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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eurozone will cast a lengthening shadow in 2012

The eurozone will cast a lengthening shadow in 2012 | The A-List ...
By Kenneth Rogoff
The A-List from the Financial Times provides timely, insightful comment on the topics that matter, from globally renowned leaders, policymakers and commentators.
The A-List

Euro-Zone Banks Tap Big ECB Loans
Wall Street Journal
By DAVID ENRICH Hundreds of euro-zone lenders took out a total of €489.19 billion ($639.96 billion) in low-interest loans from the European Central Bank on Wednesday, as the currency area extended a massive financial lifeline to its struggling banking ...

Euro-zone Debt Crisis Affects Emerging Europe Ratings Outlook
Wall Street Journal
LONDON (Dow Jones)--Fitch Ratings said Wednesday that the crisis engulfing the euro zone is dragging down the outlook for emerging Europe. The sovereign debt crisis is leading to weaker economic growth, heightened financial vulnerabilities and some ...

US Stocks Remain Lower On Euro-Zone Loans, Disappointing Earnings
Wall Street Journal
By Jonathan Cheng US stocks fell Wednesday as questions about loans to euro-zone banks and some earnings disappointments cut into Tuesday's optimism. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 54 points, or 0.5%, to 12049, the Standard & Poor's 500-stock ...

Euro crisis reaches critical territory - Final chapter
Ivan Delgado, FXstreet.com, has done a great job with this paper about the Eurozone situation. I will recommended you the last topic Ivan touch called "Chances of a Euro break-up," it will give you some scoops about 2012 for sure. ...

Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence Weakens
Wall Street Journal
Recent surveys of business activity have indicated that the euro-zone economy will likely contract this quarter, while official figures show gross domestic product in six euro-zone members was already in decline during the third quarter, ...

Eurozone crisis: All eyes on ECB loans to ease the crunch
The Guardian
The concern is that the borrowing figures may rise more than expected in coming months as the economy falters, due mainly to the knock-on effects of the Eurozone'sdebt crisis. With news today that the Italian economy was already contracting in the ...

The Guardian

Euro-Zone Calm Before the Storm?
The euro crisis is still unresolved, plus the economic outlook has darkened. Nineteen months since the first bailout of Greece, the euro zone seems to lurch from one mini-crisis to another. Economists on a panel I hosted on Bloomberg Television all ...


Is the Eurozone heading towards a breakup?
The health of the Eurozone is dire. What started out as a sovereign debt crisis in a minor periphery economy of the Eurozone, Greece, has now morphed into a full-fledged crisis involving the giants — Italy and France. It was always clear that if the ...


Seoul shares rally on US data, euro zone liquidity boost
... Dec 21 (Reuters) - Seoul shares rose sharply on Wednesday, as strong US data and moves to bolster long-term liquidity in the euro zone boosted investor risk appetite and eased worries about instability following the death of North Korean leader Kim ...

The Financial Crisis on Trial
Wall Street Journal
For the first time in a government report, the complaint has made it clear that the two government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) played a major role in creating the demand for low-quality mortgages before the 2008 financial crisis. ...

Poland Can Weather Euro-Zone Storm
Wall Street Journal
By RICHARD BARLEY The euro-zone crisis has cast a shadow over Eastern Europe. Take Poland: the zloty has weakened 12.7% against the euro in the second half of 2011, equities have fallen sharply and the cost of insuring its debt against default has ...

Romney-Gingrich Ignore Culprits in Financial Crisis
21 (Bloomberg) -- The leading Republican candidates for president have embraced an explanation of the financial crisis that has been rejected by the chairman of the Federal Reserve, many economists and even three of the four Republicans on the ...

Gold Down On Continued Eurozone Concerns
Consumer confidence in the eurozone has continued to deteriorate in December, with a report from the European Commission on Wednesday showing the flash estimate of the consumer confidence indicator dropped to -21.2 in December from -20.4 in November. ...

Argentina's 10-Year-Old Lessons For The Euro Zone
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Euro zone leaders should reflect on that storming-of-the-Bastille-like image. Unlike Argentines in December 2001, who went through three more presidents in the following two weeks, Europeans are unlikely to see their year-end holidays disrupted by ...

Euro zone break-up - A tale of two car makers
Reuters UK
AUTOS EXPOSED If the euro zone does disintegrate, automakers will be on the front line because of their high labour costs and political barriers to restructuring. Companies face a complex calculation of outcomes for each factory, product, supplier and ...

Euro Zone Economic Outlook Flat; Swiss Money Growth Eases
1:15 PM Frankfurt – The leading economic index in the euro zone was unchanged in November and import price inflation slowed in Germany and Swiss broad money supply growth eased in the month. The Italian economy contracted in the third quarter. ...

Euro crisis a threat to German construction sector in 2012
Economic Times
Germany recovered better than most from effects of the 2008 financial crisis, but concerns over its ability to weather the debt crisis were underlined earlier this month when a survey showed manufacturing contracted for a third straight month in ...

Eurozone crisis stunts power semiconductor growth
IDG News Service
The global power semiconductor market has grown just 3.7 percent in 2011, due to inventory corrections and major economic uncertainties surrounding the Eurozone crisis in the second half of the year, according to IMS Research. ...

Wall Street drops as eurozone banks seek capital
National Business Review
The pall of Europe again fell over the market as eurozone banks swamped the central bank with demands for capital. On top of that, the US tech sector turned in some disappointing earnings, notably from Oracle. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down ...

Stockbrokers fear eurozone crisis may keep investors off NSE
Business Daily Africa
Stockbrokers and dealers expressed fears that the eurozone debt crisis would result in foreign investors reducing the amount of money they pump into emerging and frontier markets globally if it is not solved. Kestrel Capital chief executive Andre ...

Business Daily Africa

Dow lower on eurozone bank pessimism, RIM, Oracle, Walgreen in focus
Proactive Investors USA & Canada
The group also released numbers that showed sales during the financial crisis were actually 14.3% worse than originally reported, revising sales numbers down going back to 2007, due to flawed analysis. In corporate news, shares of BlackBerry maker ...

Proactive Investors USA & Canada

Feds Ask Scientists to Censor Contagion Research
Boise Weekly
Two separate labs succeeded in creating new strains that could readily become a global contagion. The labs found that it appeared easier than first thought for the so-called H5N1 bird flu to spread rapidly to some mammals. The viruses are now locked in ...

Eurozone Leading Index Unchanged In November
(RTTNews.com) - Eurozone's leading economic index remained unchanged in November, after falling for three months in a row, data released by the Conference Board showed Wednesday. The leading economic index remained unchanged at 106.1 in November. ...

Sterling Will Start Losing Ugly Sister Parade
Wall Street Journal (blog)
But, with the economy becoming more exposed to the vagaries of the euro-zone debt crisis and UK finances deteriorating together with the country's growth prospects, the UK's attraction as a safe haven is fading fast. For the moment, credit rating ...

Eurozone strife could prompt fresh easing
A worsening of the Eurozone debt crisis could hit the UK through the banking system, Charlie Bean said, listing more asset purchases (QE) as one of the Bank's likely responses. “At the February meeting we can take stock -- it's the meeting when we have ...


Financial crisis management a priority for Cyprus EU Presidency
Famagusta Gazette
“The Eurozone is going through a very critical period, which is likely to determine its very survival,'' he said, adding that Cyprus will be called, during its Presidency of the EU Council, to contribute to the successful management of the economic ...

Famagusta Gazette

Euro Trading as if Eurozone Break-up Is a Foregone Conclusion, Reports Leading ...
PR Web (press release)
Concern over the eurozone is causing growth in Europe to stagnate. The euro is trading as if the break-up of the eurozone were a foregone conclusion, says Michael Lombardi, lead contributor to Profit Confidential. America cannot escape the economic...

PR Web (press release)

British central bank concerned about eurozone volatility
21 (Xinhua) -- The Bank of England (BOE) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) was worried about the dangers of a volatile eurozone at its December meeting, but left interest rates at 0.5 percent, minutes published on Wednesday revealed. ...

By Lance Roberts
Overnight European banks swamped the ECB's first-ever three-year liquidity operation to the tune of, and much larger than expected, €489.2 Billion. That is the LARGEST EVER single refinancing operation in the ECB's history. The three-year ...

Euro Crisis: What is the Connection between Hypothecation and the ...
By Kristin Moyer
Kristin R. Moyer Research Director 11 years at Gartner 18 years IT industry. Kristin Moyer is a research director in Industry Advisory Services/Banking and Investment Services. She has more than 17 years of experience across the global ...
Kristin Moyer

Eurozone Banks Borrow Half a Trillion - 24/7 Wall St.
By Paul Ausick
The European Central Bank this morning got its long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) off the blocks with a bang. Eurozone banks took €489 billion ($641 billion) of the 1%, three-year loans, surpassing even the highest estimates of around ...
24/7 Wall St.

Positive Eurozone Report Softens Dollar
By BBH FX Strategy
The U.S. dollar is easing in the beginning of the week due to a more stable outlook in the Eurozone. The euro saw offers of $1.3150 and sterling pushed to $1.5630, while the Australian dollar sought parity. The yen started the week ...
NuWire Investor: US News

Moody's says euro crisis endangers UK's top-notch rating | Brèves ...
By Reuters
Britain's top-notch debt rating is under threat from the crisis in the euro zone, and further shocks to the country's economy could derail government efforts to balance the budget, ratings agenc...
LEAP 2020

This Is How Much Money The Eurozone And Its Banks Need To Stay ...
By Simone Foxman
Malta Estonia Cyprus Slovenia Luxembourg Slovakia Ireland Portugal Finland Greece Austria Belgium Netherlands Spain Italy France Germany Total Eurozone So let's dive deeper into those bank numbers... Tags: Features, Euro Crisis, ...

Opinions and News on the Eurozone Crisis, No. - American Future
By Marc Schulman
Earlier this month, the European Central Bank announced an emergency loan program known as “longer-term refinancing operations,” or LTROs. The program will become operational tomorrow (Wednesday). The Financial Times says that ...

Eurozone crisis hangs on ECB cash injection - Business - Mail ...
Positive sentiment is being driven by a new measure by the ECB to pump liquidity into the markets, analysts say.
Mail & Guardian News Feed
Top business story in '11: Europe financial crisis - seattlepi.com
Financial markets were volatile all year as hopes rose and then were dashed that forceful steps would be taken to prevent the financial crisis from becoming Europe's version of the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, which triggered a global ...
Business Heds Index

Euro zone IMF loan target in danger as UK declines help | Reuters
BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - Euro zone ministers agreed on Monday to boost IMF resources by 150 billion euros to ward off the debt crisis and won support ...

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