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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dow's Wild Ride May Continue If French Bank Concerns Persist

US Stock Market: Dow's Wild Ride May Continue, If French Bank Concerns Persist
International Business Times
Greece triggered the second wave of the global financial crisis -- the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Bros. was the first -- and it is only because the European Union, led by Germany and France, intervened to stabilize Greece with a €109 billion ...
10 ways you've lost (and gained) from the financial crisis
The Guardian
It is regarded on capital markets as the country least likely to default on its bonds. Problem is, there aren't many Norwegian bonds to buy, since the oil-rich country runs a large budget surplus. Bonds in Sweden are seen as another safe hideaway. ...
Economic contagion spreading like wild inferno across globe
Financial Express Bangladesh
Italy has approved "an extensive emergency package" amounting to euro 45 billion in cuts and higher taxes over the next two years. This will be in addition to euro 47.8 billion proposed in the budget. Italy suffered a record deficit of euro 1900 ...
US Postal Service faces financial crisis, seeks to back out of union contracts
By Ursula Zerilli | The Grand Rapids Press AP Photo/Robert F. BukatyAP PHOTO GRAND RAPIDS — Postal workers may face serious job challenges nationwide as the US Postal Service seeks congressional action to allow it to withdraw from federal heath and ...
Abandoning the gold standard was a fatal error we're now all paying for
Were it not for that decision, it is quite feasible that we would not have suffered thefinancial crisis of the past four years; or indeed the crisis after crisis that have beset the world's markets. We might not have just faced the most volatile few ...
Economic perspectives of the Eurozone and US debt crises
The Citizen Daily
The euro crisis dates way back when the economies of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) showed signs of needing a fiscal bail out after the 2008 global crisis. Some of the PIIGScountries have been bailed out by their economic big ...
South America sees strength in unity amid crisis
By ALMUDENA CALATRAVA South America must act quickly to protect the region's growing economies from another global financial crisis, economy ministers and central bankers from across the continent said at an emergency meeting convened Friday. ...
US Dollar Could Surge If Dow Resumes Tumbles
Economic event risk is relatively light, but the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) trades near its highest since the financial crisis of 2008/2009 and underlines trader fear amidst great uncertainty. The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw a record 4 ...
SEC Reviews S&P Math, Possible Leak of Rating
12 (Bloomberg) -- Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaks about the actions taken to address the financial crisis in 2008 and the Standard & Poor's downgrade of the US credit rating. Paulson participated in a discussion at Dartmouth College ...
UK riots: zero tolerance promises Cameron - but will this be his finest hour?
After the biggest crisis of his premiership David Cameron talks about how to fix a broken society, and the contagion of despair in Britain's bleakest neighbourhoods. By Matthew d'Ancona What kept you? That's the first thing I want to ask David Cameron,..
Student Loan Debt Could Cause the Next Financial Crisis
Care2.com (blog)
by Amelia T. Student loans may be a financial bubble that's about to burst, warned Moody's Analytics in a report released in July. As students graduate with greater debt and fewer job prospects, these “speculative” loans, which are based on the ...
Nonprofits Watch Anxiously As Market Wobbles
Corporate donations to the agency fell off after the 2008 financial crisis. Henry Street Settlement provides a range of social services for low-income New Yorkers, including a summer day camp for children. Corporate donations to the agency fell off ...
The new marketing model: Peer index marketing
13, 2011, 12:00pm PT No Comments Recently academics have confirmed this contagion does happen. There are customers who are opinion leaders, and they tend to bring other customers with them. The marketing community is clearly interested in these ...
Growth concerns overdone at communications giant WPP
Proactive Investors UK
WPP has a diversified geographical spread, with operations in over 100 countries, despite the likely impact of Euro contagion, I don't believe the results will be as bad as has been priced in. At current prices WPP trades on 9.7x earnings, ...
Big Think: 5 Takeaways From Economists After Market's Wild Ride
PBS NewsHour
It may not be nearly as bad as the financial crisis of 2008, but this was undoubtedly the most frenzied week on the markets since then. And yet while we spent much of our week asking people to explain what was behind the daily roller-coaster ride, ...
Trend to Lighten Harsh Sentences Catches On in Conservative States
New York Times
More Photos » By CHARLIE SAVAGE WASHINGTON — Fanned by the financial crisis, a wave of sentencing and parole reforms is gaining force as it sweeps across the United States, reversing a trend of “tough on crime” policies that lasted for decades and...
US Health Care Law: Supreme Court Likely to Determine Fate in 2012
International Business Times
... akin to other programs proposed by the Obama administration during the financial crisis period, including the 2008-2009 emergency bank intervention, related interventions to save systemically important institutions such as AIG (AIG), Citigroup (C), ...
Spanish towns face funding crisis, rack up debts
The Associated Press
The 2008 financial crisis cut funding and turned the boom into a colossal bust. Now construction is at a standstill and businesses are closing as Spain grapples with unemployment of nearly 21 percent, a eurozone high. Many towns are struggling to meet ...
Global markets' week ahead
Pakistan Daily Times
In the FX swaps market, the premium for swapping yen LIBOR into dollar LIBOR over one year — known as the cross currency basis — hit 55 basis points on Friday, the widest since the 2008financial crisis and 13 bps wider on the week. ...
Dangers linger at end of volatile week, After 2 days of gains, fears likely to ...
Bend Bulletin
One of the most tumultuous weeks on Wall Street ended Friday with the markets not that far from where they started, but with worries about the US economy and the threat of a financial crisis in Europe undiminished. The main US stock indexes finished ...
We're all slaves to the market now
Latrobe Valley Express
As markets plunged amid predictions of a financial crisis mark two, I had a rare moment of worry about my superannuation, even though I can't touch it for three decades. While a few people day-trade in tracksuit pants or have a trading screen furtively ...
The Pentagon's new China war plan
By Stephen Glain This summer, despite America's continuing financial crisis, the Pentagon is effectively considering trading two military quagmires for the possibility of a third. Reducing its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan as it refocuses on Asia ...
Inside the Greek Volcano
New York Times
... the Euro, the Political Elite and the Investment Community” (Anthem Press, $29.95) by Jason Manolopoulos. The author, who is also a founder of an emerging-market hedge fund, sets out to analyze the Greek fiscal crisis and its larger reverberations. ...
Aussie Holds Below Key Resistance- Risk Appetite to Dictate Trade
The Australian dollar plummeted as sharp sell-offs around the world saw traders jettison so called “risk currencies” in favor of haven plays into the swissie, the yen, and the dollar. However a rebound in stocks during the later part of the week saw ...
Olive: There's lots we can do to fix the debt crisis
Toronto Star
“Never before has a (financial) crisis paralyzed Europe, America and Japan at the same time,” said Der Spiegel this week. “It is the worst crisis since World War II,” says Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank. ...
China's dollar trap: Why the gloating over S&P's US downgrade doesn't make sense
Economic Times
That was the call heard often during the financial crisis as securities based on US subprime mortgages that were rated AAA by S&P and other agencies turned out to be highly toxic and caused financial ruin across the world. They had also given similar ...
Welfare state mobs or victims of a global crisis?
Stabroek News
Others have argued that the riots are a response to austerity measures brought on by the recentfinancial crisis. The shooting of a young black man in Tottenham may have sparked the violence, but its root causes lie in the feelings of helplessness that ...
Market madness getting to you? Seek some boundaries
And the institute found little evidence that account holders shifted the diversification of their investments at the end of 2008, the height of the financial crisis. Yet another reason is the power ofdollar-cost-averaging. ..
Market's wild ride
International investors are running scared, finding risk everywhere and fearing acontagion that could shake even seemingly solid companies. But while the risk appetites of many failed last week, others are seeing opportunities in the market carnage as ...
United States Stocks Swing Higher Recently
Secaucus New Jersey News
The condition in US has brought worries that the US economy might go down or that it will result into a revival of financial crisis. Certain banks must be solid in its aim of providing confidence to its depositors and corporation must prove that their ...
Eurozone's problems present UK with great risks
Any debt problems will affect the money markets, increasing the cost and reducing the availability of finance, reminiscent of the first phase of the global financial crisis. A disorderly default and the ensuing problems would return the world to the ...
Dow finishes wild week on an up note
By DANIEL WAGNER and DAVID K. RANDALL Leave a comment NEW YORK — The wildest week on Wall Street since the financial crisis in 2008 ended with a second day of gains. Specialist John O'Hara smiles as he works at his post on the floor of the New York ...
US Economic Woes Loom Over Biden Visit to China
New York Times
“No one wants to see the US economy keep going downhill and a new financial crisis. China and the US are very important in keeping the global economy stable.” As they get to know each other, Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi will no doubt discuss some of the ...
Italian Government Approves New Austerity Cuts
... possibility of a looming financial crisis in the eurozone. Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi described the 45.5 billion-euro ($64.8 billion) cuts, aimed at balancing the budget by 2013, as painful but unavoidable. "Our hearts are bleeding," he said. ...
A 'sharp and violent' week on Wall Street ends on a high note
The wildest week on Wall Street since the financial crisis in 2008 ended with a second day of gains. The Dow Jones industrial average finished Friday with a gain of 125 points. Most other times it would have been a fairly big day. ...
Whatever Happened to 'Risk Free'?
New York Times
It also happened in the 2008-9 financial crisis, presaging the stock market bottom of March 2009. While there will be opportunities for astute investors, Mr. El-Erian says that in addition to a “new normal” of slow economic growth and high unemployment ...
40 years on from gold standard, bugs crow
Montreal Gazette
... depths of last year's euro zone debt crisis, nor after Standard & Poor's recent downgrade of the United States' top-notch credit rating. Turk's view came in a BusinessWeek interview he gave in 2005, well in advance of the current financial crisis.
World stocks rise after Wall Street lurches higher
The leaders of Germany and France announced they will meet Tuesday to discuss the continent'sfinancial crisis. France is trying to assure financial markets that it will not be downgraded from AAA. Standard & Poor's rating agency stripped the United ...
How to fix the budget
Bowling Green Daily News
Allowing the government's debt to spiral upward tempts a full-blown future financial crisis. The recent White House-congressional debt deal created a 12-member congressional super-committee charged with finding $1.5 trillion of savings over a decade. ...
Markets week: Relief ends wild ride
National Business Review
The week's volatility was the most since the depths of the financial crisis in late 2008. Investors this time were worried about a possible double-dip recession in the US and the euro zone's debt crisis spreading to bigger members such as France and ...
The Beginning Of The Endgame
Business Insider
The US is headed for a financial crisis if they do not get the deficit under control? This is news? But I think it forces S&P to take a very hard look at France, whose loss of AAA would bring into doubt the whole EFSF mechanism. ...

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