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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Eurozone In 2012

A Look At The Eurozone In 2012
San Francisco Chronicle
As if that weren't enough, there are still open questions as to whether the eurozone can even survive. Germany already seems fed up with this mess and may increasingly see little value in compromising its own interests to preserve its neighbors. ...

Eurozone banks park record amount of funds at ECB
The phenomenon appears particularly significant this week because it comes just days after eurozone banks borrowed a nearly half a trillion euros from the ECB in a brand-new three-year lending facility. The ECB agreed to loan a record 489.2 billion ...


Britain's Future Lies With America, Not Europe
Wall Street Journal
It is obvious to most outsiders that the euro zone's problems remain. The rating agencies have been unimpressed, and downgrades of most euro-zone members and their banks are now more likely than ever. This meant that Mr. Cameron was left with two ...

Euro crisis blocks the path to full economic recovery
It was perhaps the most candid and therefore insightful remark yet made by a senior policymaker about the ongoing economic and financial crisis. Tradition nevertheless condemns us at least to pretend, so here goes. In formulating a view, it is helpful ...


FTSE 100 falls as eurozone fears knock Wall Street
London's leading shares closed down on Wednesday after continued worries over theeurozone debt crisis hit Wall Street, overshadowing a strong auction of short-term Italian government debt. Stampede at Selfridges sales - retail shares gained after ...


Eurozone crisis still points to higher gold price
Proactive Investors UK
The good news for 2012, for gold bugs anyway, is that the eurozone is still on the brink, governments are printing money to sort the problem and interest rates are still low or negative in real terms. Against this background few observers expect gold ...

Proactive Investors UK

Greek Financial Crisis Tearing Apart Families and Children
International Business Times
By Palash R. Ghosh: Subscribe to Palash's RSS feed The deep financial crisis in Greece has cut swath of misery across the country, particularly upon families struggling to feed their children. Greek media is filled with tales of woe, including rising...

International Business Times

On the euro zone, Irish banks, India, veterans, women, jobs, seasteading ...
The Economist
The situation of the weaker countries in the euro zone is not any different (“A comedy of euros”, December 17th), and thus there is a simple, logical and efficient solution for their predicament. Just as the family will go bankrupt unless it can repay ...

METALS-Copper down on euro zone, China slowdown worry
Reuters Africa
"What is making the market nervous is new worries about the euro zone crisis ahead of the debt auction in Italy and worries that the Chinese government will not be able to manage this physiological economic slowdown." Benchmark copper on the London ...

Letters: Is financial crisis the city's own fault?
Detroit Free Press
Gov. Rick Snyder, right, is taking steps that could lead to the appointment of an emergency manager for the City of Detroit. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, left, has said Detroit can solve its own financial problems. / JARRAD HENDERSON/Detroit Free Press An ...

Eurozone GDP could fall 2% in 2012, Cebr
FT Adviser
Global recession will be avoided but eurozone GDP will fall regardless of the outcome of the ongoing sovereign debt crisis. By Michael Trudeau | Published 08:45 | commentsEurozone GDP is set to fall next year regardless of the outcome of the euro ...

FT Adviser

2011: Year of Arab Spring, eurozone crisis, nuclear disaster - Part Two
Monsters and Critics.com
April 9 - Icelandic voters again reject a proposal compensating Britain and the Netherlands for money lost when an Icelandic bank collapsed in the 2008 financial crisis. April 11 - France introduces a so-called burqa ban on wearing Islamic face veils...

Monsters and Critics.com

Europe's Crisis Year in Hit Songs
Wall Street Journal (blog)
February: Ireland's Fianna Fail party loses elections in Europe, and Prime Minister Brian Cowen becomes the first political victim of the euro-zone debt crisis. The leaders of Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece will follow later in the year. ...

Financial crisis to be probed
Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: The global financial crisis will be discussed at a key workshop in Bahrain next year. Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) will organise the workshop 'The ...

Gulf Daily News

Asia Roundup: Eurozone shadow returns
Business Times - Malaysia
HONG KONG: Asian markets mostly slipped yesterday as unease over the eurozone debt crisis overshadowed a strong rise in consumer confidence in the United States. On the first full day of trade after Christmas eyes were on Italy, which held a debt ...

Nathalie Thomas: UK economy hit by fallout as eurozone burnout gathers pace
Scotsman (blog)
The International Monetary Fund, led by Christine Lagarde, below, may well have to step in to rescue a eurozone which has been ravaged by economic chaos while Chancellor George Osborne faces dealing with a stuttering UK economy. ...

Scotsman (blog)

Japan seals $15-B currency swap with India to support eurozone-hit rupee
GMA News
NEW DELHI - India and Japan have agreed to a $15 billion currency swap line, a Japanese official in Delhi said on Wednesday, in a positive move for the troubled Indian rupee, Asia's worst performing currency this year. The two countries previously had ...

Was the financial crisis an 'inside job'?
Was the financial crisis an 'inside job'? You'll find this out when you hire one of the latest releases from your local DVD store. Yes, 'Inside Job' is a documentary, but it's as gripping as a thriller with narration by Matt Damon and direction from ...


Gwynne Dyer: Arab Spring, euro crisis, and climate change are big stories of 2011
The euro crisis threatens the European Union with collapse and confirms the shift of economic power from West to East. And the struggle to prevent disastrous climate change was abandoned for the rest of the decade. The name, it should be noted, ...


crisis the result of a year of fiscal indecision
In particular, sovereign debt in the Eurozone was deemed riskless: banks had only to hold minimal reserves against member countries' bonds, which the European Central Bank accepted on equal terms at its discount window. Member countries could borrow at ...


Forex – EUR/USD snaps key support on euro zone fears
Forex Pros
By Forexpros | Forex News | Dec 28, 2011 06:26PM GMT Forexpros – The euro dropped against the US dollar Wednesday, snapping key psychological support at 1.3000 as debt fears continue in theeuro zone. EUR/USD hit a low of 1.2912 during mid session US ...

Atlas South Sea Pearls hit as eurozone crisis dampens demand
The Australian
WITH only a couple of sleeps to go until the end of a year most investors would like to forget, the insidious and creeping effects of the eurozone crisis continue to be felt in unanticipated ways. This morning's victim is pearl producer Atlas South Sea ...

UK At Fresh Risk Of Recession, Report Warns
Yahoo! News UK
With no solution found yet for the eurozone crisis and many European economies already back in recession, the risk is that a mood of austerity will stunt the UK's growth too, the institute's chief economist Tony Dolphin says in a New Year message. ...

Yahoo! News UK

FirePro Systems facing financial crisis
Times of India
BANGALORE: FirePro Systems, the Bangalore-based, Rs 700-crore fire solutions company, is in financial trouble. The company has not paid salaries of its mid and senior level executives for the past 3 to 4 months, it has not remitted employees' provident ...

CBN Reforms Amidst Global Financial Crisis
Leadership Newspapers
Having looked at the global financial crisis ravaging the rest of the world, our own President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan expressed satisfaction with the steps so far taken by Nigeria's Central Bank to give a boost to the banking sector, efforts which he ...

Leadership Newspapers

Raffles Place office rents stagnate amid Eurozone fears
Channel News Asia
DTZ attributed the stagnation to occupier concerns over the worsening Eurozone debt crisis. The average office rent in Raffles Place held at S$9.80 per square foot per month in the fourth quarter, the DTZ figures show. For 2011 as a whole, ...

Peso falls further on concerns over prolonged eurozone debt crisis
MANILA, Philippines—The peso fell further on Wednesday as investors manifested heightened concerns on the likelihood of a prolonged debt crisis in the eurozone. The local currency closed at 43.97 against the US dollar, down by 13 centavos from 43.84 ...

Grim lessons from the 30 years war
Financial Times
By Wolfgang Münchau The financial crisis has given rise to several historical comparisons, not least the Great Depression. I would like to invoke another for the eurozone crisis – the 30 years war, which ravaged central Europe from 1618 to 1648. ...

Euro Seen Having Another Bumpy Ride in 2012
European policymakers have bailed out struggling peripheral euro zone countries, issued cheap three-year funding totaling 489 billion euros for the region's banks, and attended more summits than investors could shake a stick at. ...


WSJ: Two Standard & Poor's Executives Involved in Ratings During the Financial ...
Business Insider
Financial ratings companies have been continuously criticized for failing to issue proper warnings in the midst of the financial crisis. As for the S&P, everyone from the Justice Department to analysts and investors have expressed concerns over why so ...

Business Insider

For your leftie friends, Simon Johnson podcast on the financial crisis
Cato @ Liberty
As much as I have trouble believing it, there seems to be a portion of the public that will immediately dismiss anything Cato has to say on the financial crisis. So as much as I try to reach anyone willing to listen, there are just many unwilling to do ...

Euro-zone Credit Implosion Secret, ECB Cannot Stop Collateral ...
Euro-zone Credit Implosion Secret, ECB Cannot Stop Collateral Contagion Collapse! :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.
The Market Oracle

Eurozone Unlikely to Benefit from China's Investment Drive
By Barbara Zigah
(eToro Blog)Likely to the chagrin of Eurozone governments and investors like, analysts are predicting that 2012 will yield no discernible benefit to the.
eToro Blog

Eurozone, the Unraveling (II): EU/euro support collapses across ...
By craigjameswilly
One of the great underreported stories of the eurozone crisis has been the incredible damage it has done to the reputation of Europe, the EU and indeed the European ideal itself. This has occurred independent of the country in question's ...
Letters from Europe

Eurozone banks park record amount of funds at ECB | Pakistan ...
FRANKFURT – Eurozone banks deposited a record amount of overnight funds at the European Central Bank, official data showed Wednesday as banks remain extremely wary of lending to each other. Banks put 452.03 billion euros ($590.6 ...
Pakistan Business News | Pakistan...

Euro-zone Credit Implosion Secret, ECB Cannot Stop Collateral ...
By Stefan B
Euro-zone Credit Implosion Secret, ECB Cannot Stop Collateral Contagion Collapse. by Gordon T Long, MarketOracle.co.uk: How long can the European media keep the EU credit implosion a secret? The disgraced former IMF Director, ...

Eurozone banks park record amount of funds at ECB - InterAksyon ...
By Agence France Presse
Banks' deposits with the European Central Bank have hit a new record, data showed Wednesday, suggesting ongoing tensions in the financial system despite unprecedented injections of liquidity last week.

Forex – Dollar Mixed To Lower In Thin Trade, Focus On Euro Zone
By Forexpros
Forex – Dollar Mixed To Lower In Thin Trade, Focus On Euro Zone. By Forexpros on December 28, 2011 | More Posts By Forexpros | Author's Website · Subscribe by RSS · Email/Share Page · Tweet...

Why ECB's LTRO Won't Stop Collateral Contagion | ZeroHedge
Via Gordon T Long of GordonTLong.com,How long can the European media keep the EU credit implosion a secret? The disgraced former IMF Director, Demonic ...

Deleveraging in the Eurozone | vox - Research-based policy ...
Some investors may be relieved that the overall recapitalisation figure is not higher in light of growing concerns over the Eurozone, but others may be surprised ...

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