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Friday, August 12, 2011

EURO GOVT-Bunds up as contagion risks hurt equities

EURO GOVT-Bunds up as contagion risks hurt equities
By Ana Nicolaci da Costa LONDON, Aug 11 (Reuters) - German Bunds crept higher on Thursday in choppy trade as European shares fell, with concerns over the spreading euro zone debt crisis underpinning demand for safe-haven assets. ...
Is the US Debt Crisis an Economic or a Financial Crisis ?
Forex News Now
It is the combination of these factors which led Standard & Poor's to downgrade the US's Credit Ranking for the first time in 70 years – not the fear of a sudden default. While this was largely the reason touted in the media as the breaking point for ...
Australia Shares End Flat Despite European Debt Contagion Fear
Wall Street Journal
"In terms of Europe, I think they will end up with a two-tiered euro, which would effectively be a devaluation, which would help the weaker countries in the euro-zone." The main difference between the current pullback and the global financial crisis ...
MONEY MARKETS-Dollar funding costs rise with market stress
By Kirsten Donovan and Saikat Chatterjee LONDON/HONG KONG, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Money market stress intensified on Thursday with dollar funding costs at levels not seen since the 2008financial crisis as concerns about the European banking sector's ...
Foreign Central Banks Didn't Tap Fed Forex Swap Line In Latest Wk
Wall Street Journal
The fact that no transaction from the Fed's currency swap line--which it set up with the European Central Bank and others during the 2008 financial crisis to ease dollar scarcity--could be a sign that financing challenges for euro-zone banks, ...
In Current Crisis, It's Not Just The Economy
The 2008 financial crisis required banking experts to unravel complex financial instruments like credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations. The negotiation of the 2011 eurozone crisis, by contrast, has featured tough political rhetoric. ..
Latin America tries teamwork to shield hard-won economic gains from US ...
Washington Post
By Associated Press, BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Latin America wasn't crushed by the world's last financial crisis, and has never been so well equipped to handle another global meltdown. But no place in the world is safe from the US and European ...
The Same Financial Crisis
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's intervention in the Bank of America settlement, where they were trying to get away with resolving all their Countrywide legacy MBS issues and chain of title problems for three cents on the dollar...
Beneath Market's Swings, Some Real Cause for Worry
So whether this equals, falls short of, or exceeds the financial crisis of 2008 hardly seems to matter—investors are afraid, very afraid, and the question as much as anything in the minds of many market pros will be what soothes that fear. ...
RATE FUTURES REPORT: Rare Inversion Tied To Euro Debt, Weak Economy
Wall Street Journal
The inversion means that a longer-dated contract prices in a lower rate compared to a shorter-dated contract, a phenomenon not seen since the financial crisis of 2008. It reflects the market's anxiety over a weakened US economy as the Federal Reserve ...
INTERVIEW: CPP Investment CEO Doesn't See Repeat Of Credit Crisis
Wall Street Journal
YY) doesn't consider recent market upheaval in the wake of the US debt-rating downgrade by Standard & Poor's and mounting concerns over Europe's financial health as the beginnings of a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. Extreme volatility has plagued ...
Dow up 423 as Wall Street whipsaws again
Bismarck Tribune
The leaders of Germany and France, the biggest economies of the nations that use the eurocurrency, announced they will meet Tuesday to discuss the financial crisis on the continent. The stocks of French banks have been hammered because of concerns ...
Stocks hit two-year low on debt contagion fears
istockAnalyst.com (press release)
EON tumbled 11 per cent to [euro]13.82. The benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 slid 3.8 per cent in London, erasing an earlier advance of 2.2 per cent. "I am not convinced that what the Fed said will help the market hugely in the medium-to-long term," said ..
Hedge Funds Add to Asian Stock Falls
Wall Street Journal
By ALISON TUDOR HONG KONG—Hedge funds in Asia have been dumping stocks to comply with beefed-up risk-management policies put in place after the 2008 globalfinancial crisis, and that has exacerbated falls in stock markets across the region, ..
Europe Must Produce Fudge of Much Higher Quality
Wall Street Journal
To the politicians of every euro-zone member state, it must be more or less clear by now that only some kind of fiscal union will save it. If confidence continues to vanish from European financial markets at its present rate, the life of the euro in ...
Financial crisis could halt EMI sale
By Charlotte Otter Media analysts have warned that the deepening financial crisis could result in Citigroup putting the sale of EMI on ice if the current weaknesses in the markets continue into the coming weeks. There are currently around 10 ...
The Next Chapter in Europe's Financial Crisis
The financial crisis in Europe has driven every nation on the Continent to its knees before Germany, and Berlin is exploiting the crisis to tangibly and forcefully reshape the European Union. It's also a scenario that was described by Herbert ...
Al Baraka to launch 100 mln euro bank in France by H1 2012
Al Baraka had announced in 2009 its plan to launch operations in France but had to postpone it due to the financial crisis. "I think by the first or second quarter of 2012 you will see us operating in France ... The file was never closed. ...
Stock Market Collapse, Gold, Gold Stocks
The Market Oracle
Here is a direct quote from the May issue of TDV when speaking about what will happen when QE2 ends: "The only other way (other than going into QE3) that Treasury demand can be increased dramatically is through another financial crisis...
PA formulates policies to avert financial crisis
Ma'an News Agency
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Al-Khatib said Thursday the PA was formulating ideas for next year's budget in order to avert afinancial crisis. The objective is to increase local revenue and reduce expenditures without ...
Jordan Says SNB Able to Peg Franc to Euro for Limited Period
San Francisco Chronicle
The Swiss franc has gained 31 percent versus the euro over the past year, reflecting investor concern that the euro region's fiscal crisis may continue to worsen. While the Swiss National Bank boosted liquidity on the money market and earlier this ...
Republican Camp won't rule out tax increases
Pakistan Daily Times
Representative Dave Camp, head of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives, told Reuters in a telephone interview that the deepening global financial crisiswould prompt him and other super committee members to pull ...
Gold rush intensifies as France succumbs to debt contagion
By The GoldMoney News Desk Concerns about a possible French sovereign debt downgrade and fears about the health of French banks led to a sell-off in financial stocks yesterday, with an index of European banks shares falling 6.7%, and the KBW index of ...
Gold Breaks a Key Technical Indicator Developed by Jesse Livermore
The sad fact is that it is the Western world currency problem is endemic because the dollar has transmitted this debt contagion to the rest of the world. We have created this pseudo money in the form of digital bytes that is flying around the world. ...
Crony Capitalism at Work
Business Insider
This “fear trade” will likely continue until the European Central Bank reverses course from its tightening stance, and aggressively buys PIIGS bonds. Most central banks will yet again inflate their balance sheets, which will only exacerbate the ...
Don't blame S&P, it's just the messenger
Globe and Mail
Most of the folks I know who don't follow the bond markets on a daily basis had a simpler reaction: Aren't these the folks who screwed up in the last financial crisis? Yes, fair enough. But as I like to point out, S&P's problem in 2008 – shared by its ...
Forex: Euro, British Pound Forecast Remains Bearish
However, the slowing recovery in Europe certainly heightens the risk for contagion, and the central bank looks as though it keep the benchmark interest rate at 1.50% throughout the remainder of the year as the fundamental outlook remains clouded with ...
Brazil's Real Gyrates As Currency Controls Hurt Liquidity
Wall Street Journal
The curbs on banks' short dollar positions reduce risk in the local banking system if there is a global scramble for dollars in an international financial crisis. But the restrictions can also add to the transaction costs for longer term investors, ...
Belt up for a rough ride
Otago Daily Times
It was Vice-President Joe Biden who, unwisely, uttered the "T" word in relation to the fiscal crisisthat took the United States to the brink of a historic first-ever debt default. He accused hardline Tea Party activists of "acting like terrorists" in ...
Financial Crisis Hurts City Workers' Pensions
KHBS-KHOG Northwest Arkansas
He feels the recent financial crisis won't change his pensions. "All firefighters and police officers in the state of Arkansas, who have been hired since 1983, is on a defined benefit plan run by the local police and fire retirement system. ...
Financial crisis journalism « The Dim-Post
By danylmc
The German people all know at least one fact about the euro: that before they agreed to trade in their deutsche marks their leaders promised them, explicitly, they would never be required to bail out other countries. ...
The Dim-Post
Understanding the financial crisis | Calgary Beacon
By Calgary Beacon
Today's turmoil is linked to the mortgage loan and financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing global recession. In essence, prior to 2008, the world economy had a big party, which involved a lot of debt financing. Not everyone was invited to the party but those who were ... The U.S. problem is not the debt ceiling debate, the risk of a default or the Standard and Poor's downgrade but its lack of a credible long-term plan to resolve its debt issues and a very anemic economy. ...
Calgary Beacon
Wise Earnest Creation Amidst Financial Crisis | blog.morningcoach.com
By Traci Vincent
As tough as it may seem, taking a disciplined approach and continuing to invest and using dollar cost averaging into core companies that disrupt old mindsets and create new markets will be a good approach to follow to find growth. ...
Market Collapse, Gold and Gold Stocks | Jeff Berwick | Safehaven.com
By Jeff Berwick
"The only other way (other than going into QE3) that Treasury demand can be increased dramatically is through another financial crisis. It has come to that. The only way to even come close to financing the debt of the US Government is to send world markets ... But every day that gold rises and the US dollar falls is an indication that the US dollar and US Government debt are not being seen as "safe havens" anymore. The world is slowly realizing it is quite the opposite." ...
Recent Commentaries | Safehaven.com
NewsDaily: Sarkozy and Merkel to discuss euro zone on Tuesday
By Catherine Bremer
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss next Tuesday how to make the euro zone work more effectively amid persistent doubts in financial markets over Europe's ability to solve its sovereign ... That summit, which agreed in principle on a second bailout for Greece and measures to halt contagion to larger economies, failed to calm market jitters, forcing the European Central Bank to decide on Sunday to buy Italian and Spanish bonds. ...
NewsDaily: Top Headlines
List of Countries with Highest Credit Ratings | Economics Blog
By tejvan
First signs markets may be worried France could be dragged into the Euro fiscal crisis. Germany. Public debt – 78.8 percent of 2010 GDP. A public sector debt that still bears the imprint of reunification. Despite relatively high public ...
Economics Blog
European financial crisis: Germany shows signs of slowdown - The ...
European financial crisis: Germany shows signs of slowdown. View Photo Gallery — The 17-nationeuro currency zone is beset by fissures between strong ...

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