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Monday, August 29, 2011

Forex EUR/USD weekly outlook: August 29 - September 2

Forex - EUR/USD weekly outlook: August 29 - September 2
Forex Pros
... despite fears that the region's debt crisis was deepening as the European Central Bank continued buying Spanish and Italian government debt, maintaining borrowing costs at sustainable levels, preventing contagion to core euro zone economies. ...
Opinion Line (Aug. 28)
Hurricane, earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, forest fires, heat, drought, crop failures, financial crisis, unemployment, Mideast governments toppling, famine in Africa, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, middle- income folks in food lines, ...
Susan Tompor: Experts don't expect another recession
Detroit Free Press
I wonder, though, how the brutal financial crisis that hit three years ago could influence the actions of business leaders and consumers going forward. Some events can create a life of their own. Are we headed for another epic meltdown? ...
Gold fund investors miss out on bullion's bull run
In 2006, before the financial crisis, they invested £1.25bn. Philippa Gee, the managing director of Philippa Gee Wealth Management, said: "The funds don't invest in gold directly, they typically look to invest in gold-related stocks that are more ...
Obama's Legacy: A Failed Recovery & Double-Dip Recession
This is Obama's failed American recovery, and in the near future, Obama's impending double-dip recession (thanks in no small part to his three consecutive years with Trillion-dollar in deficits that have inflated the national deficit to soaring ...
Germany churns currency chaos - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Faced with a sliding dollar and a suspect euro, investors have run increasingly to gold, silver, Swiss francs, yen and even sterling. ... The German people have little interest in financing the relaxed lifestyles of some so-called PIIGS countries. ...
Today's Tribune-Review

Even a joint bond might not save the euro
Financial Times
By Wolfgang Münchau The universal experience of financial crisis management is that the longer one waits to resolve it, the more expensive the ultimate bill will be. In the eurozone that moment has been reached. Two months ago, it was said the worst ...
Global Finance Leaders Fret About A New Recession
Wall Street Journal
Fears have recently grown that Europe could be the source of another major global financial shock similar to the Lehman Brothers Holdings default in 2008 that sparked the financial crisis. The high debt accumulated to fight that crisis is now ...
Otaining a Mortgage Post Financial Crisis
Mortgage News
Experts have warned of a second wave of the credit crisis. Reports have shown that even lenders expert to find it increasingly harder over the coming months to secure cash on the wholesale market to fund loans. Director at mortgage broker private ...
When confidence goes
Malta Independent Online
Even countries in the emerging world, which had kept the world economy going after the 2008financial crisis, are now cutting down their growth forecast under the weight of measures to control inflation. Global share prices have dropped by some 15 per ...
UK building society mergers forecast
Financial Times
The sector, down to 48 societies after a wave of mergers and takeovers in the financial crisis and downturn, will have a “continuing trickle” of deals, said Richard Gabbertas, a partner in KPMG's financial services consultancy. ...
Three years after Lehman, a new debt crisis looms
The Guardian
Financial crisis: traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images The F word is back. Back in the financial markets, back in the conclaves of ...
Lagarde capital call surprises regulators
Financial Times
The cost of insuring European bank debt against default has reached all-time highs, in excess even of the days leading up to the financial crisis. Investors remain sceptical that banks can withstand the losses of a default by a European government, ...
Global investors renew interest in Indian realty
Business Standard
The heightened activity by these investors comes after two years of exit or inactivity of global funds such as Wachovia, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Marathon, among others, in the Indian property sector after the global financial crisis in 2008-09. ...
Poker-faced Bernanke buys more time for Fed options
US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Enhanced Oversight After theFinancial Crisis: The Wall Street Reform Act at One Year on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 21, ...
Expatriates becoming victims of organised criminals
Pakistan Daily Times
It is high time that the government starts learning from its previous mistakes and try its best to eliminate financial crisis, injustice and terrorism from society. It should also realise that these expatriates had been giving the precious foreign ...
Can Gaddafi's downfall boost the euro?
Malta Independent Online
On the contrary, Baroin said that the European Stability fund (EFSF) the euro's emergency bailout fund would be expanded if necessary to fight contagion across the eurozone. It is no secret that Germany chancellor Angela Merkel strongly opposes the ...
Fiscal accountability and transparency in Jamaica
Jamaica Gleaner
The programme is consistent with the imperative to reassure financial markets in a context of global financial crisis. It was expected to facilitate greater transparency and increase the attractiveness of its debt issues with additional benefits for ...
Credibility of agencies vital to growth of GCC bond markets
Since the financial crisis of 2008, CFA Institute is striving for greater accountability and more effective oversight of CRAs and greater due diligence of the underlying loans they are rating. What should fund managers take away from this? ...
Similarity between two earthquakes
Korea Times
Portugal is at the brink of financial crisis now and there are all kinds of questions about what is going to happen to the country. The concern is that a crisis in Portugal could have a domino effect. When the country's international status was greatly ...
Why We're in a Crisis of Confidence
Although we don't seem to be on the precipice of another global financial crisis, there are still plenty of things to rattle the cages of investors and consumers. Bearish markets editor Bearemy Glaser is the worry-prone alter-ego of markets editor ...
Analysts say Lakeforest Mall owners at risk of loan default
Washington Post
Locally, however, even owners of well-located properties such as the Shops at Georgetown Park and Springfield Mall have run into trouble by borrowing heavily before the financial crisis arrived. The country's second largest owner of malls, ...
Bsp Reports Higher July GIR
Manila Bulletin
The Philippine dollar reserves have provided an important buffer for the country, especially during the economic and financial crisis. The BSP forecast for 2011 for the GIR is $70 billion and $75 billion next year. Of the $71.88-billion GIR, ...
Nelson sees niche for midsize banks
Nelson has presided over a season of progress at West Bank, Iowa's sixth-largest bank, which struggled during the financial crisis. Iowa has 11 community banks, including West Bank, with more than a billion dollars in assets, and the ones that weren't ...
Western world in hock
Jackson Clarion Ledger
The weaker economies of Western Europe (the PIIGS - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) have similar or greater amounts of debt. Trends indicate that servicing government debt will exceed future GDP for all of these countries including the ...
RI political quiz, storm edition
Providence Journal
Soon after taking office, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras used a hurricane analogy in saying that the city's financial crisis was much worse than he'd expected. What was his exact quote? A. “I thought we were maybe a Category 1 hurricane. ...
Bad practices sealed Wall Street's fate
Port Huron Times Herald
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma to release a bipartisan report on the causes of the 2008 financial crisis. It is the product of more than two years of work by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, of which I am the chairman. The financial crisis ...
Some Idaho banks miss TARP payments
The Idaho Statesman
Three Idaho bank companies have failed to make on-time payments of their debts to the US Treasury for government money they took at the height of the financial crisis. Two of the banks also have US Treasury observers attending the board meetings of the...
French Socialists project 'caring and sharing' in bid to beat Nicolas Sarkozy
The Guardian
But France's Socialists are gearing up for a bruising battle against Nicolas Sarkozy in next spring's presidential election, worried that voters do not trust them to handle thefinancial crisis. With the 2012 presidential race wide open, ...
Brokers fear grey areas in new rules, as planners face bar on taking commission
The Australian
This was after the collapse of the market in the global financial crisis revealed a massive loss of money by investors put into dodgy, risky or inappropriate investments by planners receiving generous commission payments for doing so. ...
Congress isn't broken – it's fixed by special interests
Nashua Telegraph
With congressional approval ratings near their lowest point on record, and leaders in both parties stubbornly unable to solve the fiscal crisis and start creating jobs, it's hard not to want to starve all politicians of campaign cash. ...
Jefferson County must cut 2012 budgets an additional 20 percent
al.com (blog)
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Jefferson County department heads and elected officials, already operating with reduced staffs and money because of an ongoing financial crisis, must make an additional 20 percent reduction in their fiscal 2012 budgets, ...
Federal government to reimburse states for Irene damage
The timing is terrible for municipalities as they dig their way out of their bleakest economic period in decades after the financial crisis and recession sank budgets and forced widespread cuts in expense and increased taxes. ...
Diversification through real estate investment
New England Business Bulletin
By Richard E. (Rick) Barnes The recent global financial crisis and downturn in the real estate market has triggered widespread risk-aversion among investors. Once the worst of the crisis passed, investors and money managers were left with the task of ...
Hintao meets Sarkozy to discuss European debt crisis and G-20 summit
Hu also vowed to enhance strategic coordination with France in order to jointly counter the globalfinancial crisis, maintain global financial stability and boost the recovery of the global economy. Sarkozy hailed the sound growth of bilateral ties, ...
The Register-Guard
OAKRIDGE — Not long after news of this town's financial crisis broke this summer, an elderly woman walked into City Administrator Gordon Zimmerman's office and offered the bulk of her life savings — close to $300000 — as a loan to rescue Oakridge ...
AP Enterprise: Brown appointments favor Democrats
San Jose Mercury News
... office says there is no connection between the union support he received in 2010 and his job picks, but it has opened him to criticism that he is stacking the deck in favor of labor interests as the state struggles with an ongoing financial crisis...
Ben Dov's Debt Weakens Partner Communications: Israel Overnight
Cellcom's 32 percent drop this year and Partner's 47 percent decline helped push the benchmark TA-25 Index 17 percent lower this year, or 19 percent in dollar terms. Koor Industries Ltd. (KOR), 63 percent owned by Discount Investment, today reported a ...

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