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Saturday, December 31, 2011

UK Bonds Best in World; Eurozone crisis continues

UK Bonds Prove Best in World as Cameron Sidesteps Stresses in Euro Area
“Gilts are doing well because Britain is not in the euro zone,” Russell Silberston, a money manager at Investec Asset Management Ltd. in London, said in a Dec. 19 telephone interview. “The UK may not be in a much better shape than countries in that...


Three big questions for the eurozone
BBC News
In 2012 however, the shape of the crisis is heavily predetermined: there are a series of crucial stages the eurocrisis has to go through and the way they're resolved will affect everything else. Is the ECB's unofficial money printing operation - a ...

Finance minister: eurozone not in danger
The Local.de
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has struck an optimistic tone for 2012, insisting the eurozone is in no danger of breaking up and that Europe will get its back-breaking debt situation under control. In an interview with the Handelsblatt ...

The Local.de

US stocks escape worst of eurozone crisis
Financial Times
Despite a gut-wrenching August, when 4 per cent daily moves in the S&P 500 briefly became the norm, US stocks have escaped the worst of the eurozone crisis. The FTSE All World Index was set to end the year down 10 per cent. Once dividends are factored ...

Euro Crisis In Focus As Denmark Takes EU Presidency
Just like last year, the eurozone's travails are likely to continue to grab the headlines in 2012 and another make-or-break summit has already been called for January. This coming spring will see tough negotiations on the fine details of the new fiscal ...


Euro zone debt crisis weighs on Gulf stocks
Arab News
By ABDUL JALIL MUSTAFA AMMAN: Arab stock markets suffered extensively in 2011 mainly due to the Arab Spring uprisings, global recovery concerns and the euro zone sovereign debt crisis, financial analysts said Friday. The loss ranged between 3.06 ...

Italian prime minister Mario Monti calls for unity to save the eurozone
Gant Daily
Rome, Italy (AHN) – Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti announced his new government has plans to get Italy out of its recession while calling on other nations to mount a “united response” to the eurozone debt crisis. Monti made the statements at the ...

Eurozone woes, slower export growth, stronger won may affect financial markets
The Korea Herald
In 2011, the eurozone debt crisis was the undisputed prime culprit in putting a dampener on the Korean economy. As the country rings in the new year, hopes are ripe that things will be different; unfortunately, the theme of 2012 might be ...

Spain Financial Crisis
The Associated Press
Spain's civil servants could be on the chopping block, as the country's cabinet is dealing with the huge budget deficit. The cabinet is expected to approve the first in a series of spending freezes and cuts. (Dec. 30)

Germany, France Kick Off Heavy Euro-Zone Bond Issuance In 2012
Wall Street Journal
By Emese Bartha FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--German and French government bond issuance next week will kick off another busy year in the euro zone, leaving no breather after Italy's bond auction Thursday. The single currency area looks to start 2012 ...

Euro crisis casts a pall of gloom
Irish Times
Worse still, as the year ends, the real economies of Ireland and Europe appear to be stagnating – if they are not already in recession – and the euro crisis has become so severe that the currency's very existence is in question. ...

FTSE 100 loses 5.5% in 2011 as eurozone crisis unnerves investors
The Guardian (blog)
The decline accelerated during the summer as the scale of the eurozone's problems became apparent, with Italy and Spain following Greece onto the sick list and politicians seemingly unable to come to an agreement on how to tackle the situation. ...

Eurozone Roundup: Despite Greek Doom, Some Positive Developments
Seeking Alpha
Despite the gloom from Greece, there are positive developments from other areas of the shell shocked eurozone. Italy was able to raise $3.3 billion on a 10-year bond auction today, paying 6.98 percent. Although this is still extremely close to the ...

Tips For Investors: What Awaits Euro if Eurozone Collapses?
«Market Leader» - news and previews making you rich.
Over the last few weeks the mass media have been publishing various forecasts for the destiny of the eurozone and its currency. The experts are trying to answer the questions: What awaits the common currency if some eurozone members leave Europe's ...

«Market Leader» - news and previews making you rich.

Commodities Look to US Growth to Offset China Slowdown, Eurozone Fears
Resource Investing News
Worries about the Eurozone's outlook and its spillover effect on the global economy, coupled with a slowdown in China's growth, are leading copper to post its first year-on-year decline since 2008 when the Lehman Brothers' fallout shocked markets ...

Resource Investing News

Antidepressant use up 25% since financial crisis began
AOL Lifestyle UK
By Jennifer Barton, Dec 30, 2011 Financial woes and job worries due to the financial crisis have people reaching for the bottle - of antidepressants - according to a new study by The Co-operative Pharmacy. Almost 50million prescriptions for ...

Eurozone money supply growth slows
Malaysia Star
FRANKFURT: Growth in eurozone money supply, a key indicator of demand in the economy, slowed again in November, according to the European Central Bank. The M3 indicator rose 2% last month, following a gain of 2.6% in October. The slowdown was steeper ...

INTERVIEW: Still waiting for "radical reorientation" in eurozone
Monsters and Critics.com
Q: Why is your outlook for the eurozone significantly more pessimistic than other forecasters'? Hatzius: We are seeing the recession already in economic indicators, for example, in business sentiment surveys. The conditions in capital markets are still ...

ECB Coene: Don't Count On ECB To Prop Up Euro Zone-Report
AMSTERDAM -(Dow Jones)- Europe can't rely on the European Central Bank to play the role of savior in the euro-zone debt crisis through large-scale government bond purchases, the ECB's governing council member Luc Coene said in an interview with Belgian ...

Eurozone has fiscal hoops to clear in 2012
Click here Eurozone has fiscal hoops to clear in 2012 Published: December 29, 2011 6:48 PM By DAVID McHUGH The Associated Press After a turbulent 2011, the 17 countries that use the euro will be quickly confronted in the new year with major hurdles to ...


Top 10 Stories From 2011
Eurozone eurozone eurozone. The eurozone debt kerfuffle, amazingly, turns three early in 2012. So far, it appears the many rumors of the eurozone's demise have been exaggerations. The long-term outlook for the euro's existence may be a question mark, ...

Denmark makes money on safe haven loans
http://www.euronews.net/ The eurozone's loss is Denmark's gain. So desperate are investors to find safe havens away from the eurozone debt crisis that they are paying the Danish government to lend it money. Denmark is offering negative interest rates ...

FOREX WEEK AHEAD: Focus On French Bond Auctions
Wall Street Journal
Thursday's auctions, along with a German sale Wednesday, will be the year's first test of borrowing conditions, as a potential euro-zone recession threatens to further roil debt markets. Italy, Spain and other "peripheral" euro-zone members have found ...

Leadership Lesson for the Eurozone: The Rule of Small Groups
CFA Institute Enterprising Investor (blog)
Imagine the many groups that financial professionals encounter in their careers — boards of directors, investment committees, the G-20, and even the eurozone, to name just a few — and how important it is that these groups function and make decisions ...

CFA Institute Enterprising Investor (blog)

Record 137500 to go broke in 2012 - how to fix your financial crisis
A RECORD 375 people a day will go broke next year as unemployment soars, debt experts predict. If the grim figures prove correct, the 137500 total would be 10% up on this year and 2400 more than 2010. Yet the Insolvency Service, which helps struggling...


Gold nears 6-month low on euro zone fears, stocks rise
Arab News
By REUTERS NEW YORK: Gold prices fell on Thursday to their lowest level in nearly six months as tight liquidity in the euro zone forced investors to sell the metal, but strong US economic data prompted a stock rally on Wall Street. to ease concerns ...

Instapundit » Blog Archive » EUROPE: Eurozone credit crunch fears ...
By Glenn Reynolds
EUROPE: Eurozone credit crunch fears on M3 money contraction. “Europe is at mounting risk of a fresh credit crunch after the eurozone money supply contracted for a second month in November and the volume of private loans began to ...

The Eurozone Crisis For Dummies
By Simone Foxman
Our second edition guide to all the European craziness.

By Reliapundit
BBC POLL OF ECONOMISTS: EUROZONE TO FALL INTO RECESSION IN 2012. The vast majority of leading economists polled by the BBC believe recession will return to Europe next year. One fifth said the eurozone would not exist in its ...

Financial Crisis Script for 2012 :: The Market Oracle :: Financial ...
Financial Crisis Script for 2012 :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.
The Market Oracle

What's Behind the Euro Crisis and How Will It End? | Antony P ...
By Antony P. Mueller
While the pronouncement of the “euro crisis” has become a main topic in the newsrooms and while a plethora of pundits hasn't got tired of predicting the end of the common European currency, the facts tell a different story. By the end of 2011 ...
Financial Sense

Architects of EU disasters in charge again — RT
The debt-stricken eurozone is set to enter 2012 in a gloomy mood with Italy's borrowing costs remaining near the 7 per cent danger zone. The Italian PM has pledged more efforts to revive the ailing economy in his end-of-year speech.
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German minister: will stabilize eurozone in 2012eShareholder ...
By Yahoo! Finance: Top Stories
BERLIN (AP) -- Germany's finance minister says he is confident that Europe's politicians will manage to stabilize the eurozone in 2012 and keep the continent's common currency together. Wolfgang Schaeuble acknowledged in an interview ...

Mark Reardon: Paul Ryan, America's financial crisis, Ted Nugent ...
By Willie Springer
Mark talks about the government's inconsistencies, Congressman Paul Ryan, America's financial crisis, and the one and only Ted Nugent today!
CBS St. Louis

Asia shines as 2011 ends under eurozone cloud - InterAksyon.com
By Stephen Coates, Agence France Presse
The sight of French President Nicolas Sarkozy running to Beijing to solicit funds to save theeurozone summed up what for some was the economic story of 2011 -- Asia's boom versus the West's gloom.

German Finance Minister Schaeuble: Says will have risk of ...
Reuters reporting. Rules out euro zone break-up for now Sees no indication of a credit crunch Reiterates ESM rescue mechanism implementation to be.

German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble says eurozone ...
By RSS Feed
“The talk of bazookas and the like only leads to us not tackling sustainably the causes of the crisis,” Mr Schaeuble was quoted as saying. The eurozone will quickly face new challenges in 2012, with both Italy and. Spain needing to borrow ...
Clearing and Settlement — Clearing...

The Eurozone Crisis Will Not Go Away until Banks Face Reality ...
By plushq
The Eurozone Crisis Will Not Go Away until Banks Face Reality. Posted on December 30, 2011 by plushq. This week's Fall Through the Cracks Friday article is an article by former FDIC Chair, and keynote for the upcoming PLUS D&O ...

Eurozone Faces Headwinds In Early 2012
FRANKFURT, Germany -- After a turbulent 2011, the 17 countries that use the euro will be quickly confronted in the new year with major hurdles to solving their ...

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