing the investment ...

Market Recap: Eurozone Stability and US Jobless
On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) released its monthly bulletin providing insights into the ongoing eurozone sovereign debt crisis and updating its yearly macroeconomic projections. The ECB confirmed that signs of low-level stabilisation are ...

FEATURE: Greek Media Struggles to Survive Financial Crisis
Trimis is among the growing number of journalists grappling with layoffs and sharp salary cuts as the once-thriving media sector is crippled by the financial crisis. “Ideally, I should be out there reporting on the economic crisis, but instead I am ...

UBS upgrades eurozone growth forecasts
Financial News
UBS analysts have downplayed fears of a deep eurozone recession and upgraded its growth forecast for the region for the first time since October 2010. UBS has raised its growth forecast for the eurozone to -0.4% from -0.7% for 2012 and to 1.1% from ...

Financial News

NewsDaily: Euro zone may up bailout fund capacity to near 700 ...
The euro zone may raise the combined lending power of its bailout funds to close to 700 billion euros from 500 billion in a trade-off between German opposition to committing more money and calming markets, euro zone officials said.
NewsDaily: Business Headlines

Understanding Eurozone Crisis through the Perspective of Ben ...
By Ajay Saxena
Understanding Eurozone Crisis through the Perspective of Ben Broadbent The eurozone has been facing serious financial crisis for past couple of years. Analysts and market experts have placed various reasoning for the current financial ...
TopNews New Zealand

XE.com - TABLE-Euro zone trade balance in January
The European Union statistics office on released the.
XE Forex News

The eurozone admits it has condemned Greece to never-ending ...
By OzHouse
blogs.telegraph.co.uk There's a general view out there that with private creditors having agreed their 50pc haircut, the Greek problem has been solved, at.
OzHouse Alt News

How are leading companies managing Eurozone risk? - Ernst ...
By tax
Although the members of the European Union are working hard to stabilize the Eurozoneeconomy and create a platform for economic and financial recovery, the generally difficult economic outlook and the risk of disorderly debt defaults is ...
Ernst & Young T Magazine

Euro zone examines option of raising combined bailout fund ...
By Gerry Davies
Reuter's headline. Has given the single currency a marginal lift, EUR/USD presently at 1.3073.

Persistent Doubts Surrounding the Euro-zone Outlook -- MrSwing
Persistent Doubts Surrounding the Euro-zone Outlook. Swing trading Strategies, day trades, stock trading free picks, market commentary/technical analysis/swingtracker for the swing-day-stock-forex trader. Stock Picks trading technical ...
Free Daily Swing and Day Trading...

Employment and wages show slight eurozone decline
The 17 countries which use the euro have seen employment numbers and wage levels both decrease over the final quarter of 2011, as the economic uncertainty continues to loom large, with countries such as Spain, Greece and Portugal, who ...
the world of work

Weekly Eurozone Watch: Higher Bund Yield, Tighter PIG Spreads ...
By macromon
Wow! When was the last time Portugal, Italy, and Greece sovereign spreads tightened this much in one week? Spain remains a concern, however, widening 10 bps on the week even as the Bund yield increased over 25 bps. Banks rebounded ...
Global Macro Monitor

Why Geithner is wrong to blame the weak recovery on the financial ...
By James Pethokoukis
Don't blame Obama for weak economic recovery, blame the financial crisis. That was the message Thursday from U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (via Reuters): The U.S. economy is growing again but faces tough challenges that call ...
The Enterprise Blog

Kenya, tourism income down on euro crisis and al Shabaab ...
By AfricaTimes
NAIROBI - Kenya expects tourism revenues to fall this y.

Eurozone formally approves second Greek bailout Alex Jones ...
Eurozone countries have finally approved the second 130 billion euro financing package for Greece, which would save the country from going bankrupt in the ...

"Alexander Hamilton's Eurozone Tour" by Harold James | Project ...
For many Europeans, Alexander Hamilton's negotiation in 1790 of the new US federal government's assumption of the states' large debts like a tempting model.

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