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Monday, August 1, 2011

EUR/USD weekly outlook: August 1- 5

Forex - EUR/USD weekly outlook: August 1- 5
Forex Pros
Forexpros – The euro ended the week almost unchanged against the broadly weaker US dollar on Friday, as renewed concerns over sovereign debt contagion in the euro zone hit the single currency, while disappointing economic data and uncertainty over a ...
Markets to rally if debt deal reached, downgrade eyed
Meanwhile the dollar, the world's safe haven during the 2008 financial crisis, hit a record low against the Swiss franc and a four-month trough against the Japanese yen on Friday. Both are now seen as a safer place to store cash than the United States. ...
Finding a mechanism to save derivatives trades
Financial Times
By Anuj Gangahar Limiting systemic risk has become one of the overarching themes of global market reform in the wake of the financial crisis, with central clearing of OTC derivatives at the heart of efforts to ensure that any future turmoil is dealt ...
What Consequence Will The Congress Deadlock Have On The Market?
istockAnalyst.com (press release)
default on US debt or a downgrade on US debt rating could have serious ramifications. IMF chief Christine Laggard also warned of a possible decline of the US dollar relative to other currencies, and uncertainties among countries that use the dollar ...
Religion, taxes and the US financial crisis
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The nation is hovering near financial crisis. More and more Americans are falling into poverty. Universal health care, Social Security and Medicare have become political bargaining chips. But the national debate is focusing on whether to raise taxes on ...
OTC derivatives debate to cast light on swaps and futures
Financial Times
In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators, politicians and some financial market participants had come to view the privately traded, over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets as dangerously opaque and illiquid. To make it safer for the financial ...
Prior Market Week Lessons and Ramifications: Deficit and Solvency Edition
Seeking Alpha
In contrast, the EU crisis appears far harder to solve, and the past week's events showed that optimism over the latest Greek rescue has backfired and accelerated the risk of contagion infecting Spain and Italy. Evidence continues to build that the ...
Will US spark another global shock?
Philippine Star
While calling for the debt cap to be raised, the IMF has also suggested for the US to take “gradual” measures to curb its budget deficit. Economists have noted that increasing debt will not be a solution to the current gap between federal spending and ...
US debt brinkmanship rattles sharemarkets
The Australian
The US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, scene of frantic negotiations by politicians to avoid a catastrophic debt default. Source: AFP LOCAL investors this week face the most volatile market conditions since the global financial crisis...
US economy needs to rid itself of debt addiction
The Guardian
If the US were any other country it would be seeking help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is considered a blessing that the dollar's role as the global reserve currency of choice means that Washington does not have to suffer this ...
Ways to Create Jobs — Without Cost to Taxpayers
Forbes (blog)
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation found, “It is now well established that, until the financial crisis and the Great Recession, US job and output growth was driven by the formation of new firms, or startups. All existing firms older than five years ...
US crunch sets scene for rough ride
Herald Sun
Picture:AP Source: AP GET set for one of the biggest, most topsy-turvy weeks financial markets have seen since the heady days of the global financial crisis. The dominant event casting a shadow over all others is the political resolution or otherwise ...
NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth
PR Newswire (press release)
It is approaching its record low of 2.08% from December of 2008 during the middle of the financial crisis. With threats of a US debt default making headlines across the world, investors are once again rushing into US bonds as a safe haven. ...
Effects of debt ceiling default & NM
A major concern on the University of New Mexico campus, college students preparing for the upcoming semester could be in financial crisis. $800 billion dollars in federal grants and loans won't be funded if lawmakers doesn't reach a compromise. ...
Weekly Treasury Update
Gulf Times
A eurozone deal last week was aimed at ring-fencing that contagion but since the announcement, doubts about how the plan can be implemented have seen Italian and Spanish yields rise back towards their euro-lifetime highs. Matters were made worse, ...
Default on debt or downgrade, consumers face consequences
Bend Bulletin
But as the deadline approached with no deal in sight, markets posted their worst weekly performance in more than a year and major stock indexes ended July on their longest monthly losing streaks since the height of the financial crisis in 2008. ...
The damage is done, US debt deal or no deal
The Age
Whatever led to the last financial crisis, the next one could be entirely Washington's fault. Observers from afar in Australia, buffered by our links to Asia, may be tempted to shrug off the lessons. Commonwealth debt is small (the US debt is 16 times ...
Swan Says Australia's Resource-Driven Investment Boom a 'Mixed Blessing'
“Clearly the high dollar is making life pretty tough for many trade-exposed sectors,” Swan said. “The lingering effects of the global financial crisis are adding to this, with a cautious consumer and tighter credit.” The RBA will keep its overnight ...
34 state lawmakers take tax pledge
Worcester Telegram
Long before the current fiscal crisis began, 235 members of the House and 41 members of the Senate, all but one of them Republicans, signed detailed pledges locking them into rigid positions on tax policy. Far beyond a simple pledge not to raise taxes, ...
The Vent / Living
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Where are all the countries that the USA helped bail out of financial crisis when the USA needs financial help? Time to eliminate foreign aid programs. I will not eat in any restaurant which has a cook or chef who has metal junk hanging from his lips, ...
Las Vegas lawyer Georgiou makes tour stop in Reno
Reno Gazette Journal
Harry Reid to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission which studies the causes of the global financial crisis, giving its report to Congress last year. In March, Georgiou officially entered the race for the US Senate in Nevada. ...
Tourism professionals must pay close attention to US default crisis
Germany is now feeling the first signs of a looming recession and may no longer be able to bail out Europe's so-called piigs countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). While the euro will not disappear tomorrow, its longevity may now be in ...
A Mobilization in Washington by Wall Street
New York Times
Back then, the industry and regulators pressed Congress to pass legislation allowing the federal bank bailout at the height of the financial crisis. “They both have the same interests at the end of the day,” said Tom Block, a consultant and formerly ...
Differing tales of banks and manufacturers
Financial Times
Lined up against them are banks – which received massive public vilification in the financial crisisbut which all parties agree will be a vital part of any lasting recovery. Many manufacturers – which invariably need large doses of cash to support ...
Saturday Reads Around The Internets - Credit Ratings, Crazies and Crisis
Economic Populist
Whatever S&P's agenda, it has nothing to do with avoiding default risks or putting the US on sound fiscal footing. It appears to be intertwined with their attempts to absolve themselves from responsibility for their role in the 2008 financial crisis...

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