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Monday, January 2, 2012

Eurozone debt crisis: Europe's leaders warn of dangers facing economy in 2012

Eurozone debt crisis: leaders warn of dangers facing economy in 2012
Eurozone leaders used their New Year's message to highlight the dangers facing Europe's economy in the coming 12 months. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she expects turbulence in 2012 as she does "everything" to save the euro and end Europe´s ...


Eurozone woes drive Finnish presidential campaign
HELSINKI — Finland's presidential candidates are locking horns over the eurozonecrisis as the January 22 election looks set to reflect a surge in euroscepticism in one of Europe's top-rated economies. "The dividing lines between the candidates follow ...


Estonia anxious over eurozone financial woes
Al Jazeera
The mood was festive at the time, but with Europe's current financial crisis, many now taken a more sombre view. Estonia's $19bn economy is the fastest growing in Europe, but as the continent's financial woes deepen, the government is worried about the ...

Crisis talk, austerity calls mark euro anniversary
"This is not a euro crisis, it is a debt crisis in some euro states," Schaeuble told German newspaper Bild in an interview to be published in Monday's edition of the paper. The crisis that began in Greece more than two years ago has since forced ...

UK bank warns of eurozone break up
Herald Sun
This came amid renewed speculation from one of Britain's major banks that the eurozone is closer to crumbling. And the euro dropped below 100 yen for the first time since June 2001, as traders continue to flee the single currency. ...

Views under the Palm - johnmpoole.com - : Eurozone 2012: Greece, Italy, France: "In 2012, the main driving story, globally, will continue to be the continuing saga of the Eurozone crisis which is far from over. Here's a snapshot of just 3 of the Eurozone countries "

Crain's New York Business
By Theresa Agovino @theresaagovino The commercial leasing market strengthened during the fourth quarter of last year, but annual activity still fell below 2010 levels, as the European debt crisis dampened the rebound that was emerging in early 2011, ...

Danes in for tough time at EU helm
The Australian
NON-EURO nation Denmark has taken over the EU's rotating presidency, voicing determination to solve the eurozone crisis by promoting consensus among all 27 EU members. The Scandinavian country, one of the few in Europe with a left-leaning government, ...

How the crisis in the Eurozone affects all
The economic and financial crisis in the European Union has both captivated and confounded many of us. What caused these disturbing problems? How can it be that a recession in the EU can affect the US and our metro area? In analyzing the causes of the ...

Impact of financial crisis seen to persist in 3-5 yrs
Based on the results of the survey among CFA members globally, respondents feel that the impact of the global financial crisis will persist for another three to five years, similar to the sentiment expressed last year. However, only 25 percent ...

Turkey's economy roaring but Euro crisis may end party
(File photo) By AFP With the economy growing at a record pace, Turkey's leaders exude confidence it can dodge any eurozone crisis fallout, but analysts warn a slowdown in its top trading partner will hit in 2012. Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Ali...


Euro crisis will rumble on as buyout deals heat up
Irish Independent
Eurozone countries have to raise close to €1.3 trillion on bond markets in 2012. Pigs will fly before that happens. The failure of Germany to get a bond auction away before Christmas was kind of scary, but it'll become a more common occurrence unless a ...

Irish Independent

New Year's Day Papers: Sands warns EU leaders on eurozone split
The Independent on Sunday: British manufacturing could soon sink to levels not seen since the depths of the financial crisis, leading economists have warned. The Sunday Telegraph: Key December retail figures will show a real terms decrease in sales ...

2012: The Year Europe May Prove Politics and Economics Are the Same -- and Broken
Huffington Post
Like many Americans who have watched the economic crisis in the Eurozone, I found myself wondering several times over 2011, "Why can't they get their act together and fix this? Don't they realize what's at stake?" I also scratched my head in wonder ...

Region's stock markets poised to rebound
They say the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis has entered a critical new phase with France's prized AAA rating being downgraded by Fitch and the spectre of more sovereign downgrades looking imminent early this year. As borrowing costs increase in the ...


Standard Chartered sees higher risk of euro split
Economic Times
LONDON: The head of Standard Chartered bank sees a growing likelihood of one or more countries leaving the euro zone, telling a Sunday newspaper that political leaders have yet to offer a meaningful solution to the bloc's debt crisis. ...

Key projects in Rwanda delayed as investors cut back on funding
Business Daily Africa
TRwanda is beginning to feel the pinch of the ongoing Eurozone crisis as foreign investors falter in funding key projects. File picture By BERNA NAMATA (email the author) Rwanda is beginning to feel the pinch of the ongoing Eurozone crisis as foreign...

Business Daily Africa

Britain's economic outlook unsettled for 2012
Osborne said that higher world commodity prices, notably oil, had had a detrimental effect, and he also pointed to the effects of the crisis in the eurozone. This was also coupled with high inflation in Britain, 4.8 percent in November (the last date ...

Italian president urges sacrifices to save economy
The eurozone's third largest economy, Italy sparked fears in 2011 that its toxic mix of low growth, high debt and spiralling borrowing costs could force it to seek a bailout like fellow eurozone members Greece, Ireland and Portugal. ...


2011, a disastrous year for the Rupee
Times of India
In the second part of the year, there was panic reaction in the inter-bank foreign exchange market after cracks started appearing in the Eurozone. Towards the end of the year, the rupee fell to its all-time low of to 54.30 on December 15, ...

Trading Week Outlook: January 2 - 6
Seeking Alpha
The first trading week of 2012 will kick-start the New Year with a sequence of important data from both sides of the Atlantic, giving traders an opportunity to compare economic conditions in the US and the Euro-zone, and to gauge the next moves by the ...

Seoul forecasts weaker 2012 exports on eurozone concerns
South Korea's export-dependent economy is feeling the squeeze from the reverberations of theeurozone debt crisis and shaky US economy. The government last month slashed its economic growth forecast for 2012 to 3.7 percent from a previous projection of ...

Europe's year of indecision
In particular, sovereign debt in the euro zone was deemed riskless: banks had only to hold minimal reserves against member countries' bonds, which the European Central Bank (ECB) accepted on equal terms at its discount window. ...

The ultimate policy dilemma
In other words, the sentiment toward Greece among its eurozone partners has taken a turn for the worse. On the other hand, the country is running out of time as it faces a redemption of 14.4 billion euros in bonds on March 20 and therefore will have to ...

Global markets will take a back seat to US
“In 2012, we see the US economy as barely growing, but that will be better than the eurozone, and it will also be better than the emerging markets on a relative basis,” said George Feiger, chief executive of Contango Capital Advisors Inc., ...

Insight: West in political crisis has echoes of 1930s
ENDING PARALYSIS The best that can be hoped for in 2012 is a muddling through, where economic growth in the United States averages around 2 percent compared with zero in the euro zone, analysts said. World growth, buoyed by emerging markets, ...

In 2012 the euro zone will be stable
By Meta4forexbroker.com
German finance minister said he was confident that European politicians will make the euro zonestabilized in 2012 and maintain a common currency on the.

The Visual Du Jour – What Caused The Eurozone Crisis?
By SocProf
Recent Posts. The Visual Du Jour – What Caused The Eurozone Crisis? The Visual Du Jour – Globalization = Uniformization · Degradation Ceremony 101 – Shaving Punks Edition · Happy Freakin' Blogiversary To The GSB · The Visuals Du ...
The Global Sociology Blog

Chugging along: If we avoid the nightmare eurozone scenario ...
Chugging along: If we avoid the nightmare eurozone scenario. By Gerry Davies || January 1, 2012 at 12:30 GMT. || 0 comments || Add comment · David Smith at economicsuk.com. Share and Enjoy: RSS · Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn · email ...

Eurozone Debt Crisis: Leaders Warn of Dangers Facing Economy in ...
By Stefan B
Eurozone Debt Crisis: Leaders Warn of Dangers Facing Economy in 2012. Eurozone leaders used their New Year's message to highlight the dangers facing Europe's economy in the coming 12 months. from Telegraph.co.uk: German ...

Instapundit » Blog Archive » EUROPE: Eurozone is closer to break ...
By Glenn Reynolds
December 31, 2011. EUROPE: Eurozone is closer to break-up, warns Standard Chartered's Peter Sands. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 9:53 pm. Tweet · RSS Feed · Podcast RSS Feed · Email Instapundit. Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc! ...

Views under the Palm - johnmpoole.com -: Five 2012 Economic Predictions: "1. Eurozone: It's going to get worse, a lot worse, before it gets better;
2. Mideast troubles (together with the continuing crisis in the Eurozone) will keep markets "fearful.". . . "

Markets brace for eurozone turmoil in 2012 - Business - Mail ...
Shares and the euro will likely face more turmoil in 2012, after a year in which markets and the currency slumped on fears over the debt crisis.
Mail & Guardian News Feed

Chugging along: if we avoid the nightmare eurozone scenario
By David Smith
It will not have escaped anybody's attention that the eurozone crisis has not been resolved. The Brussels summit at which David Cameron made his stand was as noteworthy for the failure of EU leaders to deliver the deal they were aiming for. ...
David Smith's EconomicsUK.com

Dialogues: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Eurozone
By toinho
Britain's major banks speculate that the eurozone is closer to crumbling. Source: AP. THE Australian sharemarket is expected to come under further pressure tomorrow after markets in Europe, Asia and South America closed down for the year. ...

Eurozone to face fresh round of familiar challenges in 2012 | iPolitics
By David McHugh
In this Nov. 21, 2011 file photo, flames from a fire set alight by activists of the Frankfurt Occupy movement are seen in front of the European Central Bank and a sculpture of the euro symbol in Frankfurt, Germany. AP Photo/Michael Probst ...

Easy Credit, Fiscal Fraud Caused Euro Crisis - - Politics
By ngier
Even though the euro zone budget deficit now averages 4 percent, no EU nation—except Finland, Estonia, and Luxemburg—abided by the first requirement. Even Germany was one of seven euro zone countries that busted the 3 percent ...

Eurozone is closer to break-up, warns Standard Chartered's Peter ...
By Matt
The chief executive of Standard Chartered has warned that there is an increasing likelihood of a country falling out of the eurozone because of the inability of.
1913 Intel

Contagion in European currencies, general drop in confidence | Dr ...
By orly taitz
Italian president urges sacrifices to save economy... Sarkozy: France's future hangs in balance in 2012... Greeks must avert economic.
Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire

The euro crisis deepens | World news | The Guardian
Aditya Chakrabortty: Every week brought more dire forecasts in the battle to save Europe's economic club. But 2012 will be its worst year yet.

Sarkozy: Financial Crisis to Remain in 2012 - TheStreet
French President Nicolas Sarkozy warns voters that the financial crisis that has wracked Europe for most of the last two years is not finished.

Calafia Beach Pundit: PIIGS update
PIIGS update. These charts illustrate the macro state of financial affairs in the Eurozone. As the top chart shows, 2-yr Eurozone swap spreads are still very high , ...

Eurozone is closer to break-up, warns Standard Chartered's Peter Sands
The chief executive of Standard Chartered has warned that there is an increasing likelihood of a country falling out of the eurozone because of the inability of politicians to resolve the crisis. Europe's leaders failed to produce 'something that was ...


The year of dissent: Battling Europe
The European community bids farewell to the worst year for the eurozone, which saw the toughest economic crisis in decades. (AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki ) The European community bids farewell to the worst year for the eurozone, which saw the toughest ...

Sarkozy says financial crisis will remain in 2012
PARIS—French President Nicolas Sarkozy used his traditional New Year's televised address to warn voters that the financial crisis that has wracked Europe for most of the last two years is not finished. Speaking in a taped televised address broadcast ...

Euro crisis played havoc with TSX
Montreal Gazette
By JOHN MORRISSY, Postmedia News December 31, 2011 The year of trading was a volatile, nerve-racking affair in which investors were lucky to come out ahead, happy if they broke even, but most likely to have lost money. The European debt drama dominated ...

Present financial crisis – 'a short term liquidity problem'
Nation on Sunday
In a frank interview with The Nation, Ranatunga said that he was prepared to answer all questions related to the allegations and described the present financial crisis as “a short term liquidity problem.” He revealed that at present Sri Lanka Cricket ...

Nation on Sunday

The rise and fall of the euro, ten years on
As the eurozone marks the 10th anniversary of the euro on Sunday amid growing fears over the bloc's sovereign debt crisis, FRANCE 24 takes a look back at when the common currency was introduced in 2002, and still seen as a cause to celebrate. ...


CORRECT: Latin American Stocks, Currencies Slide In 2011 On Euro Zone
Wall Street Journal
("Latin American Stocks, Currencies Slide In 2011 On Euro Zone," published at 1702 EST, misstated the 2011 percentage decline of Mexico's IPC stock index in the second paragraph. The correct version follows.) By Amy Guthrie Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES ...

Oleg Deripaska: 'wealthy time' has ended for the eurozone
Mr Deripaska said the fall in the value of the euro meant that there were now major opportunities for eurozone businesses in Russia. Photo: Reuters By Kamal Ahmed, Sunday Telegraph Business Editor Mr Deripaska, who runs the giant Rusal aluminium...


Bankers' fears cast a shadow over beleaguered eurozone
This is Money
By Simon Watkins The eurozone faces a stressful start to 2012 as its banks ended last week hoarding unprecedented levels of cash at the European Central Bank while also tapping it for massive overnight loans. ECB figures show banks in the single ...

This is Money

Views under the Palm - johnmpoole.com - : 'Dinner for One' featuring Sarkozy and Merkel [VIDEO]: "now renamed "The 90th Euro Rescue Summit" or "Euros for No One.""

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