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Thursday, August 11, 2011

SNB Steps Up Franc Fight on 'Overvaluation'

SNB Steps Up Franc Fight on 'Overvaluation'
The franc has been pushed to records against the euro and the dollar, reflecting investor concern that the euro region's fiscal crisis may continue to worsen and the Standard & Poor decision to strip the US of its AAA credit rating. ...
Preparing for the Next Financial Crisis
Seeking Alpha
Several European sovereigns like Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal face a high likelihood of at least partial default. As e21 has repeatedly emphasized, the capital losses of such events will not only impact the European economy, but will also affect ...
Dollar-Funding Premium In Europe Remains Elevated
Wall Street Journal
This indicator was last this erratic at the height of the financial crisis in late 2008. Of late, investors have been wary of lending to European banks and on Wednesday, with fresh worries about a possible downgrade of France and some of its banks ...
How financial crisis in Europe affects the UK's economy
Radio 1
By Sima Kotecha Spain and Italy are being urged to act further and faster to tackle their creaking economies. It matters because a financial disaster in the Eurozone would hit the UK and could damage our chances of economic recovery. ...
Skeptical -Economists doubtful of IMF's upbeat assessment of Iran
Kipp Report
Though the IMF praised Iran's subsidy reform, the billion-dollar subsidy cuts have forced prices up causing many Iranians to fear inflation. A forex peg might help contain inflation but experts say it will also stifle the economy. ...
World must collectively tackle financial crisis Experts
Q: China has questioned if the dollar should continue as the Global Reserve Currency. We have also got the UK business secretary Vince Cable saying that this would be the way that the world should move but it's not going to happen anytime soon. ...
BofA Chief Moynihan Says Fundamentals Are Better Than During Credit Crisis
“The fundamentals are so much better in our country and in our company and in our industry than they were four years ago, when the financial crisis hit,” Moynihan said during a conference call for investors hosted by mutual fund manager Bruce Berkowitz ...
Understanding the Current Financial Crisis
Net Newsledger
However, watch out for the value of our dollar. Oddly enough, while the United States received the debt downgrade, the value of its dollar rose relative to ours. The US problem is not the debt ceiling debate or the Standard and Poor's downgrade but its ...
Political dysfunction fuels Italy financial crisis
The Associated Press
If borrowing costs cannot be contained, refinancing the debt could become too costly for Italy, risking default — a situation the euro zone desperately wants to avoid. Economists are concerned that austerity measures — which dampen growth — alone...
Ireland rides out financial crisis... for the time being
Irish Post
More worryingly for the global market was S&P's historic downgrading of the USA's prized AAA credit rating to AA+ last Friday, the related fall in the value of the American dollar and the inevitable waves this will send through Wall Street and the ...
GLOBAL MARKETS-World shares retreat as investors shun risk
The euro dropped more than 1 percent against the dollar. "Memories are fresh. I think people who during the last financial crisis did not sell right away, next time around are ready to sell quick and ask questions later," said Ed Crotty, ...
America vs Europe: Which is the bigger threat to the world economy?
TIME (blog)
If we're going to have another financial crisis, the chances are it will start in the euro zone, not Washington. Here's why: On a macro level, you could say the US is worse off economically than Europe right now. Economists have been frantically ...
Analysis: Is China left holding the credit baby?
... and one 'terrifying', where China gets so irked at being cornered that it purposely precipitates a US and global financial crisis. The net long-term outcome of either scenario, he added, was erosion of the dollar's dominant reserve currency role. ...
English confident in growth forecasts... more or less
New Zealand Herald
"This economy went badly off the rails well before the global financial crisis. Debt blew out, government spending blew out, and our export sector actually started shrinking. "We have had to deal with the legacy of the previous Government's policies, ...
Moody's: Student Loans May Be Next Financial Crisis
The Root
Tyler Kingkade of The Huffington Post is reporting that record borrowing by college students who are graduating without jobs may lead to the next financial crisis, according to a recent report by Moody's Analytics. "The long-run outlook for student ...
The real debt crisis: Europe's long goodbye
ABC Online
The deal includes a 109 billion euro second bailout for Greece, provided by the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a "voluntary" contribution by private sector bondholders, in deference to German ...
Fear of Contagion
Joe Nocera, New York Times op-ed columnist, discusses the latest economic news and the connections between the debt in the United States and in the Euro Zone. Plus: steep fare and toll increases in the metro area; checking in on the Somali pirates, ...
EDITORIAL: Countries need to work together to avert another global financial ...
Asahi Shimbun
Concerns about government debt in the industrialized world are threatening to create a full-blown financial crisis that will deliver a massive blow to the global economy. The urgency of the situation prodded the Group of Seven leading economies into ...
Pass the Pepto. Market volatility here to stay.
By Ken Sweet, contributing writer August 10, 2011: 2:44 PM ET August is on pace to be the worst month for stocks since the financial crisis. The past five days have been particularly harrowing. Click the chart for more market data. ...
IMS Group tackles Dodd-Frank compliance for UK-based investment managers
Asset Servicing Times
With Dodd-Frank compliance looming on the horizon, consultancy IMF Group has announced its service to help UK-based advisers and managers of private funds cope with the far-reaching reform. The Dodd-Frank Act will mean that managers must apply to ...
The Dodd-Frank Bill: A Cure or 'Horror Movie' for the Economy?
Fox News
GOLDFARB: Well, it was thought of as the great panacea for the financial crisis of 2008. And it does correct some of the problems that we saw in the financial crisis of 2008. But obviously, it doesn't correct everything. And the past few weeks and ..
Bank of New York Mellon plans 1500 job cuts
The banking industry also resorted to layoffs during 2008 and 2009, as the financial crisispummeled earnings and banks took government bailouts. But 2010 provided some relief, and banks even hired back some of their laid-off workers. ...

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