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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Germany, Netherlands Face Contagion Danger

Germany, Netherlands Face Contagion Danger, HSBC's Gulliver Says
By Bloomberg News on March 16, 2012 Germany and the Netherlands face the danger of being affected by the sovereign debt crises and lack of economic growth affecting the southern European economies of Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, HSBC Holding Plc ...

Five world markets themes in the coming week
The euro zone may have stepped back from the brink as Greece takes the final step in its debt swap deal when insurance payments on its bonds are made on Monday. But this hardly draws a line under the region's three-year debt crisis.

ECB Praet: Situation Still Fragile In Euro Zone - Report
PARIS -(Dow Jones)- The situation is still fragile in the euro zone and after the European Central Bank injected massive liquidity into the banking system it is up to governments and banks to act, European Central Bank executive board member Peter ...

Deeper Inquiry Of Greg Smith's Assertions: Might Goldman Sachs Have ...
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Congress held hearings as to how and why it happened. The Dodd-Frank Act attempts to impose systemic protections from a mechanical standpoint. While in committee, the Bill also attempted to impose behavioral ...

Summary Box: Merkel resists big euro fund increase
By AP TWEAKS, BUT NO BIG INCREASE: German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled some flexibility Friday on strengthening the 17-country eurozone's rescue fund, but insisted that there would be no big increase in its size. THE BACKGROUND: The $650 billion ...

Greece Exit From Euro Zone Would Be Costly: IMF
Greece would face a disorderly exit from the euro zone without financial support from Europe, the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank [cnbc explains] , the IMF said on Friday. A day after the IMF [cnbc explains] approved a 28 billion ...


Schaeuble: report on leading eurogroup speculation
Germany's finance minister is dismissing media reports that Chancellor Angela Merkel is lobbying across Europe for him to become the new head of the eurozone's finance minister gatherings. Wolfgang Schaeuble said Friday it was too early to discuss who ...

Euro Targets Strength As Euro Zone Calm, S&P 500 Surges, VIX Tumbles
The S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), which effectively measures the cost of speculating on and hedging against major equity market moves, now trades at its lowest levels since the beginnings of the financial crisis in 2007. The S&P itself is up 11.7% ...

Eurozone crisis not over but gold should not be following the Euro
The Eurozone crisis and its effects on global currencies and gold and silver is far from over. Gold has been following the Euro downwards, but it shouldn't be doing so. I thought we could ignore the Eurozone debt crisis for a while, but it was not to ...

Spain's kids say fight euro crisis with hugs, kisses
| MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish children recommend their parents work less, smile more and get hugs and kisses as a remedy against the worst economic crisis to have hit the country in decades, according to a poll published this week.

Cause of Harrisburg's financial crisis soon to be revealed
CBS 21
We are getting closer to finding out how the City of Harrisburg ended up in this financial crisis. It's complicated, but it's working its way out. But the financial crisis in Harrisburg is not just afinancial crisis. Civil and even criminal charges ...

Merkel leaves door open to combining euro bailout funds
The Daily Star
By Rebecca Christie, Tony Czuczka German Chancellor Angela Merkel left the door open to boosting the eurozone financial backstop, saying that a decision on reinforcing the firewall will be made in time for International Monetary Fund meetings next ...

The Daily Star

Eurozone may raise bailout fund's capacity to €700bn
Gulf Times
The eurozone may raise the combined lending power of its bailout funds to close to €700bn from 500bn, in a trade-off between German opposition to committing more money and the need to calm markets, eurozone officials said. Eurozone finance ministers ...

Eurozone exports show renewed vigour
Business Recorder (blog)
A surge in German exports of cars and machinery helped the eurozone halve its trade deficit with the rest of the world in January, a sign that international demand offers the currency area its best chance a revival from its economic slump.

Was the Financial Crisis Funny?
At least now we can laugh at the financial crisis. Former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith calls the bank's culture "toxic." The era that defined Wall Street is finally, officially over. Michael Lewis, who chronicled its excess in Liar's Poker, ...


US, eurozone economies show strong signs of recovery
The eurozone`s fiscal crisis has hit bottom and the American, German and Japanese economies are on the recovery path. The Standard & Poor`s 500 Index topped the 1400 mark for the first time in nearly four years Thursday, closing at 1402.60 on the New ...

Euro zone employment drops 0.2% in Q4
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
(MENAFN) Euro-zone's employment declined in the fourth quarter, while labor costs rose, reflecting the hurdles that Europe is facing to follow US job recovery, Reuters reported. According to the European Union's statistics office (Eurostat), ...

Euro Crisis Subject Of Annual Meetings
Investor's Business Daily
Accounting and consulting firm BDO USA says the European debt crisis and M&A plans will likely be among the top issues at 2012 shareholder meetings and that companies should be prepared to respond. Sovereign debt holders or any companies with ...

SunTrust 'still in the game'
Atlanta Journal Constitution
So more than four years after the financial crisis started, is SunTrust still not out of the woods? Industry analysts said that's not the way to read the latest development. Bank analyst Chris Marinac called it “a temporary embarrassment” that will ...

Germany seeks eurozone finance post
GERMANY has put forward finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble for the influential post that co-ordinates policy between eurozone finance ministers. The position, known as chairman of the Eurogroup, is currently held by Luxembourg's prime minister ...


Greek Bailout Is Accompanied By Greek Resentment
by Sylvia Poggioli Shipyard workers demand their unpaid wages in central Athens on Thursday, the day that countries in the 17-nation euro zone formally approved a second bailout of $36.6 billion for Greece. Shipyard workers demand their unpaid wages in ...

Analysis: Bank stress tests highlight Ally Financial's challenges
After being bailed out three times during the financial crisis, Ally revived its auto lending business, but it remains besieged by troubled mortgage loans and executives say an initial public offering is not realistic until that issue is resolved.

Trade with Africa, LatAm can help Portugal: EIB head
Yahoo! Contributors Network
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Portugal's trade relations with African and Latin American countries could help its economy regain some momentum and fend off the danger of contagion from Greece's debt crisis, European Investment Bank (EIB) President Werner Hoyer ...

How Warren Buffett attracts the workers he wants
Washington Post
March 16 (Bloomberg) -- Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chief Executive Officer Warren Buffett, who has said banker greed helped deepen the US financial crisis, attracts the workers he wants with compensation that competes with Wall Street awards.

Greece needs ECB refinancing to stay in eurozone, IMF says
Press TV
An International Monetary Fund staff report says Greece will face a “disorderly exit” from the eurozone if it is denied access to European Central Bank refinancing operations. “In the absence of continued official support and access to ECB refinancing ...

Press TV

The Derby for 'Mr. Euro,' and Lots of Other Top Jobs, Is Just Getting Started
New York Times
The post of president of the 17 euro zone finance ministers, known as the Eurogroup, falls vacant at the end of June, and suggestions gathered pace Friday that Chancellor Angela Merkel was pressing for her finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, ...

Ireland ETF in the Green This Year
ETF Trends
The exchange traded fund that invests in Ireland is up 20% so far this year thanks in part to easing tensions over the Eurozone debt crisis. Ireland is one of the so-called PIIGS countries that are seen as the weakest financially in the Eurozone: ...

"Watchman, What of the Night"
In 2011, in the shadow of a financial crisis that rivals the Great Crash in scope and destruction, but lacks a suitable poetic sobriquet, the federal government once more enacted laws to rid the market of self-destructive behaviors that nearly led to ...

Reforms helped Italy win market confidence: Barroso
MILAN (Reuters) - Italy's tough program of economic and fiscal reforms has helped Rome win back investor confidence just months after it was at the centre of the euro zone sovereign debt crisis, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said.

Saudi Shares Extend Gains as US Economic Outlook Improves
By Mourad Haroutunian on March 17, 2012 Saudi Arabian shares extended gains, approaching their highest level since the start of the financial crisis, and volume surged as better-than-expected US economic data underpinned global growth prospects.

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