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Friday, December 23, 2011

French Banks Won't Be Able To Handle Inevitable Italian Restructuring

French Banks Won't Be Able To Handle Inevitable Italian Restructuring
Despite the latest attempt by the European Central Bank to kick the proverbial can far down the road, the Eurozone remains under heavy pressure, and France's AAA credit rating hangs from a thread. According to research by Nomura, France's exposure to ...


Euro Zone Banks Face Political Pressure After ECB Tender
Wall Street Journal
By Javier E. David Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES Flush with low-cost lucre from the European Central Bank, euro zone banks may now have a new challenge: fending off political strong-arming to buy distressed government debt. While acceding to that pressure ...

A contagion of conflict in China?
In Behind the Wall, NBC News correspondents and producers examine events and trends in China, both big and small. Dozens of police barricaded a highway entrance ramp in Haimen, where protests broke out on Tuesday. By Adrienne Mong and Bo Gu HAIMEN, ...

Analysis - Searching for glimmers of euro zone hope in 2012
But the combination of the European Central Bank's provision of three-year liquidity for banks averting a credit crunch, the fact yields on Italian and Spanish 10-year bonds have fallen, the first steps towards deeper euro zone fiscal integration and ...

PIMCO: Euro Zone Debt Woes, Slowdown In China To Dampen 2012 Global Growth
Wall Street Journal
The 17-nation euro zone is facing recession in 2012 because of sovereign debt problems, while China will likely slow its growth to around 7% next year, causing global expansion to slow. PIMCO's Saumil Parikh forecasts the global economy to grow between ...

In Eurozone, Year Of Deleveraging Could Prove Dangerous
Huffington Post
The Netherlands on Thursday became the latest country to report that output shrank in the third quarter, lending credibility to forecasts that the broader euro zone will soon be in recession if it is not already. A generation that gorged on debt is now ...

ESRB's warns financial stresses have worsened
By Marc Jones and Eva Kuehnen | FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The dangers facing Europe's financial system have continued to worsen, Europe's recently created super-watchdog, the European System Risk Board (ESRB), said on Thursday, as it urged the euro zone to ...

Eurozone crisis live: Mixed picture for UK GDP
The Guardian
The Eurozone sovereign debt crisis is hurting business confidence, making firms reluctant to both hire and invest. Consumer confidence also remains weak given rising job insecurity and negative real wage growth. Meanwhile fiscal austerity is dampening...

The Guardian

Euro crisis, in 2011, triggers debate on existence of EU
The European debt crisis in 2011 developed in such a way that some analysts now argue that the European Union is facing an existential crisis. EUX.TV Producer Laura Fernandez compiled key soundbites from the year that is now ending and talked to Janis ...

What really caused the eurozone crisis?
BBC News
World leaders probably spent more time worrying about the eurozone crisis than anything else in 2011. And that was in the year that featured the Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami and the death of Osama Bin Laden. What's more, 2012 looks set to be not ...

As Eurozone Crisis Deepens, Fight to Save Emissions Trading Scheme Begins
National Geographic
Prices in Europe's carbon emissions trading scheme have collapsed this year, in part because there were too many allowances in the system starting off, threatening the future of the whole market. “Without intervention … Europe's climate policy is over ...

Eurozone recovery postponed
Austrian Independent
The Eurozone's gross domestic product (GDP) is destined to stagnate next year, according to an Austrian analysis group. The Viennese Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) said yesterday (Weds) that the Eurozone – which consists of 17 European Union ...

Amid Eurozone debt crisis, US approves Deutsche Boerse-NYSE Euronext deal
GMA News
WASHINGTON - Deutsche Boerse won US antitrust approval to buy NYSE Euronext on Thursday in a $9 billion deal that has hit serious antitrust headwinds in Europe. The Justice Department said on Thursday that the deal, which was announced in February, ...

Goldman's O'Neill: I Underestimated Euro-zone Ineptness
Wall Street Journal (blog)
He acknowledged that the euro could wilt as a function of the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis, the region's weaker growth outlook than the US, and because of more easing from the European Central Bank, but he also noted that the bar for a recovery in ...

MONEY MARKETS-Dollar funding strains still high in euro zone
Dollar funding costs for euro zone banks rise further * May ease if ECB's cash injection proves effective in 2012 * Short-term euro rates seen drifting lower By Marius Zaharia LONDON, Dec 22 (Reuters) - A key measure of dollar funding strains for euro ...

ECB Stealth QE Euro 489 Billion Money Printing to Prevent Eurozone Banking ...
The Market Oracle
The ECB's stealth QE objective was first to prevent the insolvent euro-zone banks from collapsing over the next few weeks as they were unable to refinance their short-term maturing debts as well as a run on the banks in progress in the euro-zone, ...

The Market Oracle

Eurozone Challenges
Human Resource Executive Online
By Tom Starner Extreme uncertainty is plaguing employers operating today in theeurozone, as fears of government/bank default, euro breakup, bankruptcies and employee/customer distress continue to percolate. The eurozone, which is comprised of 17 ...
Human Resource Executive Online

Falling Eurozone Consumer Morale Points To Further Rate Cuts: IHS Global Insight
(RTTNews.com) - Eurozone's fast-deteriorating consumer confidence is likely to prompt the European Central Bank (ECB) to engage in further monetary easing next year, IHS Global Insight Chief European and UK economist Howard Archer said in a note ...

Euro zone crisis could hurt US states
By David Gaffen (Reuters) - Should the euro zone debt crisis drag the continent into a recession, states and regions in the United States would not be immune to the fallout across the Atlantic, a report said on Wednesday. ...

Eurozone banks liquidity
The illiquid nature of 523 banks in the Eurozone was on display yesterday asthe banks borrowed money from the ECB's long term loan repayment program. The interestrate on the loans are only 1% andthe collateral that were used to obtain the loans were ...

Apple iPhone prospers in Britain but suffers in the eurozone
Apple's share of the British smartphone market has grown almost 10 per cent this year, bucking the trend in the eurozone, where cash-conscious buyers are opting for cheaper Android devices. By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent Spurred by ...


Bini Smaghi sees role for European QE
Financial Times
By Ralph Atkins in Frankfurt A top European Central Bank policymaker has called for “quantitative easing” to be used to boost the eurozone economy if deflation risks emerge across the 17-country region. The comments by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, ...

Financial Times

Tokyo stocks close 0.77% lower on eurozone debt crisis
Economic Times
Japanese stocks fell 0.77 percent on Thursday ahead of a three-day weekend as investors remained wary over the eurozone debt crisis despite action by the European Central Bank to provide cheap loans to banks. The Nikkei index at the Tokyo Stock ...

Eurozone recovery central to US deal revival
Financial Times
“Europe has been holding us back as boards and managements have worried about the potential for another financial crisis. With the stabilisation of Europe, you will see a ton of M&A.” 2011 will be remembered as a year of contrasting halves: the first ...

Canadians expect eurozone debt crisis to impact Canada: poll
Vancouver Sun
The poll, conducted for Postmedia News and Global Television, found that 84 per cent of Canadians believe the current debt crisis in the eurozone will ripple across the Atlantic, affecting Canada as a whole. Only 16 per cent of those polled said they ...

Migrants from euro zone strugglers flock to Germany
Reuters Africa
Germany pulled out of the 2008-9 financial crisis faster than its peers, growing by around 3 percent in 2011 as a domestic consumption boom and strong demand for German exports fuelled the economy. Unemployment in Greece is running at 17.7 percent and ...

Eurozone worries end holiday-shortened week in Tokyo exchange
GMA News
The European Central Bank's programme to offer cheap loans to eurozone banks might have eased their funding constraints. But many players still doubt whether the operation will be enough to unclog credit markets and ease the region's debt crisis, ...

Ma convenes first meeting on eurozone crisis
Taipei Times
President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday said his government would ensure the stability of the local stock market with the National Stabilization Fund as a measure against the eurozone debt crisis. Ma presided over the first meeting of a recently ...

Overseas Stocks Open Lower on Eurozone
(NewsCore) - Asia markets fell in early trade Thursday amid massive central-bank lending in Europe and a soft lead from Wall Street. Japan's Nikkei Stock Average and South Korea's Kospi each fell 0.3 percent, while Australia's S&P/ASX 200 index lost ...


Today on the Eurozone Crisis, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of ...
By Arnold Kling
Europeans leaders think their job is to stop "contagion," to "calm markets." They blame "speculation" for their troubles. They keep looking for the Big Announcement that will soothe markets into rolling over another few hundred billion euros of ...
EconLog: Library of Economics...

What Really Caused The Eurozone Crisis? | The Big Picture
By Barry Ritholtz
Great graphic of the EU crisis via the Beeb: > Click to enlarge: Source: What really caused theeurozone crisis? BBC News, December 22, 2011.
The Big Picture

Asia Stocks Drop As Euro Zone Fears Weigh; Nikkei Down 0.8%
By Forexpros
Forexpros – Asian stock markets were broadly lower on Thursday, after a refinancing operation by the European Central Bank failed to ease investor concerns over the region's two-year-old debt crisis. During late Asian trade, Hong Kong's ...

This Is How Much Money The Eurozone And Its Banks Need To Stay ...
As 2011 draws to a close, everyone\'s wondering if the eurozone will be able to make it through 2012 in one piece.

End Your Exposure to this Eurozone Debt Crisis Victim :: The Market ...
End Your Exposure to this Eurozone Debt Crisis Victim :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.
The Market Oracle

Opinions and News on the Eurozone Crisis, No. - American Future
By Marc Schulman
Well, so much for my forecasting how equity markets would initially respond to stronger than expected demand from eurozone banks for funds from the ECB's emergency loan program (“longer-term refinancing operations,” or LTROs). ...

The Brooks Blog: Blame the private sector for the Eurozone crisis
By The Brooks Blog
Blame the private sector for the Eurozone crisis. Private sector debts --- and not public sector debts --- are to blame. Data and analysis found here. Posted by The Brooks Blog at 1:34 PM. Labels: economics and finance ...
The Brooks Blog

Federal Union | Solving the financial crisis – who pays?
By editor
Federal Union and the Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust held a discussion on 10 November 2011 about the current financial crisis in the light of the ethics and vision of the European idea. The speakers were: GRAHAM BISHOP, a widely ...
Federal Union

Eurozone crisis will be resolved by June: Mark Mobius | Firstpost
Mobius, who as chairman of Franklin Templeton's Emerging Markets Group oversees $50 billion in investments, said investors were overstating the potential impact of the crisis.

Threat of Eurozone Crisis Spillover Weakens the Ruble | Emerging ...
By Martina Bozadzhieva
Threat of Eurozone Crisis Spillover Weakens the Ruble. By Martina Bozadzhieva | Published December 22, 2011. Trend. The ruble is depreciating against the dollar as markets anticipate Russia will run a deficit in 2012. We expect the ...
Emerging Markets Insights

Bad political decisions blamed for financial crisis
Bad political decisions blamed for finan..."The crisis is definitely not a result of mon...The president said the US debt crisis was a result...Rousseff believes that in Brazil, the government a..."Here we don't see practices that we see in s...
Daily News Headlines | Today's...

Commercial Real Estate – Next Financial Crisis | Commercial ...
By admin
Commercial Real Estate – Next Financial Crisis. December 22nd, 2011 | Comments Off. Several years into the residential real estate crisis, another one looms just around the corner: Commercial Real Estate. Trillions of dollars worth of ...
Commercial Property Loan

Draghi warns of new year contagion | Business | The Guardian
ECB chief signals danger from huge volume of debt to be rolled over in first quarter.

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