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Monday, September 5, 2011

Soft and hard default scenarios for Greece

Soft and hard default scenarios draw closer for Greece
Faced with the prospect of contagion of the Greek debt crisis to other vulnerable eurozone countries, especially Italy and Spain, and the choice between integration and disintegration of the eurozone, the EU leaders decided “to support last July a new ...
Megabank Default Risk Falls Most From Record High: Japan Credit
By Shigeru Sato - Sun Sep 04 15:00:01 GMT 2011 The cost of insuring Japan's largest lenders' bonds is falling more than for any domestic company after the Moody's Investors Service downgrade of the nation's credit rating sent bank credit-default swaps ...
IMF head: New financial crisis looms, but can be avoided
Monsters and Critics.com
Hamburg - Another financial crisis threatens the world economy, International Monetary Fund Director Christina Lagarde told a German weekly in comments published Sunday, but it can be avoided if world governments coordinate their actions. ...
Brown underestimated financial crisis, says British ex-minister
Monsters and Critics.com
London - Former British prime minister Gordon Brown thought the financial crisis would only last six months, according to a new book by the country's finance minister at the time. Brown, who was prime minister from 2007 to 2010, spanning the height of ...
DA seeking default judgment in Power Board suit
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
Now, Carney is asking the court to grant a default judgment against the former board members and Piper because none of the plaintiffs responded to the suit within a 30-day period. The hearing on this latest motion is set for Sept. 30. ...
FOREX WEEK AHEAD: Dollar Slide May Be Limited On Further Easing
Wall Street Journal
The euro high of $1.6040 was set in July 2008 during the US financial crisis. Borthwick also sees a new record low of Y70 for the dollar-yen based on expectations for QE3. The dollar fell below Y76 for the first time on Aug. ...
Qatar's Bonds Best Performers in August on Flight to Quality: Arab Credit
Political squabbling over the US budget deficit that led to the country being stripped of its AAA credit rating and mounting concern about a default in Europe has caused the S&P 500 share index to drop 8 percent between July and August. ...
* Sri Lanka major opposition party headquarters in a financial crisis
Colombo Page
Sept 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka major opposition United National Party (UNP) sources say that the employees of the UNP headquarters Sirikotha are experiencing hardships due to delay in paying their salaries. There are 36 paid employees in the UNP ...
US sues major US, foreign banks over mortgage losses
Pakistan Daily Times
WASHINGTON: US authorities on Friday hit 17 major banks with lawsuits over losses on mortgage-backed securities that lost value in the 2008 financial crisis, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. The Federal Housing Finance Agency said it was ...
Alistair Darling reveals strains with Mervyn King
BBC News
Former chancellor Alistair Darling felt the governor of the Bank of England did not fully grasp the UK's financial crisis, the MP's memoirs reveal. He was so concerned he asked the Treasury if it had powers to order Sir Mervyn King to take actions he ...
'Financial reform can end recession'
Press TV
Press TV interviewed James Meadway, an expert from left-wing pressure group Counterfire, to get his view points on the current financial crisis going on around the world, particularly in Britain. Press TV: [The financial crisis] is not just a UK ...
Niche bank plans revival of 100% mortgages
Financial Times
By Sharlene Goff Aldermore, a small bank that set up in 2009, is to become the first national lender to offer mortgages to borrowers without a cash deposit since these risky loans were withdrawn during the financial crisis. ...
For wary investors, central banks take centre stage
In fact, by some measures, equities have reached their lowest valuation since the financial crisis in March, 2009. The problem for the market is that the prospect of a cooling global economy – and perhaps a fall in corporate profits – is chilling ...
Comment: Amateur hour cancelled
Questions had been raised in the press by institutional investors about the performance of some independent directors during the recent financial crisis, and now many of these questions have been decisively answered by the Grand Court of the Cayman ...
Banks' bad loans lowest on record
The ratio, according to the BSP, is better than the end-December 1996 ratio of 2.80 percent, the lowest NPL ratio recorded in the Philippine banking industry before the 1997 Asian financial crisis. The NPL ratio hit its highest at more than 18 percent ...
Paul Gilding: Optimist, Environmentalist
Wall Street Journal (blog)
He predicts widespread famine, war between nations desperate for resources and a financial crisisthat will bring the world economy to a standstill for decades. Paul Gilding, whose latest book forecasts a massive ecological crisis. ...
Congress returns to Washington still spoiling for a fight
By DAVID LIGHTMAN AND WILLIAM DOUGLAS WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers in Congress return to Washington Tuesday after a monthlong recess, during which the economy continued to stumble, the government's fiscal crisis deepened and lawmakers' poll numbers ...
Set clear course for raising consumption tax rate
The Daily Yomiuri
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda should tackle the fiscal crisis with unwavering resolve. At a press conference after his Cabinet was launched Friday, Noda said, "I'll properly deal with this crisis and implement measures to prevent it from becoming a ...
Calls grow for interim government as Italian financial crisis deepens
Winnipeg Free Press
By: Frances D'Emilio, AP Italian Minister for the Economy and Finance Giulio Tremonti attends the Ambrosetti economic forum in Cernobbio, Como Lake, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011. Business leaders on Sunday voiced skepticism over the ability of Premier ...
European industry gears up for raft of new rules
Financial Times
By Phil Davis Even before the financial crisis revealed the unsuitability of some investment products for inexperienced investors, regulators in Europe were preparing to unleash a number of consumer protection measures on the fund management industry. ...
Everyone's a critic ...
Sydney Morning Herald
WHEN I lived in New York during the main collapses of the global financial crisis, I thought the books and films about those events would be rippers. Well, I got that wrong. Andrew Ross Sorkin's book, Too Big to Fail, is a credible attempt to portray ...
Happy Contingent Labor Day, Temp Workforce: Alice Schroeder
Of all the questions coming out of the financial crisis, this is the big one. In August, the US economy added no new jobs for the first time in 11 months. Persistent low employment is part of a complex global picture of supply and demand, ...
No preparation for the seven lean years
Business Recorder
Doom and gloom predictions of global economy have been in vogue since the onset of financial crisis. Expressions like double-dip recession, the Great Recession, anaemic growth, two-speed recoveries, and 15-year bear markets, have caught on with ...
IMF Official Expects Greek Default « Blogs For Victory
By Mark Edward Noonan
“I expect a hard default definitely before March, maybe this year, and it could come with this program review,” said a senior IMF economist who is keeping close tabs on the situation. “The chances for a second program are slim.” … And remember, Italy and Spain are also on the financial ... Tags: double dip recession, European Union, Eurozone, financial crisis, Greece, sovereign default. Comments Leave a Comment; Categories Economy; Author Mark Edward Noonan · ← Run, Sarah ...
Blogs For Victory
Senior IMF Economist Expects Hard Default For Greece. Soon ...
By Lucianne.com
Business Insider, by Staff Posted By: Photoonist- Sun, 04 Sep 2011 19:46:01 GMT According to a senior IMF economist who wasn't identified, Greece will likely face a “hard default” well before March 2012. It could happen during 2011, and ...
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