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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Preparing for U.S. default

‎Reuters - Emily Flitter - Jennifer Ablan For investors it is all about hedging risk to a greater extent than normal, which means assets that will retain their value if the dollar, US stocks and US ...

‎Irish Independent The real threat to stability is contagion to Italy and Spain, ... would respond this way to a financial crisis and indeed both have already done so. ...
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‎New York Times - Binyamin Appelbaum - Eric Dash - 12 hours ago
“Every day without an agreement increases the risk of default,” said Ward McCarthy, chief financial economist at Jefferies & Company. ...

‎The Guardian 
The euro, confidently predicted by almost every British analyst and ..... Not forgetting though that theIMF is merely a pawn of those investors too and ...

‎The National - Omar Karmi WASHINGTON // US budget negotiations remained gridlocked yesterday as an August 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling before a US default creeps ever closer. ...
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‎Kansas City Star - Rachel Marsden 
... is that if Barack Obama is now in a position of having to raise the debt ceiling or face default, the crisis can only be traced back to George W. Bush. ...

‎BusinessWeek A trade organization dealing in financial derivatives says a new rescue deal for Greece should not trigger payment of default insurance -- easing a key ...
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‎Washington Post - Keith B. Richburg - 12 hours ago
SHANGHAI — As the largest foreign holder of US dollar debt, China has much to lose in the event of an American default...

‎Moneycontrol.com - Aditya Phatak - Malini Menon - 22 hours ago
The euro rallied to a two-week high against the dollar in Asia on Friday after ... over how much progress Washington is making to avoid a US default...
Opinion: Forgive them, they have 'little' choice‎ gulfnews.com

‎Bloomberg - Helene Fouquet - 15 hours ago
French Finance Minister Francois Baroin said the euro aid plan decided last week will not have an impact on ...

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