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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Economic, Euro Fears Break 3-Day Rally on Wall Street

Economic, Euro Fears Break 3-Day Rally on Wall Street
Fox Business
However, market participants expected more specific guidelines on the 17-member group would work to stem the burgeoning financial crisis. It was also widely expected that France and Germany would agree to so-called eurobonds that would be backed ...
Flashing Red: European Debt Crisis Signals Collapse of Social Welfare State
The vision of a “euro zone” was ill-conceived from the start. It is now increasingly acknowledged that Brussels' lack of control over social spending, especially in the PIIGS, doomed it from the beginning. Agreements (eg, the Maastricht Treaty)[1] to ...
Euro bonds: Magic bullet for debt crisis?
euro bond could help push rates lower. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Many key European nations share a common currency, but not a common debt load. That has to change. Now. The European financial crisis is intensifying. And that's why some experts are ...
Are exchange traded funds (ETFs) sowing the seeds of the next financial crisis?
What are ETFs? An exchange traded fund is like a tracker fund, they replicate the performance of a particular market or index. They are traded like shares on a stock exchange and can be bought and sold throughout the day. They are passive investments; ...
Traders Lighten Bets Against Dollar
ETF Trends
Currency traders are scaling back their bets against the US dollar on concern over global growth and the spread of the Eurozone contagion. For the week ended Aug. 9, Commodity Futures Trading Commission data revealed that aggregate bets that the US...
US STOCKS-Wall St slips as weak German data renews concerns
... President Nicolas Sarkozy, coming after they met to discuss measures to contain Europe's fiscal crisis. The news conference was set for noon EDT (1600 GMT). For details, see [ID:nL5E7JG0IH] Sluggish growth in Germany hobbled the euro zone economy, ...
The Eurozone's fatal flaw
Troy Media Corporation
For example, the fatally flawed US mortgage lending policies existed for decades before the first sustained decline in house prices since the great depression triggered a financial crisis that soon engulfed the globe. Likewise, the Euro-zone carried on ...
Room for Debate: A Running Commentary on the News
New York Times
The United States is suffering the enduring effects of a collapsed housing bubble, not a financial crisis. This is an important distinction, because it points to the necessity of relying on shorter workweeks and longer vacations to return to full ...
Economist Looks to "The Outer Limits" and "Watchmen" to Solve Financial Crisis
I don't know. I think looking at recent history if we did think that there was a distinct chance of an  impending alien invasion, all it would do is illicit massive surges in our military spending. Which would do very little as far as strengthening the ...
Kass: One-Hit Wonder?
Importantly, the growth slowdown in Germany will likely materially reduce that country's support of aeuro bond that would stem the debt contagion in Europe. Dependency on market valuation and government action. With these real growth issues (US ...
Financial crisis now worries Mervyn King more than rising inflation
The Guardian
"Recent developments in world stock markets and in the euro area are of particular concern," King said in his letter to the chancellor. "Several member countries face substantial challenges in ensuring the sustainability of their fiscal positions and ...
A road for correcting America's fiscal crisis
Medicare costs are spiraling out of control, and a lack of competition for your health-care dollar, along with an overly monopolized insurance system, robs the American taxpayer of value for their dollar. Discretionary spending, the main driver of ...
If it goes bad, we have wriggle room
Sydney Morning Herald
The risk of a renewed financial crisis along the lines of the last one is pretty remote. US banks are in much better shape than they were in 2007, as are European banks - provided European governments don't default on the much larger volume of ...
Jobs lost as economic reality hits Australia
The Australian
In a statement to parliament, the Treasurer said Australia was better placed to ride out the economic turbulence than it was before the global financial crisis in 2008. "I don't want to sugarcoat the current situation - if the global economy were to ...
Stealth Regulator - The SEC's global reach
Financial Times
By Jonathan Wilson The financial crisis was characterised by calls for global regulatory standards over bank capital and systemic risks, which mutated into politically driven calls for tighter regulation of the alternative investment sector – even ...
Estonia Growth to Be 'Smaller'
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Ansip said the euro zone isn't in crisis but certain countries must cut deficits and increase taxes. He said lessons could be learned from neighboring Latvia. The Baltic country suffered the worst downturn of any country during the financial crisis ...
Forex: Euro Outlook Hinges On Merkel, Sarkozy - BoE Minutes In Focus
... and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are scheduled to meet later today in order to calm market jitters, but the euro-area leaders may struggle to prop up investor confidence should they fail to take additional steps to curb the risk for contagion...
Market Downturn Could Persist for Another One to Three Months, According to ...
PR Newswire (press release)
... including anxiety about a potential US default arising from the spirited Washington debate over raising the US debt ceiling, the ensuing downgrade of the US by S&P from AAA to AA+, the threat of European contagion, and growing evidence of global ...
Ignore The Media Talking Heads: This Correction Isn't Over Yet
istockAnalyst.com (press release)
In the euro/dollar cross-currency market, where a bank can swap euro interest payments with a lender for dollars, the three-month cross rate spiked to minus 84 basis points, the highest since the end of 2008 during the global financial crisis...
Swiss Franc Slides Ahead Of Decision By Switzerland
Wall Street Journal
Traders are on alert for indications that the euro zone's two largest economies may find common ground on a unified European fiscal authority with the power to issue euro-zone bonds, which some say could go a long way toward staunching debt contagion .
TREASURIES-Bonds up as French-German meeting fails to calm
US Treasuries prices were helped early in the session after Germany reported its economy in the second quarter posted the lowest quarterly growth rate since 2009, fueling concern about a European economy already weakened by a fiscal crisis...
President's Town Hall Remarks on Social Security Contradict Current Policies
Huffington Post (blog)
In 1983, Social Security was facing an immediate financial crisis, and Democrats knew they would eventually have to give ground on cuts. With Social Security able to pay full benefits for another 25 years, an entire generation's retirement security .
The Energy Report
IBTimes Hong Kong
The Talk of a Euro Bond that is supposedly not on the table at this meeting may be the only tool to save the PIIGS that have gone astray. By making the whole zone responsible for the debts of all nations the member countries can have more say in the ...
Wall Street Slides; Gold Sets Record
International Business Times
The leaders of France and Germany agreed to float proposals in September for a tax on financial transactions and push for closer joint governance of economic policy, but that did little to boost investor confidence that the Greek contagion will not ..
Ireland's unexpected economic comeback
Financial Times
We are highly conscious of the contagion risks posed to Ireland by further bond market or banking shocks elsewhere in the euro area, or by any setback in world trade. And no one can ignore the political challenge of keeping Ireland ahead of the ...
EMERGING MARKETS-Latam FX waffles as global slowdown gauged
[ID:nB4E7HT04B] Latin American currencies have settled down after a wild ride during the prior two weeks as global markets were slammed by the most volatile trading since the 2008 financial crisis. However, in contrast to that crisis, investors did not ...
U.K. Debt Plan Can't Cover All Its Sins
Wall Street Journal
... in likely euro-zone bad news, there's been a notably rosy tint about their view of the UK's performance. Said the bank on Tuesday, "The market has been overestimating the strength of the UK economy ever since the beginning of the financial crisis."
Gloom surrounding European stocks deepens
Financial Times
By Martha Gill Investor confidence in Europe's economic outlook has fallen to levels not seen since the 2009 financial crisis, according to a closely watched survey. Bank of America Merrill Lynch surveyed a total of 244 fund managers with $718bn of ...

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